Our first ever electric bike was stolen. Here’s how we got it back.

2001 Honda Step Compo folding electric bike

The idea of 50cycles Electric Bikes became a reality one day in August 2003 when our first electric bike arrived  in the UK. It was a little Honda Step Compo that had been hand-packed and despatch from Tokyo by my brother and 50cycles co-founder Scott Snaith.  The very same bike was stolen from us late last year, but now it’s back in our possession and on display in our new London showroom. Continue reading “Our first ever electric bike was stolen. Here’s how we got it back.”

A history of folding electric bikes

Hercules Rob Fold F8
Our latest folding electric bicycle, the Hercules Rob Fold F8 with Bosch motor

A new folding electric bike joined our range this week, the first in many years. The Hercules Rob Fold F8 from Germany has it all – Bosch motor, 400Wh or 500Wh battery capacity options, 8-speed Shimano Nexus hub gears, lights, luggage rack, kick stand, hydraulic brakes, mudguards. Continue reading “A history of folding electric bikes”

Honda reveal the U3-X – an omnidirectional, self-balancing electric personal transport device

Honda have taken technologies developed in their well-known Asimo android project and applied them to this novel electric personal transport device which they’ve called the U3-X. Particularly cool is the omni-directional propulsion system which allows the rider to glide effortlessly left, right, back and forth. At no great speed though, it must be said

There must be a better name for it than U3-X. Maybe the Seatatron, GlideMo, Uni Go, Omni Yum or something like that.
Here’s the full story (and video) from Honda