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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Kalkhoff electric bike weigh? 
The weight varies from model to model and between sizes, but they weigh between 22kg and 25kg including battery.

How much does the Battery Weigh? 
The 36V 15ah battery used on this model weighs 3kg. 

How far will the bike go on one charge? 
This will vary depending on assistance mode, terrain and load being carried.  You can expect around 50, 75 and 100 miles or more in each of the three modes.

Does the bike include a battery charger? 
Yes, all bikes come with a charger. The Impulse battery can be charged on the bike or when removed. The charger comes fitted with a UK 3-pin plug which can be removed to reveal a 2-pin Euro plug if you need to charge up abroad.

Will these fit on a motorhome carrier or car rack? 
Yes, we'd recommend a carrying capacity of 25kg or above for one bike and 50kg or above for a pair of bikes. Removing the  battery from each bike will help reduce the overall weight carried on the rack, of course!

Can you ride the bike in the rain? 
Yes, all of our models can be used in the rain. 

Do you have to pedal? 
Yes, this is the most efficient and reliable way to power an electric bicycle. Your own effort is strongly boosted by the motor, which measures your effort with a sophisticated torque sensor in the crank - the harder you pedal, the more the motor contributes. It takes very little effort to maintain a speed of 15mph on the flat, even unfit cyclists can continue like this for many miles and take on hills that they would not have dreamed of cycling up.

Are there any special maintenance requirements? 
Not really. Each bike comes with a detailed manual and our workshop is able to provide online and telephone support as well as servicing. Apart from the motor and battery there's nothing too exotic on a Kalkhoff electric bike so any competent cycle mechanic can maintain and repair it as if it were a conventional pedal cycle.

How much does a second battery cost? 
The standard 36V 15ah Impulse battery cost is £595.00. Unless you want to cycle much more than 75 miles between charges it's unlikely you'll need a spare and the battery supplied with the bike should last for years. The bike and battery are under warranty for two years from delivery.

Does the price include delivery? 
Yes all prices on the website include UK mainland delivery, VAT and all bikes are 98% assembled all you need to do is put the pedals on and turn the handlebars.

How long do the batteries last? 
Kalkhoff's Impulse batteries are the most advanced of any electric bike with two major technological advantages. First, the electronics inside the battery go to sleep when not in use, preventing the battery discharging in storage, which can irreparably damage other batteries. Secondly the cells inside can be charged up to 1,100 times before capacity is reduced by 40%. This means 60% of battery capacity should remain, years later, enough to complete your usual daily trips on a bicycle. 

Many of the batteries from the first Kalkhoffs we imported back in 2007 are still in use, and they were only supposed to last 500 cycles, or a couple of years... most are still going strong!

Is the battery pack detachable?
Yes, the battery can be removed from the bike for charging or when transporting. The battery is locked into place securely but can be unlocked and quickly removed with the key provided.

Do your bikes come with lights?
The lights on the all the bikes bar the S models run off a Dynamo on the front hub, these are switched on from the switch located on the back of the front light. As the lights build up charge so  they don't go out when you stop they will remain on for a short while when you stop the bike.

Is a helmet required?  
No, the law does not require you to wear a helmet but it is advisable. We sell a range of helmets, including the Casco E.Motion which is specifically designed for electric cyclists.

What pressure should the tyres be inflated to?
The maximum tyre pressure for most models is 65psi, but can be pumped up between 40-60 psi. The tyre pressure guidelines are usually found on the tyre's sidewall.

Can I charge off an inverter in my motorhome?
Yes, our chargers all run on 220VAC but have a relatively low consumption ranging from 62W for the Panasonic charger

Can I fit a child seat?

I can't get a pump for the valves? 
The Valves are woods but the top is the same size as a presta, so any pump for a presta should fit.

The Electric Bike Effect

I cycled in this morning and cut half an hour off my commute time. Absolutely adore the bike. Arrived at work bursting with happiness! Thanks hugely it really is a wonderful piece of kit - dare I say it, even better than the hype!! Very satisfied customer.

From Ian in London Kalkhoff Pro Connect S owner

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