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Electric Bike Reviews

Here at 50cycles, we love getting feedback from our customers. Rather than keeping all of your kind words to ourselves, we thought we'd share them with you.

On this page, you'll find real reviews from real riders; find out what they love about their electric bike, what they use it for and why they chose it! You never know, the reviews might just help you decide on the best electric bike for your lifestyle. You'll also find more reviews of the bikes on their individual products pages.

Speed E-bikes

Endeavour S11 Premium

One word

by Roy Fisher on 11 Jul 2014


Endeavour S11 Premium

I love this bike

by John Hodgkinson on 30 Oct 2014

I bought my endeavour in June 2014. This bike is a real pleasure to ride and puts a smile on my face each time I take it out. I have just returned from a cycling holiday in the Isle of Wight and couldn't get enough cycling as you want to keep finding an excuse to take the bike out again. It's fantastic on hills and can be very quick too. The build quality is amazing and it's so reliable. The only thing it lacks for me is a suspension seat post but I can add this at some stage. James at Loughborough couldn't do enough and allowed me to take my time when test riding all the different models. Thanks again James for a great product.

Integrale S11 Belt


by colin reed on 1 Nov 2015

Have had my bike for three weeks, and it is just fantastic!!!!. It's changed my cycling from good to just amazing. All the hills around Bristol have been flattened and i can now overtake most road bikes with ease. Anthony Douglas in the 50 Cycles shop has been most helpful with everything. I,m looking forward to the next 10 years cycling.

Integrale S11 Belt

What a bike

by Norman cheetham on 2 Dec 2015

I have had 3 e bikes to date and this is by far the best. Everything about it is first class rides like a dream. I ride 30 miles a day to and from work without breaking a sweat. The staff in the Loughborough shop are so helpful and great customer service

Integrale S11 Belt

Pro-Connect Alfine 8

by Frank Maddix on 21 Jan 2016

I ignored all the comments about hub gears and rim brakes and don't regret it. The bike has performed flawlessly. The first time I rode it home was through a hailstorm and it didn't miss a beat. A year later it's performing as new and I got 125 miles out of the battery on a trip to Swindon and back. Anthony at the Bristol branch has been very helpful and knowledgeable.

Integrale S11 Belt

Integrale S-11

by John Dodds on 27 Jun 2016

Hi, I ordered my new e-bike on Thursday 23 June and received it Saturday morning...great!! This my second Kalkhoff and our third purchase ( wife still has hers) I did some set up adjustments and test rides...and then Sunday took it for a 30 mile test ride, this was on a mix of road and old railway cycle way and it all went superbly. I know I am breaking the law in using this bike but It is unlikely to be a problem where I live. What the bike does is allow someone my weight and age to shave 30 years and 5 stone of my cycling!

This bike is so well designed that it takes a close look to see its a e-bike. One of the benefits of riding any bike increasing fitness, fresh air etc applies here and this one lets me go routes and distances that I might struggle with. To sum it up I think this integrale is worth its price and it is superia to the Bosch powered bike that I now have for sale. Thank to 50 cycles for another smooth purchase. John Dodds

Integrale S11 Belt

A whole new dimension

by Ken on 11 Jul 2016

Well, what can I say?! Have had the bike out on several occasions now and the cycling experience on an electric bike is transforming, adding a whole new dimension to my standard cycling experience - not a substitute for, I see it, in my case, as an addition to my other cycling activities.

Many thanks to 50cycles, Anthony and Joe. in particular - Anthony for his helpful advice at the time of purchase and Joe. for his time, help and patience (!!!) in follow up contact! Hope the Loughborough outlet goes from strength to strength in the new premises. Regards. Ken

Integrale S11 Belt

Third bike from 50cycles and the best

by David on 18 Jul 2016

I am now on my third Kalhkoff bike from 50 cycles and my latest the INTEGRALE S11 with hub gears and belt drive is the best I have ever had ! On a regular basis as I am cycling along either on my own or in a group I am constantly thinking to myself what a wonderful experience it is. The bike is smooth, completely silent, no rattles and it just wafts me up even the steepest hills without much effort. I am 72 and it enables me to keep with those much younger than myself and generally overcome almost anyone up hills.

