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Pre-eminent Electric Bike Brand


Head into the wild with a performance level Scott e-MTB like the E-Aspect or E-Spark range. These light MTB's let you climb easier so you can have more fun on the descents. Powerful motors and batteries give you a freedom to go where no man has been before. Scott electric bikes are all about fun.

Are SCOTT E-Bikes FUN?

From the humble begins of the talented engineer Ed Scott's invention of the first tapered aluminium ski pole that immediately replaced the sport's existing use of bamboo poles SCOTT Sports is now a leader in the development, manufacturing of high end Electric Mountain Bikes, e-bikes for commuter and town biking, Innovation, technology and design are the essence of the SCOTT products and the vision of their engineers and designers. The devoted infatuation of the company is about light weight bikes from 1ST and the lightest full-suspension mountain bikes worldwide. Also Scott have the Genius, a new concept of a full-suspension bikes with a shock-adjustable into three different modes (lock-out mode, all-travel mode, and traction mode. Now in All Mountain situations where the descents are nasty but you plan to climb to the top. No problem when you have the lightest All Mountain Bikes with 185mm and the110mm of travel available and thanks to TwinLoc technology, allowing for three travel settings CTD climb, trail, descend. The TwinLoc remote is mechanically connected (i.e. via cable, not electronics) to quickly and intuitively flip between those three settings on the fork and the shock simultaneously.

Are SCOTT E-Bikes Fast?


E-mountain bike magazine pooled the ten hottest new E-MTBs for 2017 and given them a thorough check for innovation and teething problems. So which bike has come up trumps the SCOTT E-GENIUS 700 TUNED http://ebike-mtb.com

Their Conclusion
Just like last year, this SCOTT rig has waltzed into the group test with the most consistent and versatile frame, build spec, and ride. Whatever sort of rider you are, the E-Genius 700 Plus Tuned will come up trumps, speeding along singletrack and plummeting down hills.
Strengths:                                                                       Weaknesses:
– Very balanced handling                                                – zero
– top suspension
– cohesive and well-chosen components

Lance Armstrong, eat your heart out!
by Richard Branson courtesy of Virgin.com

Get on your bike

Until recently I have rarely been able to cycle on Necker Island, as its hills don’t make for the best terrain to cycle on.
However, that has now changed thanks to a brilliant innovation or battery-powered bicycles. My wife Joan surprised me with the wonderful gift of my very own battery-powered bike. I can now be seen motoring up the Necker hills on most mornings on an E aspect 720 courtesy of Scott Sports.
One of my favourite memories of the Virgin Strive Challenge last year was trying the bike out for the first time as we cycled up an incredibly steep hill to Verbier in Switzerland. After Sam offered to stay behind with me as he was worried I wouldn’t make it up the slope, I decided to play a trick on him, and keep the motor on my bike to myself. As the team began to struggle, I motored ahead, flying past Wimbledon champion Marion Bartoli and Verbier’s number one fitness coach I broke the record for the fastest climb up the hill in the process, and left Sam flagging behind. It was only after he finally reached the top that I revealed my secret.

As well as being a lot of fun, the battery-powered bikes have a lot of practical worth too. They could be revelatory for people who want to cycle together but are not equally matched in terms of fitness. An older person could cycle with a younger person, whole families could cycle together comfortably, and the bike could become a useful equaliser in the same way as a golf handicap.
What’s more, as they spread, these bicycles could be used more in urban settings, cutting commute times and hopefully encouraging more people to get out of their cars and onto their bikes. I really believe that whole streets through cities should be closed to all vehicles except bikes. What do you think of this idea?

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