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Focus Thron Impulse 27R 3.0

  • Frame type


  • 250W Impulse 2.0 Offroad motor

  • 612Wh Impulse Li-Ion 36V battery

  • 10-speed Shimano SLX Low Profile Plus gears

  • RockShox XC32 suspension front and rear with 120mm travel

  • Shimano M396 hydraulic disc brakes

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It's called the Thron because sitting on this you'll become King of the Mountain

Winner of ExtraEnergy's Sport Offroad Pedelec Category

The German specialist magazine ExtraEnergy gave the Focus Thron a score of 10 out of 10, finishing first in a field of 10 bikes from different manufacturers in the "Sport offroad Pedelec" category.

"Made by mountain bikers to be ridden by mountain bikers, the Thron combines a modern 27.5-inch bike with a powerful centre motor. It tears through the trees with speed and agility and is right at home on the trails. And the bike holds out for a very long time; almost 100 km on the tour, a distance no other E-mountain bike tested got even close to. Focus wins on its all-round merits."

It's powered by the new Impulse 2.0 inverted centre motor and a centre-mounted 36 volt 17Ah battery. The Thron Impulse 27R is superbly well-equipped with Shimano hydraulic disk brakes, Shimano SLX Low Profile Plus gears, RockShox front and rear suspension, new illuminated handlebar controls, Continental X-King tyres.

Impulse 2.0

Providing an enormous 70Nm torque and working with the gear shifter to provide seamless transmission it's the most capable crank drive unit around. Kalkhoff have engineered a more powerful, efficient, quieter motor that supplies massive assistance from a standing start and cuts all hills down to size.

Shift Assist

A genuine innovation this year - every time you change up or down a gear, power drops away for a matter of milliseconds for optimal gear shifting. This does a number of great things - it extends your gears mechanical lifetime, feels satisfyingly natural and makes for a smoother application of all that power. They had to invent a litte electromechanical gadget to detect gear changes that worked with the motor. They succeeded and the result brings a new feeling of confident power to riding a Kalkhoff electric bike.

27R Wheels

The 27R wheels featured on the Thron offer improved rollover, more traction and better momentum than 26" wheels while also providing quicker acceleration, improved angle of attack and less weight than 29" wheels making them a great all round offroad wheel for any conditions.

Other winning features

  • Compact multifunction LCD console - Speed, Charge, Assistance Level, Total Miles, Trip Miles
  • RockShox XC32 forks with lock-out (can be sprung or rigid if you prefer)
  • Handlebar-mounted control - illuminated with Walk Assist button, on/off, power controls and options.
  • 612 Wh Lithium tri-metal battery
  • 1100 cycle battery lifetime, more than twice that of the Bosch battery. So 50% extra capacity and 120% extra lifespan
  • Continental X-King tyres

Ratings and Reviews

What a bike

by from Guisborough on

After much deliberation I decided to buy a Thron Impulse 27R 3.0 electric mountain bike with the full Rockshox suspension after reading many articles and reviews on how good they were. I contacted 50 cycles in loughborough and although they did not have the model I wanted in stock they said they were expecting some in the following week. I eagerly awaited the delivery of my new bike and as I work away from home my time at home is precious and wanted to ride my new bike before going away to work again. I took delivery of the bike the following week, it arrived in a huge cardboard box and after removing it from the box there was only the handlebars and pedals to secure in place to make the bike rideable.

The battery requires a 100 % charge before its first use and note, even though all the blue charging lights went static 100% you must wait until they all go out too ! I had a some lights and GPS to also mount on the bike and whilst admiring the fine German engineering doing this I noticed one very important detail my bike didnt have ! Rear Suspension as ordered, only the front suspension forks ? Obviously I was quite put out and gutted my long awaited bike was not the model I had ordered. I contacted the Loughborough shop and they got me to read out both the bikes model number and the transport box number and asked for some time to investigate this and get back to me, meanwhile I was not to ride the bike only admire. Grrrr I want to ride my new bike !

The shop later informed me I had the right box but wrong bike and in fact the bike was a model they did not even stock or sell ?? Great where does that leave me apart from with a bike I didnt order. They again said they would get back to me and see what could be done, they said this has never ever happened before but they would have to go through all the bikes that had come in that week and find my bike ? Someone could possibly be smiling somewhere after paying for a hard tail E.MTB and getting a full suspension one ! Eventually they got back to me and said they had a model of the bike I ordered but in a smaller size, I ordered a 44cm one and this one was a 40cm, I,m 5'6 and the guy assured me it would perfect for me and I had ordered too big a bike for myself, I must admit the bike that had arrived did look big but I thought it was due to it being an E.Mtb.

My new reordered bike was going to be couriered overnight and be with me in the morning. It did indeed arrive the next morning along with a few freebies, magic patches, multi tool, oil and a couple of inner tubes. I had to take off the lights gps etc off the wrong bike and repack it all back in the huge box again ready for being picked up which much to my annoyance didnt happen until much later in the same day my new bike arrived by the same driver in the same van, which didnt leave a lot of room in a single garage, winge over !

