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Beat Bikes

Beat Bike Toba Crossbar

  • Frame type


  • Powered by the Impulse 2.2 Midmount 250W Drive

  • 36V 17Ah high capacity Lithium ion battery

  • Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, 7-speed gears

  • Compact Impulse LCD display

  • Lights, luggage rack, mudguards, kickstand

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'The Beat Bike Toba model is Designed to be light and fast for both the commuter and leisure market.  With the gearing changes and the specification of the motor Impulse 2.2  has been re-engineered to be able to peak at 80nm but gives a constant max torque of 70nm of Torque and will go further, faster on the flats with the larger chainwheel and smaller rear sprocket. This bike is designed from the experience of what works best with the bike. No need to change gear often with the gear ratios.  Can fit panniers to carry home or office comforts.'

The Toba is a perfect all-round electric bike with whopping power, improved controls, longer range and better performance on Hills, tracks, trails and national parks handle just as well as cycle paths, busy roads and parks in the city. It's powered by the Impulse 2.2 centre motor and a 36 volt 17Ah battery that gives up to 125 miles range. It's superbly well-equipped with, Rigid front alloy forks, Magura hydraulic brakes, front and rear lights, new illuminated handlebar controls, puncture-resistant tyres, integrated mudguards.

Impulse 2.2

The Toba is powered by the Impulse 2.2 centre motor providing an enormous 70Nm torque and working with the gear shifter to provide seamless transmission it's the most capable crank drive unit around. Kalkhoff have engineered a more powerful, efficient, quieter motor that supplies massive assistance from a standing start and cuts all hills down to size. 

New Kalkhoff Impulse 2.2 Motor 

The latest Impulse motor version benefits from a number of technical and material improvements introduced in 2016. 

  • The entire freewheel assembly has been redesigned and now sits inside a new polished housing, allowing it to operate at maximum efficiency.
  • An improved lubricant compound is now applied by robot, with much greater precision and consistency than was possibly with the earlier manual technique. 
  • Vital gear wheels have been re-engineered to be larger and more robust. 
  • Finally, a new waterproof membrane protects lines the inside of the motor, permanently protecting it from the elements.

These improvements make Kalkhoff's Impulse 2.2 motor system the most reliable in the E-bike market, with materials and precision engineering at a level you'd expect in the automotive industry.

17 Ah battery

A 36 volt 17Ah battery elegantly placed behind the tube, this incredible high-performance battery technology with 50 cells has the capacity of 612 Wh, under ideal conditions power reserves give a range of up to 125 miles (200 km).


Shift Assist

A genuine innovation - every time you change up or down a gear, power drops away for a matter of milliseconds for optimal gear shifting. This does a number of great things - it extends your gears mechanical lifetime, feels satisfyingly natural and makes for a smoother application of all that power. They had to invent a litte electromechanical gadget to detect gear changes that worked with the motor. They succeeded and the result brings a new feeling of confident power to riding a Beat electric bike.

Magura hydraulic brakes

Magura's hydraulic piston design makes braking easy, well-modulated and reliable over time. There are no cables to stretch, the whole surface of the brake pad is applied to the rim (protecting both), pads last for ages and braking is strong and sure-footed. Looks cool too, with strong arch and neat braking assembly tucked against the forks.


Impulse LCD - on-board computer

The elegant back lit ergonomic control panel gives you full control over the Impulse electric motor allowing safe operation without having to take your hands off the handlebars.

The following functions are available:

Assist level
Battery charge state
Trip distance
Total distance 

Front and rear lights

Powered by a free-running Shimano hub dynamo, the lights on this and all Beat bikes are excellent. Few bikes on sale in the UK benefit from front and rear illumination of this quality and utility.  The rear lamp's integrated steady light function offers another 4 minutes of light while at a standstill, for added visibility when waiting at lights or junctions seen from behind and also from the side to crossing traffic.

The front lamp casts 30 lux of cool, bright LED light forward, enough to make night rides across the park something to enjoy rather than endure.

The winning features

  • Multifunction LCD console - Speed, Charge, Assistance Level, Total Miles, Trip Miles
  • Handlebar-mounted control - illuminated with Walk Assist button, on/off, power controls and options.
  • Rigid front magnesium alloy forks
  • High-end Nexus 7-speed gears
  • 612 Wh Lithium tri-metal battery
  • 1100 cycle battery lifetime, more than twice that of the Bosch battery. So 50% extra capacity and 120% extra lifespan.
  • Schwalbe Marathon Puncture-Resistant Tyres

It's superbly well-equipped with also with puncture-resistant tyres, integrated mudguards.


