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Kalkhoff Integrale i8

  • Frame type


  • Impulse Evo RS 250w Motor with shift-sensor technology

  • 36V 17Ah high capacity Impulse Evo Li-ion battery

  • Impulse Evo Smart Display with Bluetooth and USB charging socket

  • Low-maintenance carbon belt drive

  • Concept Twin LED double front light with 100 LUX output

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The perfect combination of innovation and integration.

With the Kalkhoff Integrale you have an e-bike which you can’t help but love. A quiet yet powerful motor and a fully integrated high-capacity battery ensure cycling pleasure that goes the extra mile.

At the very first glance, it is the harmony of the design which really strikes you. When you look closer, Kalkhoff Integrale will impress you with many excellent features which are all perfectly integrated into the overall look. This attention to detail, with the same level of commitment to the small things, whilst never losing sight of the requirement for perfect functionality, is the basis for an engineering work of art.

Kalkhoff Impulse Evo Motor

  • Impulse Evo drive system is ground-breaking in terms of innovation, integration and networking. The holistic design of motor, frame and components is what makes the difference. And the result is unique: we offer you a skilfully engineered e-bike drive system with the ideal blend of design and functionality, manufactured entirely in Germany. At the same time, you enjoy important extra benefits: more power, more efficiency and more innovative ideas.
  • Enhanced performance because the motor is the most efficient yet
  • Stronger gears, designed for a huge maximum torque of 100 Nm
  • The motor's background noise has been reduced by 50%
  • An extra pedalling cadence sensor built into the motor gives even more sensitive control over the power assistance level
  • Innovative multi-tooth axis for safe crank assembly
  • The lighting system is powered via the motor
  • Faster, high bandwidth data transmission via the automotive standard CAN Bus communication system

Gates Belt Drive - If you've bought a bicycle in the past 120 years, chances are it’s been powered by a chain. While the trusty bicycle chain has done every cyclist well, now the Gates Belt Drive is stronger, quieter and requires less maintenance. It’s grease-free, oil-free and hassle-free. It won’t leave any marks on your pants and you’ll never have to pull over to fix a dropped chain. The belts are one continuous loop – an inner carbon fiber tensile cord layered with polyurethane teeth and a nylon outer coating. Belts will not rust. This means that you do not need to worry about riding in the rain, or leaving your bike outside. Unlike chains, there is no need for lubrication and on average they last 3 – 4 times longer than a conventional bike chain.

Impulse Evo batteries - the best energy store incorporated into the down tube in the Integrale the Impulse Evo battery uses incredible battery technology. With 50 high-performance cells and a capacity of 17 Ah, under ideal conditions power reserves give a range of up to 125 miles (200 km).

This new battery generation also offers durability, easy handling and rapid recharging. Cleverly, the dual-function charging socket also serves as a service interface through which software updates can be applied to your bike. 

Impulse Evo LCD Smart – the intelligent networking solution . The new Impulse Evo smart display is more than just an on-board computer. Using your smartphone it also acts as a navigation system. The tasks are clearly allocated: the smartphone supplies the processing power, the Impulse Evo navigation app, based on the tried and tested Naviki software, does the routing, and the Impulse Evo smart display shows you the way with clear and simple navigation directions. Connection to your smartphone is established via the Bluetooth module, while the USB charging socket fitted as standard enables you to charge your phone while you’re on the move.

 As well as displaying handy directional arrows, street names and distances, the following functions are also permanently

  • Standard displays: Speed, remaining range, battery level, assist level, assist bar, clock
  • Selectable displays: Average tour speed, tour kilometers, tour time, maximum trip speed, average trip speed, trip kilometers, trip time, cadence, total kilometers
  • Navigation displays: Directional arrow, road name, distance to next change of direction

The Naviki software, which is as intelligent as it is easy to use, provides maps of Europe as well as a comprehensive range of functions:

  • "Start-Destination" route calculation based on your bike's current battery capacity
  • Route calculation "Plan a route around my location"
  • Save your own routes and use Naviki routes
  • Interesting waypoints (hotels, restaurants, specialist dealers)
  • Automatic mapping of the actual route taken
  • Synchronisation of all routes with your Naviki user account
  • Comprehensive editing and display options

You don’t see anything – and that is exactly the point. Brake lines and connecting cables to the motor disappear into the stem of the Kalkhoff Integrale. The result is more than just a clean cockpit. It is a design innovation and perfect proof that Kalkhoff is always an idea ahead.

