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Kalkhoff Integrale S11 Belt

  • Frame type


  • New Impulse Evo RS Speed Motor

  • Impulse Evo Smart Display with Bluetooth and USB charging socket

  • Intergrated Evo RS Li-Ion 612Wh battery

  • Low-maintenance carbon belt drive

  • Concept Twin LED double front light with 100 LUX output

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ElektroRad awards the Kalkhoff Integrale S11 'Very Good' in a recent test.

See the latest issue of Elektrorad for the full report (German)


The perfect combination of innovation and integration.

With the Kalkhoff Integrale you have an e-bike which you can’t help but love. A quiet yet powerful motor and a fully integrated high-capacity battery ensure cycling pleasure that goes the extra mile.

At the very first glance, it is the harmony of the design which really strikes you. When you look closer, Kalkhoff Integrale will impress you with many excellent features which are all perfectly integrated into the overall look. This attention to detail, with the same level of commitment to the small things, whilst never losing sight of the requirement for perfect functionality, is the basis for an engineering work of art.

Based on the latest Impulse Evo motor generation, the RS version stands out as the most powerful Evo drive system. Besides performance, the casing design has also been optimised for perfect integration into the Kalkhoff Integrale models. The result is outstanding acceleration in the Speed versions with assistance up to 45 km/h.

TYPE APPROVAL CLASSIFICATION L1e light moped. To use this bicycle on a public road the user must first register it, fit a registration plate and then tax and insure it. Registration plate holder can be removed in those territories where these restrictions do not apply.

When the frame and electrical components are developed by the same manufacturer, the result is the perfect combination of form and functionality. The best example: the Kalkhoff Integrale battery combines perfect integration into the frame, easy handling, reliability and high capacity.

  • The Kalkhoff Integrale battery can be removed and re-inserted with a simple turning movement
  • Attachment is out, integration is in: the Kalkhoff Integrale battery fits perfectly into the design of the frame.
  • A capacity of 17 Ah allows you to cover up to 125 miles in ideal conditions.
  • The charging socket also acts as a service interface, making system updates much easier.


     If you've bought a bicycle in the past 120 years, chances are it’s been powered by a chain. While the trusty bicycle chain has done every cyclist well, now the Gates Belt Drive is stronger, quieter and requires less maintenance. It’s grease-free, oil-free and hassle-free. It won’t leave any marks on your pants and you’ll never have to pull over to fix a dropped chain. The belts are one continuous loop – an inner carbon fiber tensile cord layered with polyurethane teeth and a nylon outer coating. Belts will not rust. This means that you do not need to worry about riding in the rain, or leaving your bike outside. Unlike chains, there is no need for lubrication and on average they last 3 – 4 times longer than a conventional bike chain

The new Impulse Evo smart display is more than just an on-board computer. Using your smartphone it also acts as a navigation system. The tasks are clearly allocated: the smartphone supplies the processing power, the Impulse Evo navigation app, based on the tried and tested Naviki software, does the routing, and the Impulse Evo smart display shows you the way with clear and simple navigation directions. Connection to your smartphone is established via the Bluetooth module, while the USB charging socket fitted as standard enables you to charge your phone while you’re on the move.

  • Standard displays: Speed, remaining range, battery level, assist level, assist bar, clock
  • Selectable displays: Average tour speed, tour kilometers, tour time, maximum trip speed, average trip speed, trip kilometers, trip time, cadence, total kilometers
  • Navigation displays: Directional arrow, road name, distance to next change of direction

You don’t see anything – and that is exactly the point. Brake lines and connecting cables to the motor disappear into the stem of the Kalkhoff Integrale. The result is more than just a clean cockpit. It is a design innovation and perfect proof that Kalkhoff is always an idea ahead.

  • No flying blind: the Concept Twin LED double front light ensures brilliant illumination with its 100 lux output.
  • No limitations: all Kalkhoff Integrale frames are designed as standard to use a low-maintenance belt drive.
  • No expense spared: head tube, down tube and motor mounting form a single unit thanks to the aluminium die casting process – for perfect riding stability and integration.
  • Not just for show: the minimalist carrier takes up to 15 kg of luggage and enables use of a wide range of accessories – thanks to the Snap-it system.
  • No compromises: the concealed seatpost clamp demonstrates integration right down to the last detail



Ratings and Reviews

Third bike from 50cycles and the best

by from Radlett, Herts on

I am now on my third Kalhkoff bike from 50 cycles and my latest the INTEGRALE S11 with hub gears and belt drive is the best I have ever had ! On a regular basis as I am cycling along either on my own or in a group I am constantly thinking to myself what a wonderful experience it is. The bike is smooth, completely silent, no rattles and it just wafts me up even the steepest hills without much effort. I am 72 and it enables me to keep with those much younger than myself and generally overcome almost anyone up hills.