The range is extraordinary and depending on the level of assistance I ask of the bike and the differing terrain it can achieve over 100 miles.
Another plus for me is the belt drive ! It means I no longer get grease marks on my legs and I can wear ordinary trousers for short runs without staining them. Also I no longer spend time after each ride cleaning and GT85'ing the chain and derailleur.

Overall therefore I am absolutely delighted with this latest addition to the Kalkhoff range and with the support given to me by 50 Cycles if I have problems. I look forward to their next model which would have to be very special indeed to improve on the model I now have. The only improvement I can think of at the moment would be to give an even greater battery range. From a very satisfied customer

Sports E-bikes

Pro Connect 9G

One of the best buys I have ever made.

by Bob Beasley on 25 May 2016

I decided to treat myself to an e bike for my 70th birthday earlier this year.hitherto I had been riding a Giant Cypress XL, for my weekly outing of 20-30 miles. Initially I visited both the London Cycling Exhibition and a local Cube supplier until I was told about 50 Cycles in Loughborough. A visit to them and an hours trial on the Pro Connect Impulse 9 convinced me this was the bike for me.

The bike is a delight to look at and a pleasure to ride. It arrived at my home 4 days after I placed the order and With some help from a friend, it was soon set up and ready to ride. Having taken some banter about being a "cheat", in fact I am now getting more exercise , regularly going out 3 times a week. In 2 months I have done over 600 miles. I live in a fairly hilly area and a 30 miles ride uses less than half the battery. I use Eco for gradients and hills, maybe occasionally Sport, and Off for flat and downhills. No more heart sinking moments at the bottom of a steep climb!

I had a couple of minor issues which 50 Cycles dealt with efficiently, when I returned the bike for a check over. In particular they explained how to zero the tripometer which I couldn't fathom, and also showed me how to fit the battery correctly which I had struggled with. I cannot praise the staff at Loughborough highly enough.All in all this is one of the best buys I have ever made.

Pro Connect 9G

My First Electric Bike and Not Dissapointed

by Chris Osgood on 20 Feb 2016

I've ben toying with the idea of an electric bike for some time now as my back is giving up and I was finding it difficult to keep up with the family. I had researched many of the bikes on the market and some were really heavy and some were conversion types so not specifically built for the electric purpose.

I popped into the Bristol 50 Cycles shop when visiting my son earlier this month and was impressed firstly by the helpfulness of the staff and then by the quality of the Kalkoff product. I had looked at Kalkoff on line but not been able to actually inspect one until now. I didn't place an order straight away but did so more or less as soon as I got back home. Again the staff couldn't have been more helpful and arranged delivery to Jersey a few days later.

Having now made a few of trips out on my Pro Connect it is excellent. The ride without power is smooth and with power is better than I had hoped for. Brilliant and the many hills here no longer phase me. The build quality, as you would expect for the money, seems first class and there is even a pump discretely hidden on the inside of the pannier rack. First impressions are excellent and thanks to Anthony Douglas and Harry Gyurgyak at 50 Cycles, Bristol for all the help.

Pro Connect 9G

I can't begin to describe how happy I am :)

by Michael Harding on 19 Aug 2016

Pedelec is great, really pleased with it. German engineering at its very best, really well made, everything about it oozes quality. Handover was good when I collected it, all checked over and set up and helpful hints and tips on battery etc. I have various digestive issues which means I can't eat enough to maintain my weight if I burn off too many calories on long bike rides on a standard bike. So this is going to be a life changer for me, can't begin to describe how happy I am :)

Integrale 10

This bike is awesome!

by Michael on 18 May 2016

The moment I first set my eyes on it, I knew this was a beautifully designed and detailed piece of German engineering at its best. I believe my first expletive was something along the lines as, "this is like the Mercedes of ebikes" ... and to my mind you can't get better than that! I have owned the bike just over a month now and I love it! ... It is fun to ride and assists me quite effortlessly up the many hills my partner tackles on her road bike, I must say not to her total amusement as I glide silently past her on the steepest of hills!

