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New Models

New Models

All our electric bikes combine the latest technology, offer significantly greater range than the competition and are designed and precision-manufactured in Germany. 

What we have in store for 2017

There are many improvements in the next season's bikes. Kalkhoff have rejuvenated their brand, adopted a new logo and taken their established Impulse motor system into its third generation.

Their new Impulse Evo and Impulse Evo RS drives offer more power and smart navigation-enabled displays. They also share a design philosophy that brings the frame and drive system together in harmony, rather than merely bolting somebody else's motor onto a modified frame. You'll find thoughtful design, right down to the smallest detail, with numerous innovations that make for some very eye-catching and highly capable bikes in 2016.

More powerful, quieter, more durable: the new Impulse Evo drive


Technical improvements

The maximum torque of the Impulse Evo has increased to an impressive 80 Nm, so more power is available the moment you set off, whatever the assistance level.

A new cadence sensor improves further the smooth riding experience that is already a key characteristic of the Impulse motor. There are also three different basic motor settings but the Impulse Evo RS system also has a ULTRA setting for maximum assistance when you know there's a formidable hill or a busy junction ahead. 

integrale-componentsThe drive has also been made significantly quieter, 20% quieter than their predecessor, the Impulse 2.0 motor.

All the components of the new Impulse Evo motor are designed with durability in mind: the gear unit has been reinforced, the new deflection shaft and new drawn-cup roller clutch are even sturdier. The integrated 17Ah battery pack, RS motor mounting, handlebar controls and Smart Navigation display are highlighted in green to the left.

An innovative multi-tooth axle ensures a secure crank assembly. The battery-charging socket now doubles up as a service interface, making the system easier to read out or update.

Data transfer is carried out via the CAN-Bus system, long the standard in the automotive industry. What this means for you, the rider, is that your bike will operate extremely quickly and efficiently.

The new 612 Watt Hour Impulse Evo battery packs have 50 high-performance cells and a 17 Ah capacity. Under ideal conditions, a range of up to 127 miles / 205 km can be achieved.

The way in which these Impulse Evo batteries are integrated is another outstanding aspect: they are either completely integrated into the down tube (on the Integrale range) or positioned cleverly behind the seat tube (on the Include bikes). This gives the e-bike a cleaner look and even safer handling. What's more,these batteries offer an impressive service life, easy handling and remarkably fast charging.

Fast, sporty, stylish: Impulse Evo RS

Kalkhoff Integrale LTDThe Integrale 8 LTD Edition: a good electric bike will carry you across London in safety and style. Photo source: Kalkhoff.

The sporty RS version of the new Impulse Evo centre motor system shares essentially the same design as the Evo motor found on the Include, but there are some striking differences. 

The RS motor housing is specially designed for sporty use and a shorter wheelbase. It's also mounted differently on the frame.

The battery pack is skilfully built into the monocoque frame, lending the Integrale range a clean, futuristic look. Dare we say sleek and stealthy? 

Finally, performance is made more thrilling by the Ultra mode the rider can select which produces more impressive acceleration. The 350 Watt Impulse Evo RS Speed motor will even assist up to a speed of 45 km/h.


More than a cycle computer: Impulse Evo Smart Display with navigation app


The new Impulse Evo Smart Display is fully networked for the first time, and is thus able to utilise the intelligence of smartphones. Using the Impulse navigation app, which is based on the proven and popular Naviki software, your mobile phone and bicycle computer are linked together via Bluetooth, transforming the display into a navigation system.

This makes a clever division of labour possible: your smartphone supplies the computing power but can remain in your pocket in battery-saving mode, rather than sitting vulnerably on your handlebars. The free app plans your route and displays the navigation directions on the LCD display

The exclusively developed Impulse E-Bike Navigation app is easy to use. It provides mapping data for the UK & Europe free of charge so there’s no need to buy maps to cover new territory and no need to install updates on your bike’s display.

The app’s maps are automatically updated over the network. The navigation app also features many other innovative functions, including route calculation, storage of routes ridden in the past and information on interesting routes around your current location.

Points of interest such as hotels, restaurants and the nearest cycle shop can be shown if desired. The app can also direct you to them. The actual route travelled can be recorded and synchronised via your Naviki user account.


Each rider is able to make their own decisions regarding what is displayed and in what format. The app provides comprehensive editing and display options for this purpose. The display itself now includes a USB connection as standard, enabling you to charge your smartphone.

In addition, even without any smartphone interaction, the display offers you a wealth of useful functions. The information that can be displayed includes clock, assist level, battery charge status, speed, remaining range, cadence, average speed on current trip and total distance ridden (odometer).


More innovations for 2016


Kalkhoff is a German bicycle maker that uses nothing but high-quality components, including some developed exclusively in-house, such as the Concept EX LED front light with its 80 lux output and stand light (left).

