6 Reasons Electric Cyclists Feel Safer (and 1 Reason Why They Don’t)

There’s been much discussion about making the nation’s roads safer for all cyclists. A series of accidents and resulting campaigns has put it at the forefront of public debate all Autumn. At 50cycles we have thousands of customers to call on for their opinions so we asked them to take part in a survey concerned with one central questions: are electric bikes safer to ride than normal bikes? Continue reading “6 Reasons Electric Cyclists Feel Safer (and 1 Reason Why They Don’t)”

Casco E.motion cycle helmets for pedelec electric bike riders launched at 50cycles

New for the 2009 Season: Casco E.motion pedelec helmets
These are gorgeous, definitely the best-looking and best-designed cycle helmets we’ve seen since the Yakkays arrived last year. Casco have designed the E.motion helmets specifically for electric bicycle riders. The result is a futuristic look, great ventilation, easy fitting and superb safety.

They’re available in three styles and two sizes. Go to our Casco gallery to see larger pictures of each style, plus all-round views and what’s on the inside, where your head will be. Limited stock for now, so first come first served. They’re £120 each including UK delivery.