The ride is solid and comfortable, you can feel the build quality from within, the beautifully smooth gear changes through the shift-sensor technology and of course the smooth and reliable pull of the motor just when you need it on those long never ending hills!

The attention to detail is second to none, the Kalkhoff Integrale 10 looks 'the business' and performs accordingly. This bike has rejuvenated by enjoyment of cycling, at 55 I was starting to struggle up the steeper hills which was affecting my overall enjoyment but that has been reignited with this bike. The 'assist' means you still get plenty of exercise but don't dread the hill that's lurking around that next bend. The extended capacity of the battery has enabled me to enjoy a full days ride across the undulating country roads achieving distances I have never tackled before.

I would not hesitate to recommend the Kalkhoff Integrale 10 or indeed Kalkhoff electric bikes in general ... they really are quite superb ... and in my opinion ... second to none! ... Michael ... a very satisfied customer!

Commuter E-Bikes

Include Premium Belt

Fantastic Powerful Ebike

by Ruth Sullivan on 10 Dec 2015

Bought this top of the range bike in September. It was really to help in going uphill, as I have knee problems. It is great for that, you can feel the surge of power as you pedal up! It is also great on the flat, reaching high speeds easily (not more than 15mph on roads of course). I can now leave my husband far behind and not be out of breath! Knees are fine too. Gears are smooth, computer easily understood. The bike is solid, safe and comfortable. You still get a good work out. Expensive, but you get what you pay for.

Include Premium Belt

Best ever

by Shell on 24 Feb 2016

I absolutely love this bike. I've had a broken foot for months and not been able to do my usual trekking pastime so felt quite low at not being able to exercise. I've been looking for an electric bike for a long time and with the help of 50 cycles staff I chose this one. It was delivered quickly and unable to wait until my foot healed I decided to try cycling and it's brilliant. I have freedom again and at last feel like I have my indipendance back too.

Don't get me wrong you have to work with this bike but if you're struggling with a hill then it will give you a bit of help. I love that I can turn the battery off all together and that I'm getting some good exercise and freedom. Plus, with a partner who cycles a lot I can at last go out exploring with him and enjoying the fresh air too.

Strada E Di2

Stride with Strada

by MARTIN BEKKER on 11 Aug 2016

One thing’s for sure, when you head out on the town for the evening you want stay fresh and relaxed. That’s why Martin always takes his e-bike. He lets the power assistance do the hard work so he can cruise along without getting hot and sweaty. Start mode gives him a push at lights and junctions. Changing gears with Di2 electronic shifting is fast, easy, and accurate every time.

Activity E-Bikes

Agattu 7G

I didn't know cycling could be so much fun!

by Jane Bailey on 14 Dec 2015

50 Cycles wasn't our first port of call for electric bikes but it was our last! Anthony was helpful, patient and knowledgable and the quality of the product spoke for itself.

I'm a fit 50 with a keen cycling partner and our long cycle rides have reduced me to tears on relentless hills - no more! We have a steep long local hill that I have never managed to get up as it is steepest at the bottom. So having picked up my bike on Saturday I put it to the test yesterday. Wow! It was just brilliant, I still work but it takes out the pain. It is a lovely secure feeling ride even at over 30mph.

The bike is so easy to get to grips with and lovely to look at. I did buy a battery upgrade though as we do cover 50 plus miles at a time. I don't regret the investment and will enjoy long rides and steep hills with a smile on my face.

Agattu 7G

Agattu 7g

by Deb on 20 Feb 2016

Over the moon with the bike, spent along time deciding which bike to get, asked lots of questions and had very quick professional replies from staff at 50 cycles. The bike arrived very quickly, easy to put together and I was able to ride on the same day! Brill! I would not hesitate to recommend the bike and 50 cycles.

