New! Larger Capacity Panasonic Electric Bike Batteries

E-Bike Vision 26V 25Ah battery pack for Kalkhoff, Flyer, BH, Raleigh electric bikes
26 Volt 25 Ah battery pack for electric bike

Panasonic’s 26 volt electric bike system ruled the roads up until about 2012. We sold thousands of Kalkhoff Agattu, Tasman, Pro Connect and Sahel fitted with 26V Panasonic packs – a mere 10Ah in the early days, then 18Ah and finally 24Ah. Initially these came from Panasonic but around 2011, Kalkhoff began including their own higher-capacity batteries from German manufacturer BMZ. As Kalkhoff have focused more and more on their own Impulse electric bike system, supply of 26V Panasonic-compatible batteries has become less certain. But not to worry, another German manufacturer has spotted an opportunity in the shape of several hundred thousand electric bike owners across Europe riding Kalkhoff, Raleigh, BH, Flyer and several other brands that rely on these battery packs.

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50cycles Electric Bikes supports Brighton’s Big Screen

Brighton's Big Screen
Brighton’s Big Screen Launch Evening, 12th June 2014

Brighton is not short of attractions but each Summer sees one of the best spring up on the beach, a huge screen playing classic movies, new releases, hosting film festivals live events and, of course in 2014, World Cup matches. 50cycles were invited to sponsor Brighton’s Big Screen and we jumped at the chance.
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Kalkhoff “Our best electric bike of all time” video

Kalkhoff have just released another English language video highlighting the benefits of the new Impulse 2.0 electric bike system that powers most of our range this year. It reveals how the nifty new Shift Assist system works, offers a glimpse inside Kalkhoff’s testing labs and shows a pair of 2014 e-bikes cruising through stunning scenery. Continue reading “Kalkhoff “Our best electric bike of all time” video”