Anyway back to the new bike, it is amazing to ride, although heavy at 21.5kg you dont notice this when riding only when you have to push it or try and lift it over a fence etc its bloody heavy ! I have now learnt stick to bridlepaths not footpaths as the footpaths in yorkshire have a lot of styles to climb over. I have now covered about 550 miles and living in Guisborough the gateway to the North Yorkshire moors I,m spoilt for stunning scenery and forestry trails on my doorstep and miles and miles of quiet roads and bridlepaths. I plan all my routes before hand using a Garmin GPS and do a mixture of road and offroad riding in the same ride, the suspension is great and can be locked out for road use only, which helps a lot or floating and adjustable for off road.

The one issue I have are the pedals I,ve changed the pedals to my spd only pedals which are great on the road or fast desents offroad with a few fast jumps in but no good off road as I have now fell over three times, each time when I cant get my feet detached fast enough and do a del boy and fall over complete with the bike attached very embarassing and it hurts ! My answer is I now have shimano dual pedals(Wiggle £44) fitted, flat one side and spd the other, this suits my type of rides and has resolved this little problem of which to fit.

Overall I,m chuffed to bits with bike, its quality finish, nice to ride, looks good and always gets people asking me about it where ever I go. The battery is great and as per the manufacturers reccomendation I always recharge it after every ride, they say this is the best way to maintain the battery, not discharge totally and recharge after each ride remembering each charge adding up to a total of 100% is counted as a single charge. My rides are normally around the 30 - 40 mile range and theres always over 50 % left in the battery, even if I,ve used the sport mode a fair bit.

Generally keeping it in eco mode is sufficient for me, but always nice to have that sport setting available to you when you need it and I have'nt found a hill I cant get up with it on ! Its re-invented cycling to me and makes every ride out all the more enjoyable, also its incredibly good at keeping me fit now without wearing me out ! Enjoy :)

The Thron has genuinely changed my life

by from London on

I purchased this bike in May 2014 from John at the Hampton Wick shop. Service from John is superb. He is helpful , knowledgeable and patient. Nothing is too much trouble and his after sales help is so reassuring. This is my third bike from 50 cycles. Service and product go unrivalled.
The Thron has genuinely changed my life. What one might consider as an initially expensive outlay has turned out to be one of the most rewarding purchases I've made. This bike goes anywhere regardless of terrain and gradient and whilst being designed for off roading it is also great on the road. Incidentally, the only puncture to date was caused by a drawing pin. The Thron is so agile that it inspires in me a confidence previously unknown. It allows me to cycle in the manner of a teenager. Ultimately the bike is enormous fun and has brought me untold joy.
On the practical side the battery is superb. On mixed ground 50 miles on full power is a given. I'm sixteen stone and the front and rear suspension make the ride very comfortable in all conditions. I tend to ride the bike on full power because the acceleration is so addictive. However if I'm feeling like a good workout the middle setting clears the system very well! The bike gets used most days both for pleasure and work. It's certainly the best way to scoot around West London for business but I find a day without a bike ride, simply for pleasure, incomplete. Thirty miles down the Thames Path on a Thron is probably the most fun you can have at 7 o clock on a beautiful summer's morning. Either that or three hours in a previously unexplored wood in the middle of nowhere. Please start the debate here.

So it's a big thank you to John and everyone at 50cycles for two things. First for supplying and maintaining this life enhancing bike so efficiently and with such good grace. Second, for making an already upbeat fifty year old chap very very happy.

Lochness Hill Climb

by from Loch Ness on

Hi, this bike has got me addicted to mountain biking now I can get up the hills and come down even faster. The torque of the motor up hill is especially designed to get you across country like a tank over wasteland. The range is massive too only losing a third after 30 miles of hard going. I am not sure how this bike does what it does but it is truly magical.

Technical Specifications

Frame Impulse 27R FS V1, alloy
Fork RockShox XC32 TK RL, 15QR 120mm travel
Motor Impulse II Offroad 36 V / 250 W, with sensor-shift-technology
Battery Impulse Li-Ion 36 V / 612 Wh
Display Impulse Compact LCD, with control panel and pushing assistance
Gears 10-speed Shimano SLX Low Profile Plus
Shifters Shimano SLX
Ratios front: 38, rear: 11-34
Crank Focus Impulse, alloy
Handlebar Concept EX Riser, 720 mm
Stem Concept EX
Saddle Concept EX
Seatpost Concept SL
Brakes Shimano M396, hydraulic disc brake
Tyres Continental X-King, 55-584, foldable
Rear Shock RockShox
Hubs front: Shimano Deore, 15 mm E-Thru, rear: Shimano Deore, 12 mm E-Thru
Rims Concept EX Disc
Colour Stormgrey matt

Specification subject to change without notification

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