Tasman Impulse 8 HS 17Ah

Brilliant all rounder for commuting and pleasure

by Martin on 11 Dec 2015

Riding a Kalkholf Impulse 8R HS in Edinburgh Having enjoyed many pleasurable hours on upright style bikes in Holland I’ve always wanted one to ride around on in my home city of Edinburgh but this was never really practicable in a hilly city like Edinburgh and so I’ve had to put my Dutch dream to one side and continue commuting on my boring standard hybrid mountain bike. But then I discovered 50 Cycles and its super range of electric bikes. My daydream of riding Dutch style around the town could now be a reality. One phone call and payment and my Impulse 8R HS arrived the next day – fantastically fast service which I would like to commend 50 cycles on. The only problem with this is that I didn’t really have time to prepare my wife for the sudden appearance of a £2000 bike in the house. Out of the box it was very simple to set up and after a quick charge of the battery (you need to fully charge it and then discharge it completely) I was off on my first trip from Portobello (Edinburgh) to Yellowcraigs beach outside North Berwick, a 40 mile round trip some if it on the John Muir path, and some on fairly quiet roads following the coast. There are three levels of help on the bike but I kept it to the lowest setting which was all I needed and I arrived at Yellowcraigs feeling fresh as a daisy. This really was what I wanted - a seriously good, well-built German bike - with front fork suspension, great brakes, and a decent range. Unfortunately coming home past the golf course at Gullane, I got a puncture which required a pick up from my wife. This inspired me to do two things when I got home; the first was to change the tyres to puncture proof Schwalbe Marathon, and the second to change to Schrader valved inner tubes. The gears were also doing a bit of slipping and crunching but a quick adjustment matching up the yellow dots soon fixed that. I’ve also fitted a rear extra-large luggage rack to the back along with a box for shopping purchased from Dutch Bike Bits. Into April and I took the family and bikes up to Skye where I intended to put the bike through its paces, up hills (steep ones) and down glens (deep ones). The Kalkhoff was majestic, sailing up the hills with little effort and gliding down the glens like bike royalty with the kids tagging on behind shouting ‘wait for me dad!’ something I hadn’t heard for a long time. The battery was hardly eaten into and we could have gone a lot further on our trips if it wasn’t for the fact that the kids were getting tired out. Just a note about bike racks; my normal tow-ball mounted rack was too low down for the Kalkhoff and I had to take the front wheel off (watch out for the dynamo connection if you do this). In addition I had to buy a portable cross bar from Halfords to enable me to put it on the rack. I will be buying a new Thule rack for the summer. Now it’s 9 months down the line into December and I’ve travelled 1300 miles; a combination of daily commuting, shopping and fun. Parts of the cycle path on my commute are dark and I’ve found the lights excellent, lighting up the darkest parts of the path and making sure I get seen by motorists. The Schwalbe tyres have been a good investment I think as have the rack and box which holds a decent amount of shopping. I’ve also discovered how to reset the trip meter – keep the minus button pressed down. Savings of around £500 in bus fares have been achieved and I get to work quicker than I can if I take the car or bus. The brakes needed adjusting around 6 months in and my local bike shop did this for me. The only minor quibble is that the gears need constant adjusting but that’s easy to do, simply putting it into fourth gear and aligning the yellow dots. One downside I’ve found is that other cyclists, specifically the non-relaxed, head down commuters on mountain bikes, get a bit tetchy when they catch up with me at traffic lights after I’ve sailed past them going up a hill. That’s cheating! they’ll say as if we’re in some sort of competition. No its just a utilitarian form of transport which gets me from A to B efficiently I’ll say, and with that said I carry on my relaxed way to work. I would definitely recommend this bike.

Tasman Impulse 8 HS 17Ah

Rekindled our passion for cycling

by Phil on 25 Aug 2015

My wife purchased this cycle in March 2015 from the Loughborough branch of 50 cycles having trialled it on two separate occasions. Although an accomplished cyclist she was looking for a little assistance and comfort to continue her passion for cycling without the need for days of recovery. Hills are always getting steeper and distances longer, but this cycle is so brilliant that it's put the pleasure back in our cycling.

