10 Reasons Why People Buy An Electric Bike In The New Year

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Electric bikes work everywhere these days

A new year comes with so many new resolutions. People get to outline their purpose for the New Year and go about acquiring the tools that will help them achieve the set-down goals for the year.

E-bikes are purchased early enough in the first week of January because a lot of people decide to take a different approach to their mode of transportation.

Here are ten reasons why people buy e-bikes in January. After this informative piece, if you love to own an e-bike soon enough you can check out “Best Women’s Comfort Bike for City Touring” for collections of amazing bikes.

1. You Get To Move Faster

The electric bicycles offer so many of the benefits that come with the regular bicycle but the fact that it has the word “electric” is an added advantage. With the e-bike, you will now get to travel greater distances and enjoy your ride for a longer period without hassle.

You can go faster! That’s the joy that comes with an e-bike. You can travel faster than even some cars. Modern cars travel fast, but in situations where there is gridlock in the roads, their speed is limited. You can zoom past such car and by hundred miles ahead with an e-bike.

With an e-bike, you can get up to 15mph almost instantly with the first few paddles, this means you will be 2 times faster than an average car in New York with the speed of 7.4mph!

2. You Can Now Get More Riding Time

The recent report by the transport research laboratory has shown that regular bikes only make it out of the shed in less than 25 times a year, with just 46% used once or twice in a week.

When compared to the e-bike, about 30% of those who own an e-bike use them at least once a day. Also, a massive 81% ride their e-bike once a week. This research goes to show how important the e-bike is to the owners.

Get an e-bike today and enjoy more riding time as the pleasure of cycling will be restored and you will always want to hit the sideline with your bike.

3. You Will Be Physically Fit

With the e-bike, you will be riding more which means you will be peddling more! This is great news for your heart, your lungs and blood pressure.

Research has shown that good exercise reduces stress levels and increases the functionality of the heart and other vital organs.

With an e-bike, you will drastically limit your chances of having a cardiac arrest or other related diseases as you will be on a regular work out.

Also, if you are a lover of bikes but can no longer ride because of age or illness, the e-bike is a smart option to get back to your beloved passion. The electric motor will see to it that you have a stress free ride!

4. You Will Be Saving Money

The cost of a new quality e-bike for and the general maintenance of its consumable parts ( like brake pads, chains, tyres) is roughly the same for the regular bike.
When compared to a petrol or diesel car, the e-bike is way cheaper than buying, insuring and maintaining a car.

It is also very cost-effective when compared to buying train tickets or using the public transport regularly.

The e-bike is a commodity which will get you the value for your money and large return on investment. Even the cost of recharging the batteries is nothing compared to using an electric heater!

2018 Giant Quick-E Electric Commuter Bike 5. The E-Bike Is Better Option For Commuting

E-bikes do not only save you the cash, they also relieve you from the difficulties associated with overcrowded buses, trains or a gridlocked road which you face every day.

You get to hit the cycling lanes with a motorized vehicle even without a license, isn’t that cool? All the time and energy wasted in the licensing office will become a thing of the past.

Unlike the regular bike which will leave you hot and sweaty after a long distance ride, you will get to your destination seamlessly on an e-bike without even sweating in your palms.

E-Bikes for Commuting

6. E-Bikes Are Way Safer Than Regular Bikes

When it comes to cycling, one major deterrent is the safety of the user. Most of the bike accidents that happen on the road occur in roundabouts and crossroads. Experienced bikers know that it is difficult to accelerate the speed of a regular bike after halting it, this is the major reason for most cycling mishaps.

E-bikes help eliminate this problem as the motor will accelerate you safely away from danger. You will be confident to halt in traffic as you are guaranteed that you can restore back your initial speed with just a few pedals.

You will also be happy to slow down for sharp corners and bends, unlike regular cyclists who use the gained momentum to move over such bends. With the help of the motor, you will easily accelerate to the other side.

With the e-bike, you are less likely to compete and struggle with traffic as lesser cars will have the need to overtake you. This means a safe and worry-free ride.

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7. You Now Get To Enjoy Moving Up The Hills

One of the horrors that come with cycling is long steeped hilltops, most cyclers prefer to get down and drag their bike up the hill than cycle.

But with the e-bike, going up the hill is rather funny that stressful. All you need do it set your motor to the highest speed and move up effortlessly till you et o the top.
E-bikes are now very popular amongst mountain bikers as it allows them the ease of moving up steep mountains without much stress and loss of energy.

Get an e-bike today and join thousands of users who are testifying to its goodness. Life can be easy, comfortable and fun at the same time if you make the right choice

8. E-Bikes Are Great For Crosswinds And Headwinds

Crosswinds and headwinds, another great adversary of cyclists can now be put to check with the e-bike. With just cranking up your speed and moving at a good speed, you will no longer be attacked by this evil winds.

9. You Too Can Now Explore The World

With an e-bike, you can cover longer distances comfortable without having to work yourself to the edge. You can now pack up a knapsack and go out for camping’s with your friends on a cool weekend using your e-bikes.

The extra help that comes with the motor makes the e-bike and ideal touring bike.

10. E-Bikes Are Fun

Don’t you own an e-bike? You are missing a great deal of fun! The regular bikes are fun to ride on a cool evening, imaging adding extra help to the regular bike.

You now get to move 5x faster (depending on your setting) with just own push on the pedal, there is just one word to describe the feeling….Amazing!

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