Kalkhoff Impulse and Bosch electric bike comparison

The Impulse and Bosch motor systems debuted around the same time several years ago and both have gone on to dominate the high quality electric bike market. They’re both highly versatile e-bike systems, powering commuter e-bikes, power-assisted mountain bikes and comfortable town bikes.

Both systems are into the second and third generations now, with increases in power as well as functional and ergonomic improvements. The latest versions even offer on-board navigation systems.

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Electric Bike Video Reviews

Electric Bike Review videos
Electric Bike Review have been busy looking at Kalkhoff and FOCUS electric bikes

Kalkhoff and Focus electric bikes have made their way over to the States in recent years and they’re being noticed by reviewers over there. Here is a collection of recent electric bike video reviews of 2015 Kalkhoff and FOCUS electric bikes from Electric Bike Reviews in the USA. Continue reading “Electric Bike Video Reviews”

Best place in London to test ride electric bikes?

We’ve found the ideal setting for riding electric bikes.

Actually, we found it years ago when we opened our first shop in London on Hill Rise in Richmond upon Thames. We sent hundreds of people on their first electric bike ride up the hill to Richmond Park, four square miles of beautiful heath and woodland criss-crossed by cycling tracks and well-surface roads. It’s a cycling nirvana only a few miles from the centre of London and it’s one of the best places to cycle in the whole country. Free of traffic, in healthy surroundings, you’ll enjoy a ride to remember. Continue reading “Best place in London to test ride electric bikes?”

The Eight Winning Habits of the Electric Bike Rider

There’s a lot of talk about cyclists behaving badly these days – jumping red lights, not paying non-existent road tax, that sort of thing. It’s true, some people do ride like idiots but many others are just taking understandable steps to stay safe in a hostile environment that, in the UK, favours cars and lorries.

But what if there was a way to be a cyclist and behave responsibly, stay safe and have fun all at the same time? It turns out there is, you just need to become an electric bike rider, the happiest of all bicycling breeds. The sort of cyclists it’s good to have around. Here’s how and why. Continue reading “The Eight Winning Habits of the Electric Bike Rider”

6 Reasons Electric Cyclists Feel Safer (and 1 Reason Why They Don’t)

There’s been much discussion about making the nation’s roads safer for all cyclists. A series of accidents and resulting campaigns has put it at the forefront of public debate all Autumn. At 50cycles we have thousands of customers to call on for their opinions so we asked them to take part in a survey concerned with one central questions: are electric bikes safer to ride than normal bikes? Continue reading “6 Reasons Electric Cyclists Feel Safer (and 1 Reason Why They Don’t)”