Our holiday to Cornwall this year was to be a really great test for us and the Tasman, but we managed the cycle effortlessly (with the help of a Thule 931 'easy fold' cycle carrier) and it passed everything we could throw at it on the road. The notorious hills were passed unnoticed giving us much more access to towns and villages. The hydraulic brakes give you total control and confidence and the initial surge of power is most welcome when pulling away from junctions. The 'step thru' frame is perfect for mounting and dismounting and the upright riding position enables you to take in more of your surroundings. Gears are easy to change and the ride comfort is superb.

This is a brilliant and very practical cycle we love it and would recommend it to anyone looking to tour without being concerned about battery life.

Tasman Impulse 8 HS 17Ah

Utterly brilliant

by Conny on 13 Jan 2016

Just before Christmas I got my new Kalkhoff Tasman Impulse bike from your Bristol electric bike shop. For years I have wanted to have an electric bike and now I am finally the proud owner of one and wished I had done it years ago. It is fantastic!!!!

I have been riding to several villages on it. We live in the country and always had to go by car. Now, with my panniers on the back and a backpack I can go shopping and the battery has only used up a few stripes so far. I am quite old, but feel as if I am a young girl again, rosy cheeks, exercise and lungfuls of fresh air! It is an amazing piece of machinery and the biking is fun , without any strain. Utterly brilliant.

Tasman Impulse 8 HS 17Ah

Back cycling again and superb city commuter bike

by Esh Mahenthiralingam on 22 Jan 2016

Bought bike online after a phone discussion with Anthony who confirmed that a hub geared bike and something like the Tasman would suit my city cycling commute. Anthony also noted to watch out for the Boxing Day sales and indeed this offered an excellent discount. The bike arrived along ready to go and just needed to charge battery fully. First commute to work was just amazing and I arrived with a big smile on my face. It took 55 miles to run the battery down for the first time on full power mode. Overall, I think it's the best thing I ever bought and it's great to get back on a bike for communing, but without all the sweat and bother if you don't want it - just power up or down with the assist mode. Looking forward to many more miles on what is a real quality piece of kit.

Tasman Impulse 8 HS 17Ah

Impulse cycling

by Steve Richards on 11 Apr 2016

I've always enjoyed participating in sport but in recent years I've had to stop playing golf and running as my arthritis was just getting too painful. I was then looking for another outdoor activity where I could enjoy myself and keep up a reasonable level of fitness for someone 65+

I started researching electric bikes and came across the 50cycles store in Bristol quite by chance while I was out shopping. I spoke to the store manager Anthony Douglas who was very helpful and arranged for me to have a test ride. From that moment I was hooked and came back into the store and ordered a Kalkhoff Tasman Impulse electric bike.

I've now clocked up 400 miles in 4 months and have absolutely loved my new found freedom. I can now effortlessly climb hills and I can be far more adventurous in cycling longer routes on our local cycle paths and trails with very little effort. I also appreciate the excellent build quality of a Kalkhoff bike and would thoroughly recommend one to anyone who just wants to go out on a bike ride and enjoy our countryside in comfort.


The best investment I have made!

by Saba on 17 Sep 2015

Five Stars: Bought my first electric bike through the Cyclescheme with 50 Cycles. The best investment I have made! I just love my new electric bike. 50 Cycles were really helpful with expert knowledge and offered excellent customer service and support. They have a good range of well-reviewed bikes and are well-informed about the Cyclescheme. I also get a free service after a month of cycling to make sure the bike it ticking over OK. Can really recommend 50 Cycles for all your electric bike needs – go and try one out and save Bristol from its awful traffic issues. Hills are a breeze!