  • No flying blind: the Concept Twin LED double front light ensures brilliant illumination with its 100 lux output.
  • No limitations: all Kalkhoff Integrale frames are designed as standard to use a low-maintenance belt drive.
  • No expense spared: head tube, down tube and motor mounting form a single unit thanks to the aluminium die casting process – for perfect riding stability and integration.
  • Not just for show: the minimalist carrier takes up to 15 kg of luggage and enables use of a wide range of accessories – thanks to the Snap-it system.
  • No compromises: the concealed seatpost clamp demonstrates integration right down to the last detail






Ratings and Reviews


by from N Ireland on

Got my i8 integrale in August 15. Thought i should comment as I have just completed 3000 miles. Apart from a few minor normal running renewables such as new brake pads there have been no mechanical.issues. This bike runs as well now as the day I bought it. What a brilliant machine. Takes everything in it's stride. Long hills and steep hills no problem. Head winds no problem. Totally recommend it. Knocking on a bit now, just passed 76 birthday. Don't know if it will add years to my life but certainly has added life to my years. Great to be able to get out and enjoy cycling like I always have throughout my life. Thanks Kalkhoff

Best of my electric bikes

by from West Yorkshire on

My first ebike was a Koga. It had a hub motor in the rear wheel, was super quite, but underpowered and died on hills. Second bike was a Trek Powerfly with the larger battery (500). A Bosch motor in the centre of the frame bike which with 11 speed gears performed very well on hills. Got 60 miles plus out of the battery and it was lively and responsive, but built for off road.

Then I saw the type of bike I wanted. Planned for road use with hub gears and everything integrated into the frame. Not essential but the belt drive was a bonus for me. Rides well, responsive yet feels solid. Spent last week in Belgium in very hot sun and it was a pleasure to ride. Attracts looks where ever it goes and unless people see the midship motor the integrated frame makes them miss the fact it's an ebike.

A really good bike with only one drawback......the permanently fitted control panel on the handlebars. My other two electric bikes had removable control panels which I could quickly slip in my pocket at stop I made. It is a wonderful security device as the bike can not function as an electric bike without the panel. It is such a quick easy function to remove the panel and getting a replacement one will trigger a police response if the thief try's for a replacement. Lovely bike but I can't give full marks for this one security flaw.

[50cycles Response - thanks for your great review John. There are a couple of issues that help explain why Kalkhoff have used a permanently fixed console - removable consoles are very easily stolen if the owner doesn't remove it from the bike, but an attached console requires more time and effort to detach. Secondly, removable consoles are more prone to wear and tear whic can cause connection issues in the long term and have to be replaced.]

Integrale i8

by from Derbyshire on

3 months in and 400 miles on the clock. What an amazing bike. This is my 2nd Kalkhoff from 50 Cycles and I'm still impressed by both firms. The customer service from 50 Cycles shows other firms how it's done. The bike looks and feels the biz

The New Wheel Electric Bike's Integrale 8 review

by from San Francisco on

"A rock solid urban commute bike..." 

The New Wheel show us around the Kalkhoff Integrale 8 electric bike. The model shown here is the Integrale 8 LTD which launched the model last Summer. This version has long-since sold out but has been replaced by the Integrale 8 which also comes with the Shimano Alfine 8-speed hub.

Enjoying life on my Kalkhoff

by from Pembrokeshire on

Recently purchased a Kalkhoff Integrale 8 Belt. I’m a heavy chap, rather unfit and thought an e bike would be a good option. Some 40 miles later I can give some initial feedback.

Day one saw the first test, a hill near my house which is so steep people even hate to walk it – the Kalkhoff just flew up with little effort. The next was a hill known as “heartbreak hill” as labelled by Ironman contestants - ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXtkaDvhINs ) Again the Integrale simply flew up with ease.

Anthony at Bristol cycles told me I’d never have to leave the saddle on a hill and he was right. I’m so enjoying this bike and there have been a few comical moments with pedestrians encouraging me as I cycle past them on a hill as they don’t realise it’s an electric bike. You do have to peddle and it does get your heart rate going and this is good.

As for range – this varies depending on hills, careful use of gears, assist level and at the moment my weight. The more I ride it the better the battery life I think. I bought two Orbitel panniers, which are ideal. The ride is comfortable and the bike itself just looks amazing and attracts a lot of attention when parked up. I’ve not cycled for years but cycling around my town or countryside its great to be able to stop and chat to people I know – you miss so much in a vehicle.

The service at 50 Cycles is excellent and my post purchase questions were dealt with promptly so a big thank you. Looks like a second bike for my wife in the coming weeks.

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Technical Specifications

Frame  Impulse Evo RS V1, alloy
Fork  RST Pulse LO, Air, 15 mm QR, 80 mm travel
Motor  Impulse Evo RS, 36 V / 250 W, with shift sensor Technology
Display  Impulse Evo Smart, with bluetooth and USB charging socket
Battery  Impulse Evo Li-Ion 36 V
Brakes  Shimano BR-M396, hydraulic disc brake
Switch lever  Shimano Alfine
Crank set  Concept
Gear ratio  front: 46, rear: 22
Handlebar  Concept EX Riser
Stem  Concept EX Integrale
Saddle  Concept EX
Seat post  Concept EX
Front hub  Shimano Deore, 15 x 100 mm thru axle
Rear hub  Shimano Alfine, 8-speed
Wheel rims  DT Swiss 545D, with eyelets
Tyres  28": Schwalbe Big Ben, 50-622
Headlights  Concept EX Twin, 100 Lux, LED
Luggage carrier  Racktime system, tour
Bike stand  rear stand, alloy
Protective guard  Aluminium
Pedal  Urban alloy, with anti slip protection and reflector
Battery capacity  17 Ah (603 Wh)
Range  90 miles under test conditions

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