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Electric mopeds

Electric mopeds

Performance: Electric and petrol powered motorcycles of the same size and weight are roughly comparable in performance. But now high-end electric motorcycles are faster and better handling than any conventionally powered bike.Electric machines have better 0 to 60 acceleration, since they develop full torque immediately, and without a clutch the torque is instantly available.

Batteries: Most electric motorcycles and scooters today are powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries, though some models use nickel-metal hydride, lead/sodium silicate  (a variation on the classic lead acid battery) lithium-iron phosphate batteries are up to two-thirds lighter than lead acid batteries and offer the best battery performance for electric vehicles.

New Lithium Titanium Oxide (LTO)non-flammable battery technology is coming. This new technology charges a battery in less than 10 minutes and withstands 25,000 charges (the equivalent of 70 years of daily charges) batteries.

All electric motorcycles provide for recharging by plugging into ordinary wall outlets, usually taking about eight hours to recharge (i.e. overnight).

Some manufacturers have designed machines that allow quick battery swapping, for apartment dwellers who do not have a garage outlet, or for an instant recharge on the go.

Range: Electric motorcycles excel as daily commuters traveling a fixed distance round trip, on the open road, riders may experience inhibiting range anxiety. Electric power trades off range against speed as range drops off the faster you go. However an Austrian bike, the Johammer J1, is capable of travelling 200 km (124 miles) on a single charge.

Maintenance: With only a battery, a motor, and a black box (i.e. the controller) to keep you moving, electric motorcycles are a breeze to maintain compared to a conventional motorcycle, what with all the lubricating and adjusting and tuning you have to do.

Fuel cost: At between one and two pence per mile  electric machines enjoy an enormous fuel cost advantage. The UBCO battery Electric Motorbike running cost is 75 pence per 100 miles. 

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All our new bikes are available to buy with interest-free finance (typical 0% APR). You can ease the cost of ownership by paying a deposit and choosing one of our finance packages when checking out.

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