Excellent Bike

by Mike Jones on 16 May 2015

I am in my late 60's and wished to take up cycling again. The groove 7 fits the bill incredibly well. It is an excellent bike and maintains the German reputation for reputation for high quality build. The power assistance levels are just right and it enables me to climb all the steep,hills of our city without being too much out of breath! the service from 50 cycles was also first rate and I can highly recommend them.


Lovely bike with best service

by Nana on 15 May 2016

Bought from Bristol 50 cycles month ago. Michael and Anthony really helpful with smile in their face. After 3 hours in the shop finally decided to buy it and I'm very happy to made that decision. The bike is lovely and so smooth riding. All my colleagues surprising how fast I climbing up the hilly way to work and leave them behind. No more sweating with a happy face when arrive at work faster than usual. Very reliable and she is mine :) Thanks for the great service to the guys by 50 cycles Bristol!

Agattu Premium 8G

Agattu Premium Impulse 8 Step-thru

by Tony pusey on 27 Feb 2015

This is my fourth Kalkhoff Electric bike which speaks for itself! I had to wait a few weeks for delivery as the belt drive was very popular and there was a waiting list for the new arrival. They are now in stock and can only recommend a test ride. Worth waiting for . . . it's fantastic!

The gear changes are smooth and quiet and the new belt drive is supposed to last five times longer than a chain drive with the added bonus of no maintenance of the belt. The car has been sidelined for a few years now and weekly shops are done on the bike with panniers fitted. The new bigger 17ah 36volt battery is a power house.

Each used Kalkhoff I have put on eBay to facilitate a new model has been readily bid for and good price obtained. You could use 50 Cycles website to advertise your old bike for a nominal fee if you wish.

The icing on the cake for me was the new Shoreham on Sea showroom, managed by Charles (nice informative honest guy) so I now can pop our bikes into the shop where it is picked up and taken to Loughborough for its annual service and tune up . . . great no hassle.

Any problems and queries have been answered honestly and efficiently by 50 Cycles and they do have an online chat facility as well as Jim in the workshop who is very helpful. IF IN DOUBT TRY ONE OUT! Finally I am a great believer in 'you get what you pay for', although you can buy cheaper you will not get the quality or reliability and support as with KALKHOFF . . . It has certainly been money well spent!

Agattu Premium 8G


by Dorothee on 6 Dec 2015

I bought this bike in October and I have become a big fan! I use it to replace the car as much as possible. Hills and wind are not a problem anymore, what s delight!....As mentioned in an previous email , I finish my ride not sweaty and so happy to have been outside. It is heavy but when you are on it , you do not feel the weight anymore and it is an absolute pleasure to cycle.

We are very lucky with the network of cycle paths close to where I live i must say and it allows me to make the most of it. I have to be honest and say that I use it in 'power' mode most of the time as I find the 'sport' and 'eco' modes a bit slow when I compare it with my normal touring bike which I have used quite a lot but this is my personal feeling. I do not regret having bought this bike at all. It will motivate me to use the car less and save on petrol, still exercise and be outside. Let' s hope that in the long run , they become affordable to more people so we can all enjoy cycling and do our good for the planet.

Mountain Bikes

Jarifa Impulse 27R 2.0

All in all this bikes epic and fast

by Blackadder on 4 Aug 2015

I bought this bike as I hired a 3.0 whilst in Austria and enjoyed the experience. When I first got it out of the box I was taken back by how good looking the machine was. Lovely classic lines of a hard tail that to my mind took me back to the earlier designs of the 90's. The curvature of the downtube from neck of the headtube reminded me of the old Cannondale Raven MK2. Almost like a swans neck with its graceful good looks.

So I digress.... I set it up and just had to test it out as I was desperate to try. Now I was well aware that our silly government can't cope with a bike doing more than 15mph and that was a worry to me. This bike isn't light and I was very worried that once the engine cut out I would struggle. Oh how wrong was I to worry about it labouring under my own steam. This bike will rocket you up any hill as it did the beast I live at the bottom of. And on a flat it shoots off like a greyhound it made me smile.