The range is extraordinary and depending on the level of assistance I ask of the bike and the differing terrain it can achieve over 100 miles.
Another plus for me is the belt drive ! It means I no longer get grease marks on my legs and I can wear ordinary trousers for short runs without staining them. Also I no longer spend time after each ride cleaning and GT85'ing the chain and derailleur.

Overall therefore I am absolutely delighted with this latest addition to the Kalkhoff range and with the support given to me by 50 Cycles if I have problems. I look forward to their next model which would have to be very special indeed to improve on the model I now have. The only improvement I can think of at the moment would be to give an even greater battery range. From a very satisfied customer

A whole new dimension

by from Cheshire on

Well, what can I say?! Have had the bike out on several occasions now and the cycling experience on an electric bike is transforming, adding a whole new dimension to my standard cycling experience - not a substitute for, I see it, in my case, as an addition to my other cycling activities.

Many thanks to 50cycles, Anthony and Joe. in particular - Anthony for his helpful advice at the time of purchase and Joe. for his time, help and patience (!!!) in follow up contact! Hope the Loughborough outlet goes from strength to strength in the new premises. Regards. Ken

Integrale S-11

by from North East coast on

Hi, I ordered my new e-bike on Thursday 23 June and received it Saturday morning...great!! This my second Kalkhoff and our third purchase ( wife still has hers) I did some set up adjustments and test rides...and then Sunday took it for a 30 mile test ride, this was on a mix of road and old railway cycle way and it all went superbly. I know I am breaking the law in using this bike but It is unlikely to be a problem where I live. What the bike does is allow someone my weight and age to shave 30 years and 5 stone of my cycling!

This bike is so well designed that it takes a close look to see its a e-bike. One of the benefits of riding any bike increasing fitness, fresh air etc applies here and this one lets me go routes and distances that I might struggle with. To sum it up I think this integrale is worth its price and it is superia to the Bosch powered bike that I now have for sale. Thank to 50 cycles for another smooth purchase. John Dodds

The New Wheel's review of the Integrale S11

by from San Francisco on

Pro-Connect Alfine 8

by from Bristol on

I ignored all the comments about hub gears and rim brakes and don't regret it. The bike has performed flawlessly. The first time I rode it home was through a hailstorm and it didn't miss a beat. A year later it's performing as new and I got 125 miles out of the battery on a trip to Swindon and back. Anthony at the Bristol branch has been very helpful and knowledgeable.

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Technical Specifications

Frame Impulse Evo RS V1, alloy
Fork RST Pulse, magnesium, remote lockout
Motor Impulse Evo RS Speed 36 V / 350 W, with shift-sensor technology
Battery Impulse Evo RS, Li-Ion 36 V / 17 Ah
Max. assisted speed 45kph / 28mph
Display Impulse Smart LCD, with Bluetooth and USB charging hub
Gears Shimano Alfine, 11-speed
Shifters Shimano Alfine
Ratios front: 46, rear: 22
Crankset Kalkhoff Impulse Multitooth, alloy
Cassette Gates Belt Drive
Handlebar Concept EX Riser
Stem Concept EX integrated, adjustable
Saddle Concept EX
Seatpost Concept EX
Rims DT Swiss 545D, with eyelets
Brakes Magura MT5 Speed, hydraulic disc brake
Tyres Schwalbe Big Ben, 50-622
Rack Concept EX System S, alloy
Headlight Concept EX Twin, 100 Lux LED
Backlight B&M Toplight Line Speed, with brake light
Colour Diamondblack matt
Type Approval Classification L1e light moped. To use this bicycle on a public road the user must first register it, fit a registration plate and then tax and insure it. Registration plate holder can be removed in those territories where these restrictions do not apply.

Specification subject to change without notification

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