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Riese & Muller Nevo Nuvinci HS

  • Frame type


  • Bosch Performance Speed, 28mph
  • Bosch PowerPack 500 Performance, 13,4 Ah battery

  • NuVinci 380, continuous hub gear, belt drive

  • All round suspension in the forks and saddle
  • Complete with Pannier rack, mudguards, suspension, kickstand and Supernova Light, integrated plate illumination and brake light.

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Low step-through? Doesn't sound particularly sporty, does it? But with the Nevo, you’d be surprised. The striking silhouette, expansive frame profile and hard edges promise sportiness and determination. The positioning of the battery on the front of the lower tube makes the design redolent of a motorbike. In functional terms, this means a central arrangement of the centre of gravity, which produces neutral, safe handling in all riding situations. A touring bike with a comfortable step-through and at the same time exceptionally sporty qualities - the Nevo isn’t just the newest kid on the Riese & Müller block, it's also an E-Bike of the future generation.

Features: For everyday use or on grand tours, with the continuous NuVinci hub gear and Gates belt drive you are always on the move in the perfect gear. The position of the battery on the lower tube keeps the Nevo's centre of gravity very central. This ensures safe handling at high speeds up to 28mph, provided by the Bosch Performance Speed motor. Magura MT4 disc brakes deliver superb braking performance. Particular safety feature: LED back light with plate illumination and brake light.

Drive: The Riese & Muller Nevo Touring HS comes with Bosch Performance Speed motor system that can put out a whopping 60Nm of torque and a top assist speed of 28 mph.  The Bosch Motor riding sensation creates a unique electric Bike experience. The Performance Speed motor features a composite shell and has been recognized with the Red Dot Award for outstanding product design. The drive unit is equipped with an electronic control system with three sensors for force, cadence and speed, ensuring optimal coordination. It takes 1000 sensor measurements per second. That's why all Riese & Müller E-Bikes are equipped with the industry-leading Bosch drive system.

Carbon belt drive: Very clean, totally robust, durable and virtually maintenance-free: the Carbon belt drive from Gates in all Delite nuvinci models. The belts are one continuous loop – an inner carbon fiber tensile cord layered with polyurethane teeth and a nylon outer coating. Belts will not rust. This means that you do not need to worry about riding in the rain, or leaving your bike outside. Unlike chains, there is no need for lubrication and on average they last 3 – 4 times longer than a conventional bike chain. And who doesn’t like a win-win situation?%u200B

NuVinci hub gears: is a drivetrain system with an "infinite" number of gears so you can maintain the same effort you put in and keep there exactly smame adjusting it across undulating terrain and into stiff headwinds. Continuously variable transmission (CVT) hub located on the rear wheel that gives the bike a spectrum of gears rather than a fixed number. This style of hub gives a much smoother ride than a derailleur system, since the drivetrain components don't brashly jump between fixed gears on different sprockets but instead smoothly moving over the surface of rotating balls called planets.


Battery:  The battery is impressively easy to use. With a capacity of 13,4 Ah, this premium lithium-ion battery has an energy reserve of 500 Wh and is designed to be mounted on the carrier. Bosch has made it easier to predict your useful range with their online range calculator. Thanks to an integrated locking system, the battery can be removed and re-attached just like any “plug & play” device and can be completely charged with the Bosch Standard charger provided, the 500 Wh battery is fully charged and ready to be used again in just 4.5 hours. 

Weight 2.5kg

Display: The Intuvia Display gives you full control and a perfect overview at all times, it consists of a thumb controller and a larger console mounted at the middle of your handlebar. The console provides information about battery status, range, daily mileage, total mileage, ride time, current motor power, time, speed and average speed – clearly legible in any level of sunlight. A USB interface allows MP3 players and mobile phones to be charged while riding too. It is operated via a remote control conveniently mounted on the handlebar grip. Optional Nyon Display*


TYPE APPROVAL CLASSIFICATION L1e light moped. To use this bicycle on a public road the user must first register it, fit a registration plate and then tax and ensure it. Registration plate holder can be removed in those territories where these restrictions do not apply.


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Technical Specifications

Suspension fork    Suntour NCX 28", tapered; Suntour XCR32 Air, tapered, 70mm, black*
Headset    Acros AZX-220, tapered, block lock
Motor    Bosch Performance Speed, 45 km/h
Battery    Bosch PowerPack 500 Performance, 36 V, 13,4 Ah/500Wh
Display    Bosch Intuvia; Bosch Nyon*
Seatpost    Satori Elegance-LT OV
Seatclamp    Kalloy SC-201, 40,0 mm
Tires    Schwalbe Big Ben Plus 50-622 Reflex; Schwalbe Big Ben Plus 55-559 Reflex*
Tubes    Schwalbe SV19; Schwalbe SV13*
Rims    Mach1 650, 28"; Alex MD30, 26"*
Spokes    Sapim Leader 2,0 mm, inox ( 16x ); Sapim Leader 2,0 mm, inox ( 36x )*
Front hub    Novatec, QR
Rear hub    Nuvinci N380SE, 36 hole
Crankset    FSA/Riese & Müller, 170 mm
Chain ring    22T, for Gates drive belt CDX; 26T, for Gates drive belt CDX*
Chain guard    SKS
Chain    Gates drive belt CDX
Pinion    24T, for Gates drive belt CDX; 26T, for Gates drive belt CDX*
Saddle    Selle Royal New Lookin Moderate Male
Shifter    NuVinci N380 grip shift, continuous
Handlebar    Humpert ergotec ErgoXXL, 31,8 mm
Stem    Humpert ergotec Charisma, 90 mm, 45°
Grips    Ergon ergonomic
Brakes    Magura MT4, disc brake
Front light    Busch & Müller Lumotec IQ-X E (HS)
Tail light    Supernova M99, integrated plate illumination and brake light
Mudguards    Curana CLite 60*; Curana CLite 55
Luggage rack    Riese & Müller
Rubber    Bibia
Bell    Billy
Kickstand    Hebie eFIX18 self-folding; Pletscher Comp 18 Flex*
Lock    ABUS Shield
Mirror    Humpert ergotec M-99 E4, CNC
Colour    midnight blue metallic
Weight  27.4kgs


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