My one seems to be set at a 16mph cut out and when it cuts out fear not the bike still flies. I was easily holding speeds of 22-23mph and I'm not sure how? All I can say is, on my daily commute in one day of riding I shed 16 minutes of my normal time going home. Christ knows what I did in the morning as I was half asleep at 5:30am lol.

All in all this bikes epic and fast, ok you need to pedal a bit but come on it's a bike so it's supposed to happen. Anyone interested in getting one really should go ahead as it's just brilliant fun on two wheels. I really can't wait for work tomorrow and I've never said that in my life. When the weekend comes I'm going to hit some serious trails. My advise is get one and be extremely happy you won't regret it.

Thron Impulse 27R 2.0

Lochness Hill Climb

by Scott Snaith on 18 Apr 2014

Hi, this bike has got me addicted to mountain biking now I can get up the hills and come down even faster. The torque of the motor up hill is especially designed to get you across country like a tank over wasteland. The range is massive too only losing a third after 30 miles of hard going. I am not sure how this bike does what does but it is truly magical.

Thron Impulse 27R 2.0

Focus Thron – a multifaceted powerhouse

by Bikesport Magazine on 1 Jan 2015

The Thron 2.0 was subjected to extensive off-road testing in the Bikesport special edition on electric mountain bikes, and won over the test editor in all regards – great fun! 

"The Focus is pretty fun to ride on downhill stretches and gives a very safe riding experience. The weight has no negative impact, and the bike does not push forward on steep descents", praises the testing editor.

Verdict of the editorial team: The Focus Thron Impulse is an agile bike that is fun on downhills and that can hold its own on technical ascents thanks to the Climb Assist function.

 The complete test report can be found in the Bikesport electric mountain bikes special edition from 01/01/2015.

Thron Impulse 27R 3.0

The Thron has genuinely changed my life

by Patrick on 20 Sep 2014

I purchased this bike in May 2014 from John at the Hampton Wick shop. Service from John is superb. He is helpful , knowledgeable and patient. Nothing is too much trouble and his after sales help is so reassuring. This is my third bike from 50 cycles. Service and product go unrivalled.
The Thron has genuinely changed my life. What one might consider as an initially expensive outlay has turned out to be one of the most rewarding purchases I've made. This bike goes anywhere regardless of terrain and gradient and whilst being designed for off roading it is also great on the road. Incidentally, the only puncture to date was caused by a drawing pin. The Thron is so agile that it inspires in me a confidence previously unknown. It allows me to cycle in the manner of a teenager. Ultimately the bike is enormous fun and has brought me untold joy.
On the practical side the battery is superb. On mixed ground 50 miles on full power is a given. I'm sixteen stone and the front and rear suspension make the ride very comfortable in all conditions. I tend to ride the bike on full power because the acceleration is so addictive. However if I'm feeling like a good workout the middle setting clears the system very well! The bike gets used most days both for pleasure and work. It's certainly the best way to scoot around West London for business but I find a day without a bike ride, simply for pleasure, incomplete. Thirty miles down the Thames Path on a Thron is probably the most fun you can have at 7 o clock on a beautiful summer's morning. Either that or three hours in a previously unexplored wood in the middle of nowhere. Please start the debate here.

So it's a big thank you to John and everyone at 50cycles for two things. First for supplying and maintaining this life enhancing bike so efficiently and with such good grace. Second, for making an already upbeat fifty year old chap very very happy.

Thron Impulse 27R 3.0

What a bike

by Derek on 19 Aug 2015

After much deliberation I decided to buy a Thron Impulse 27R 3.0 electric mountain bike with the full Rockshox suspension after reading many articles and reviews on how good they were. I contacted 50 cycles in loughborough and although they did not have the model I wanted in stock they said they were expecting some in the following week. I eagerly awaited the delivery of my new bike and as I work away from home my time at home is precious and wanted to ride my new bike before going away to work again. I took delivery of the bike the following week, it arrived in a huge cardboard box and after removing it from the box there was only the handlebars and pedals to secure in place to make the bike rideable.