Ratings and Reviews

Really good indeed

by from Portslade on

Just cycled over 700 miles on this superb bike. The 60 frame is an absolute winner for tall people like me and is such a smooth ride at 15mph. Been along canal paths , busy roads, cycle paths and all over the Yorkshire moors. Fantastic in the rain handles very well.. This bike travels very well up the steepest hills and I find the pedal assist helps your all over balance when going up hills etc.. Highly recommended, 5 stars.

I didn't need one - I just wanted one!

by from Cheltenham on

I didn't need an electric bike as already own 5 standard ones and have been a cyclist all my life- but- after trying them when we came to Bristol with perspective buyers I didn't want to miss out on the fun. These bikes are serious fun!

I justified it by saying I would be left behind now if my partner had one. They are the perfect accessory for our motorhome as we can get to any nearby city, town NT property or event with ease and arrive fresh even if it's hilly. These bikes come into their own on a hill. 

I didn't want a bike that looked like an electric bike. This is smart with its matt back frame and red detailing. It cycles well too even without the battery. 

Anthony has so much product knowledge and is has been great at answering questions on line as well as in person. There is no need to hard sell as the quality of the products speak for themselves. The ability to try before you buy is great. I had no intention of buying! No regrets though, it's lovely to go out on rides and not think about how many climbs are to be faced! Thanks 50 Cycles.

My First Electric Bike and Not Dissapointed

by from Jersey on

I've ben toying with the idea of an electric bike for some time now as my back is giving up and I was finding it difficult to keep up with the family. I had researched many of the bikes on the market and some were really heavy and some were conversion types so not specifically built for the electric purpose.

I popped into the Bristol 50 Cycles shop when visiting my son earlier this month and was impressed firstly by the helpfulness of the staff and then by the quality of the Kalkoff product. I had looked at Kalkoff on line but not been able to actually inspect one until now. I didn't place an order straight away but did so more or less as soon as I got back home. Again the staff couldn't have been more helpful and arranged delivery to Jersey a few days later.

Having now made a few of trips out on my Pro Connect it is excellent. The ride without power is smooth and with power is better than I had hoped for. Brilliant and the many hills here no longer phase me. The build quality, as you would expect for the money, seems first class and there is even a pump discretely hidden on the inside of the pannier rack. First impressions are excellent and thanks to Anthony Douglas and Harry Gyurgyak at 50 Cycles, Bristol for all the help.

I can't begin to describe how happy I am :)

by from Derbyshire on

Pedelec is great, really pleased with it. German engineering at its very best, really well made, everything about it oozes quality. Handover was good when I collected it, all checked over and set up and helpful hints and tips on battery etc. I have various digestive issues which means I can't eat enough to maintain my weight if I burn off too many calories on long bike rides on a standard bike. So this is going to be a life changer for me, can't begin to describe how happy I am :)

Technical Specifications

FRAME:    Aluminum Diamond
FORK:    fork star A-Pro
DISPLAY:    Impulse LCD Small inkl. shove help
BATTERY PACK:    17 AH, 36 Volt
MOTOR:    Impulse 2.2 250 Watt, 36 Volt
CHARGER:    Impulse
CHAIN CASE     Impulse for 38 teeth
BRAKE:    Magura HS11
GEAR LEVER:    Shimano  7S Nexus, twist
FRONT HUB:    Shimano DHC 300 N silver
REAR WHEEL HUB:    Shimano 7 Nexus freehub
RIMS:    Schürmann black Alu   622-19 32 double wall 
SPOKES:    nirosta
TIRE:    Schwalbe Marathon  40-622 reflex
SPROCKET:    38 T front / 19 T rear
RACK:    Alu 3leg black  
HANDLEBAR:    City Bike black 640 mm
REAR LIGHT:    steady
FRONT LIGHT:    Blueline 30Lux  
PEDAL:    Pedal City Alu non-slip
SADDLE    Selle Bassano Feel GT
SEATPOST    Alu  27,2 x 300
SADDLE CLAMP    Alu 34,9 black
KICKSTAND:    26/28 " alu black ursus
WEIGHT: 23kgs without battery 20kg

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