Kalkhoff have optimised the mudguard mounting and developed meticulously hollow-forged dropouts, to mention just a few.







Cyclists love the advantages offered by the belt drive that featured appears on several models in 2016: Gates belts never squeak and never rust, do not require any lubrication and therefore cannot make your hands or clothing dirty in the way that conventional chains do.

You'll find the Gates belt drive on the Integrale, Include and Agattu Premium 8- and 11-speed models.





Quality, safety and advanced technology "Made in Germany"


Kalkhoff has almost 100 years of experience in building bicycles. All Kalkhoff bicycles and e-bikes, as well as the Impulse drive technology, are developed by in-house engineers and manufactured in Germany.

To ensure riding stability, strength and low weight, the frames are hydroformed in a complex process with the aid of a water/oil emulsion and an internal pressure of up to 3,000 bar. The controlled forming process enables up to three different wall thicknesses to be produced within the same workpiece.



Kalkhoff has now sold well over 400,000 Impulse e-bikes, making it market leader in the field of e-bikes. To ensure top quality and safety, the components and the complete bicycle undergo comprehensive testing, applying test criteria that far exceed the specifications of the relevant European standards.

Kalkhoff has its own test centre –one of the largest and most modern in Europe –at its Cloppenburg plant, and also works with specialist engineering firms and other experts. Kalkhoff has also recently started comprehensive functional testing of all its e-bikes by end-of-line testers at the end of the assembly process, as well as test rides.



Kalkhoff highlights for 2016

Kalkhoff Integrale LTD 11


The new Kalkhoff Integrale comes with the totally redeveloped Impulse Evo RS drive system. The most powerful Impulse drive ever makes its mark with a powerful torque of 80 Nm but operates more quietly than any of the earlier Impulse drives.

The high-performance 17 Ah batteries are superbly integrated into the meticulously manufactured and extremely strong down tube. The e-bike is controlled intuitively using the new Impulse Evo Smart Display. The new Impulse navigation app even transforms the display into a navigation system, and you can leave your expensive smartphone safely in your pocket.

The Integrale comes with 8- and 11-speed hub gears with a carbon belt or 10- or 11-speed derailleur gears as well 350W Speed Pedelec options; in either configuration, you're going to love their design and components.

Kalkhoff Include Premium 8

2016 Kalkhoff Impulse Evo Electric Bikes and riders demostrating impeccable behaviour. 2016 Kalkhoff Impulse Evo Electric Bikes

The Include Premium 8 is Kalkhoff’s top-of-the-range model, making its mark in terms of both design and functionality. The new, powerful and virtually silent Impulse Evo drive system is elegantly integrated into the overall design of the Kalkhoff Include Premium 8. The exceptionally powerful 17 Ah battery provides a suitably long range, up to 127 miles in ideal conditions.

This e-bike features hydraulic disc brakes, ensuring maximum safety in traffic along with the low-maintenance belt drive from Gates plus the pannier rack system designed exclusively for the Kalkhoff Include with a carrying capacity of 25 kg. A child seat, for instance, can easily be installed using a Racktime Snap-It adapter. The e-bike is operated by means of the new Impulse Evo Smart Display, which can also be used as a navigation system with the new, free Impulse navigation app.

Pro Connect Impulse 9


This was one of our most popular models in 2015 and it returns in 2016 with new paintjob and a larger battery capacity, up from 11Ah to 15Ah, in three gents and two trapezoid frame sizes. It’s sporty, well-equipped and versatile, perfect for commuting, in fact.


Sahel Compact

This semi-folding model is becoming more popular year-on-year. The latest version sees the introduction of the largest 17Ah battery for the first time, as well as a new 11Ah battery version at a great price.

Its short wheelbase (just over 1 metre), folding pedals, quick-release rotating handlebars and adjustability make it a superb urban e-bike.




Agattu 7 speed

Two budget-beating Impulse 2.0 bikes here, bearing the well-known Agattu name, probably the best-selling electric bike in the UK since its launch back in 2007.

The Agattu has always been a comfortable, capable all-rounder - this latest version means it’s available at a very attractive price.





Agattu Premium 8

This is the Agattu that has everthing - largest battery capacity, comfort features, built-in lock, hydraulic brakes, Impulse 2.0 Premium LCD and quiet and gunge-free Gates Carbon belt instead of a chain.

This is the latest and greatest version of the model that made Kalkhoff’s name in the UK. Smooth, quiet, comfortable - this all-rounder is the electric bike many others have been measured against.



All these bikes will be available to see, test ride and order from any of our showrooms, our growing network of agents or to purchase online via our website, www.50cycles.com. Interest-free finance up to 12 months is available and we also accept Cyclescheme vouchers.

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