The battery requires a 100 % charge before its first use and note, even though all the blue charging lights went static 100% you must wait until they all go out too ! I had a some lights and GPS to also mount on the bike and whilst admiring the fine German engineering doing this I noticed one very important detail my bike didnt have ! Rear Suspension as ordered, only the front suspension forks ? Obviously I was quite put out and gutted my long awaited bike was not the model I had ordered. I contacted the Loughborough shop and they got me to read out both the bikes model number and the transport box number and asked for some time to investigate this and get back to me, meanwhile I was not to ride the bike only admire. Grrrr I want to ride my new bike !

The shop later informed me I had the right box but wrong bike and in fact the bike was a model they did not even stock or sell ?? Great where does that leave me apart from with a bike I didnt order. They again said they would get back to me and see what could be done, they said this has never ever happened before but they would have to go through all the bikes that had come in that week and find my bike ? Someone could possibly be smiling somewhere after paying for a hard tail E.MTB and getting a full suspension one ! Eventually they got back to me and said they had a model of the bike I ordered but in a smaller size, I ordered a 44cm one and this one was a 40cm, I,m 5'6 and the guy assured me it would perfect for me and I had ordered too big a bike for myself, I must admit the bike that had arrived did look big but I thought it was due to it being an E.Mtb.

My new reordered bike was going to be couriered overnight and be with me in the morning. It did indeed arrive the next morning along with a few freebies, magic patches, multi tool, oil and a couple of inner tubes. I had to take off the lights gps etc off the wrong bike and repack it all back in the huge box again ready for being picked up which much to my annoyance didnt happen until much later in the same day my new bike arrived by the same driver in the same van, which didnt leave a lot of room in a single garage, winge over !

Anyway back to the new bike, it is amazing to ride, although heavy at 21.5kg you dont notice this when riding only when you have to push it or try and lift it over a fence etc its bloody heavy ! I have now learnt stick to bridlepaths not footpaths as the footpaths in yorkshire have a lot of styles to climb over. I have now covered about 550 miles and living in Guisborough the gateway to the North Yorkshire moors I,m spoilt for stunning scenery and forestry trails on my doorstep and miles and miles of quiet roads and bridlepaths. I plan all my routes before hand using a Garmin GPS and do a mixture of road and offroad riding in the same ride, the suspension is great and can be locked out for road use only, which helps a lot or floating and adjustable for off road.

The one issue I have are the pedals I,ve changed the pedals to my spd only pedals which are great on the road or fast desents offroad with a few fast jumps in but no good off road as I have now fell over three times, each time when I cant get my feet detached fast enough and do a del boy and fall over complete with the bike attached very embarassing and it hurts ! My answer is I now have shimano dual pedals(Wiggle £44) fitted, flat one side and spd the other, this suits my type of rides and has resolved this little problem of which to fit.

Overall I,m chuffed to bits with bike, its quality finish, nice to ride, looks good and always gets people asking me about it where ever I go. The battery is great and as per the manufacturers reccomendation I always recharge it after every ride, they say this is the best way to maintain the battery, not discharge totally and recharge after each ride remembering each charge adding up to a total of 100% is counted as a single charge. My rides are normally around the 30 - 40 mile range and theres always over 50 % left in the battery, even if I,ve used the sport mode a fair bit.

Generally keeping it in eco mode is sufficient for me, but always nice to have that sport setting available to you when you need it and I have'nt found a hill I cant get up with it on ! Its re-invented cycling to me and makes every ride out all the more enjoyable, also its incredibly good at keeping me fit now without wearing me out ! Enjoy :)


Strada E Di2

Stride with Strada

by MARTIN BEKKER on 11 Aug 2016

One thing’s for sure, when you head out on the town for the evening you want stay fresh and relaxed. That’s why Martin always takes his e-bike. He lets the power assistance do the hard work so he can cruise along without getting hot and sweaty. Start mode gives him a push at lights and junctions. Changing gears with Di2 electronic shifting is fast, easy, and accurate every time.

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