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Kalkhoff Endeavour S11 Premium

  • Frame type


  • 350W Impulse II Speed motor, up to 28mph

  • 612Wh Impulse Li-ion Battery

  • 11-speed Shimano Alfine hub gears

  • Low-maintenance Gates belt drive

  • RST Pulse Speed Air suspension fork

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26 March 2014 Winner of ExtraEnergy's Sport Road Pedelec Category

If you've ever wondered what is the most capable, fastest, safest, best-equipped electric bike, the Kalkhoff Endeavour S11 is the answer. It will assist you up to 28mph (45 kph), its dual disc brakes will stop you

It's powered by the new Impulse 2.0 speed centre motor and a 36 volt 17Ah battery that gives up to 125miles range. The 11-speed Alfine gear hub is magnificent and now comes with a low-maintenance belt drive. The Endeavour is superbly well-equipped with Magura hydraulic disk brakes, brilliant front and rear lights, new illuminated handlebar controls, puncture-resistant tyres, integrated mudguards and suspension.

Impulse 2.0

Providing an enormous 70Nm torque and working with the gear shifter to provide seamless transmission it's the most capable crank drive unit around. Kalkhoff have engineered a more powerful, efficient, quieter motor that supplies massive assistance from a standing start and cuts all hills down to size.

Shift Assist

A genuine innovation this year - every time you change up or down a gear, power drops away for a matter of milliseconds for optimal gear shifting. This does a number of great things - it extends your gears mechanical lifetime, feels satisfyingly natural and makes for a smoother application of all that power. They had to invent a litte electromechanical gadget to detect gear changes that worked with the motor. They succeeded and the result brings a new feeling of confident power to riding a Kalkhoff electric bike.

CARBON BELT DRIVE If you've bought a bicycle in the past 120 years, chances are it’s been powered by a chain. While the trusty bicycle chain has done every cyclist well, now the Gates Belt Drive is stronger, quieter and requires less maintenance. It’s grease-free, oil-free and hassle-free. It won’t leave any marks on your pants and you’ll never have to pull over to fix a dropped chain. The belts are one continuous loop – an inner carbon fiber tensile cord layered with polyurethane teeth and a nylon outer coating. Belts will not rust. This means that you do not need to worry about riding in the rain, or leaving your bike outside. Unlike chains, there is no need for lubrication and on average they last 3 – 4 times longer than a conventional bike chain.

Magura hydraulic brakes

It's been some years since Kalkhoff dropped cable-pull brakes on their most popular models. Magura's hydraulic piston design makes braking easy, well-modulated and reliable over time. These are Magura's speed specification MT4/MT2 disc brakes.

Front and rear lights

Powered direct from the battery, the lights on this and all Kalkhoffs are excellent. Few bikes on sale in the UK benefit from front and rear illumination of this quality and utility. Both the front and rear lights on this model automatically turn on whenever the power to the bike is switched on, meaning you will never forget to turn on your lights and will stay illuminated and visible to other road users.

The front lamp casts 60 lux of cool, bright LED light forward, enough to make night rides across the park something to enjoy rather than endure.

Schwalbe Puncture-Resistant Tyres


Other winning features

  • Compact multifunction LCD console - Speed, Charge, Assistance Level, Total Miles, Trip Miles
  • Magnesium alloy air forks with lock-out (can be sprung or rigid if you prefer)
  • Handlebar-mounted control - illuminated with Walk Assist button, on/off, power controls and options.
  • 612 Wh Lithium tri-metal battery
  • 1100 cycle battery lifetime, more than twice that of the Bosch battery. So 50% extra capacity and 120% extra lifespan
  • Fizik Rondine saddle

Ratings and Reviews

Dependable and exciting

by from Brighton on

This is my second electric bike first kalkhof I specifically chose it for build quality and dependability. I live in Brighton with very steep hills the hydraulic brakes on the endeavour s11 means I have felt totally safe and in control at all times after my last bike this became the most important buying guide I have double the amount but it is worth every penny for stopping power, performance and just a great looking bike.

Focus Impulse Speed Video Review

by from on

Here's a June 2015 video review of the Focus Speed electric bikes. Focus is a sister brand to Kalkhoff, they're designed and manufactured in the same German factory. These bikes are simply Focus-branded equivalents to the 2015 Kalkhoff Endeavour Speeds, so everything featured here applies to these models too.

Endeavour 11

by from Worthing on

I bought one of these, last years model in Aug 2014, I commute from Worthing to Brighton Monday to Friday around 30 miles a day. I was using a boardman hybrid but the cross shore headwinds were killing me. As I wasn't that fit coming back against 20 - 25 mph winds was taking an hour 20 plus screaming into the wind and I couldn't do it more than a few days a week. As I'm cycling every day now and leaving the car at home I' quite a bit fitter, lighter and calculate I have saved around £900 in diesel I have now done 1860 miles since August cycling in all weather the bike has been great .

Evey morning and evening I fly past Tour de France types with their head down. some go for it and try to keep up but to date I have only had 1 person on a bianci racer keep up as he tucked in behind me and stayed with me for about 5 miles. :0). On the higher sport turbo settings I can get around 30 to 35 miles pedalling just as hard as I did on the boardman but the difference is I can get into work in around 35 to 40 mins most days which is considerably quicker than my car, a motorbike, the train, the bus and your average triathlon wannabe ha ha.

In summary its a great bike, I have had to have a chain fix and a replacement chain at around 6 months. 50 cycles covered this and Charles is always helpful if I pop in to the Shoreham high street branch, As the chain is technically the weak link I can see the the new belt driven chain being a real advantage.

The last thing I will say is around the cost of charging the battery every day as I couldn't find any info on this when I was looking, The digital display has several functions one of these a trip advisor which tells me I have covered 1860 miles at an average speed of 20 mph and the total cost of electricity is around 9 euro As I've not noticed any higher electric bills I can almost believe it

I love this bike

by from derbyshire on

I bought my endeavour in June 2014. This bike is a real pleasure to ride and puts a smile on my face each time I take it out. I have just returned from a cycling holiday in the Isle of Wight and couldn't get enough cycling as you want to keep finding an excuse to take the bike out again. It's fantastic on hills and can be very quick too. The build quality is amazing and it's so reliable. The only thing it lacks for me is a suspension seat post but I can add this at some stage. James at Loughborough couldn't do enough and allowed me to take my time when test riding all the different models. Thanks again James for a great product.

One word

by from Fife on


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Technical Specifications

Frame Impulse V2 Belt, alloy
Fork RST Pulse Air, magnesium, remote lockout
Motor Impulse II Speed 36 V / 350 W, with Shift-Sensor technology
Battery Impulse Li-Ion 36V / 612Wh
Max. assisted speed 45kph / 28mph
Display Impulse Center LCD
Gears Shimano Alfine, 11-speed
Shifters Shimano Alfine
Ratios front: 46, rear: 22
Crank Kalkhoff Impulse, alloy
Handlebar Concept EX riser
Stem Concept SL, adjustable
Saddle Fizik Rondine
Seatpost Concept EX
Brakes Magura MT5 Speed, hydraulic disc brake
Tyres Schwalbe Energizer Pro, 40-622
Mudguards Plastic with edge protector
Rack Tour 3-leg, alloy
Headlight B&M Lumotec IQ Cyo R, LED
Backlight B&M Toplight Flat
Colour Diamondblack matt
Type Approval Classification L1e light moped. To use this bicycle on a public road the user must first register it, fit a registration plate and then tax and insure it. Registration plate holder can be removed in those territories where these restrictions do not apply.

Specification subject to change without notification

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