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Speed E-bikes

High Performance Speed Electric Bikes assist up to 28mph

Speed E-bikes

For Sporty, Fast Riding

If there's a speed demon which resides within you just crying out for the feel of the wind in your hair then look no further than our e-speed range. Designed for a fast and sporty ride, there really isn't any better way to navigate the streets or the countryside. We're delighted to stock Kalkoff speed pedelec bikes allowing you to choose the bike that perfectly suits your needs and style. 

Kalkhoff and Riese & Müller e-speed high-performance electric bikes will amaze you with their incredibly powerful 350 watt Impulse 2.0 and Impulse Evo RS Speed motors, first-class components and precision handling. They are a highly effect replacement for a car, allowing you to nip by standstill traffic and whizz through the countryside without even breaking a sweat! 

TYPE APPROVAL CLASSIFICATION L1e light moped. To use this bicycle on a public road the user must first register it, fit a registration plate and then tax and insure it. Registration plate holder can be removed in those territories where these restrictions do not apply.

It is perfectly possible to register, insure and tax (though that is £0.00, being electric) these fast e-bikes in the UK. Contact us for details.

Still wondering what makes the e-speed range so exciting? 

  • 350W Impulse 2.0 Speed centre motor
  • 36V 17Ah (612Wh) Lithium ion battery pack
  • Up to 1,100 charge cycles
  • Choice of high-end derailleur and hub gears

Impulse Evo RS - Kalkhoff's New Motor Generation

Impulse has evolved and the perfect combination of e-bike and frame technology has a new name: Impulse Evo.

Developed for the new e-bike generation, the Impulse Evo drive system is ground-breaking in terms of innovation, integration and networking. The holistic design of motor, frame and components is what makes the difference with a unique result: Kalkhoff have created a skilfully engineered e-bike drive system that's the ideal blend of design and functionality, manufactured entirely in Germany. And of course there are some very important extra benefits you'd expect from Kalkhoff: more power, more efficiency and more innovation.

Impulse Evo Motor

Kalkhoff Impulse Evo Motor

Experience is invaluable: there are more than 300,000 Impulse 1 and Impulse 2.0 drive systems powering electric bikes across Europe and the know how Kalkhoff have accumulated is written deep into the fabric of Impulse Evo.

  • Enhanced performance because the motor is the most efficient yet
  • Stronger gears, designed for a huge maximum torque of 100 Nm
  • The motor's background noise has been reduced by 50%
  • An extra pedalling cadence sensor built into the motor gives even more sensitive control over the power assistance level
  • Innovative multi-tooth axis for safe crank assembly
  • The lighting system is powered via the motor
  • Faster, high bandwidth data transmission via the automotive standard CAN Bus communication system
  • Impulse Evo Speed provides assistance up to 28 mph (45 kph)

Evo & Evo RS Battery Packs

Impulse Evo batteries – the best energy store whichever the application

Whether incorporated into the down tube in the Integrale or elegantly placed behind the Include seat tube, both Impulse Evo battery versions use the same incredible battery technology. With 50 high-performance cells and a capacity of either 14.5 or 17 Ah, under ideal conditions power reserves give a range of up to 125 miles (200 km).

This new battery generation also offers durability, easy handling and rapid recharging. Cleverly, the dual-function charging socket also serves as a service interface through which software updates can be applied to your bike. 

Impulse Evo's brain - the on-board computer

Impulse Evo LCD Smart – the intelligent networking solution

The new Impulse Evo Smart Display, thanks to the built-in Bluetooth module uses intelligent smart phone integration technology to function not only as the e-bike's on-board computer but also as a navigation system . You can even charge your smart phone through the standard USB socket.

As well as displaying handy directional arrows, street names and distances, the following functions are also permanently available:

  • Time
  • Assist level
  • Battery charge state
  • Speed
  • Remaining range
  • Assist bar / pedalling cadence
  • Average trip speed
  • Trip distance / tour time
  • Total distance 

Control panel

Impulse Evo Control Unit – e-bike handling made easy

The ergonomic control panel gives you full control over the Impulse Evo electric drive and its functions.
The optimised design and elegant back lighting guarantee safe operation without having to take your hands off the handlebars.



Smartphone App

Impulse Evo Navigation App – arrive untroubled and on time

With the Impulse Evo navigation app based on the tried-and-tested Naviki software, the Impulse Evo LCD Smart performs brilliantly as a navigation system.

Here's how it works: the super computer in your pocket, your smart phone, supplies the processing power, the navigation app does the routing and the Evo display supplies clear and simple navigation directions.
Your smart phone remains well-protected tucked in your pocket and its battery is spared since the e-bike display is used.
The Naviki software, which is as intelligent as it is easy to use, provides maps of Europe as well as a comprehensive range of functions:

  • "Start-Destination" route calculation based on your bike's current battery capacity
  • Route calculation "Plan a route around my location"
  • Save your own routes and use Naviki routes
  • Interesting waypoints (hotels, restaurants, specialist dealers)
  • Automatic mapping of the actual route taken
  • Synchronisation of all routes with your Naviki user account
  • Comprehensive editing and display options

Impulse Evo - bringing it all together into the perfect, state of the e-art personal vehicle

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