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    Westhill Link Folding E-Bike
    Westhill Link Folding E-Bike
    £956.00 Regular Price £1,195.00
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    BESV TRB1 Urban
    BESV TRB1 Urban
    £2,995.00 Regular Price £3,995.00
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    BESV PS1
    BESV PS1
    £1,495.00 Regular Price £1,995.00
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    Orbea GAIN F30 19
    Orbea GAIN F30 19
    £1,436.00 Regular Price £1,795.00

Best Electric Bikes - Power Makes Cycling Make Sense

What can an electric bike do for you?

Electric bikes have the power to make cycling make sense for everyone. A good electric bike is the best thing you can buy. Nothing makes a more profound difference to your every day life than the best electric bikes. Because you get everywhere faster, you can take your time and enjoy the journey. They're safer too and give you confidence in traffic and whatever the terrain. The perfect transport solution whether your young or old, fit or getting fitter, riding in town or out in the wilds.

If you find cycling a drag, electric cycling makes it a joy.

If you're a slow cyclist, you'll go faster.

If you're a fast cyclist, you'll go further.

If you cycle in a city an electric bike makes your journey swifter and safer.

If you're a mountain biker, you'll enjoy more time on the trails, less time getting up there.

If you ride for fun & fitness, get ready for bigger, bolder adventures.

Recovering from illness or injury? An electric bike will help you regain your health. 

An electric bike can replace a family car, your railway season ticket, parking permit and save you a lot of shoe leather.

An electric bike can bring home your shopping and carry a happy child to school and back.

It will charge from empty to full in a matter of hours. The cost per mile is measured in pennies not pounds.

Riding an electric bike fits more hours into a day, putting a smile on your face and wind in your hair. Nothing else can do that.

"The best thing I've ever bought" our customers tell us, again and again. 

The bicycle was a great invention that changed the world. An electric bike will change your life from the moment you ride it.

Electric bikes have the power to make cycling make sense for everyone. Visit 50cycles Electric Bike Store online or on the high street for free electric bike test rides and demos, interest-free finance and professional support.

We've added a range of electric mountain bikes from Cube, Giant and other brands recently. You can also read electric bike reviews, choose a folding electric bike, see how power-assisted cycling will work for you. We don't recommend electric bike conversion kits, you're better off investing in an ebike designed to be an ebike from the ground up. These ebikes can be fully charged in a few hours. Most use a torque sensor to operate the motor and ensure the most efficient hill climbin performance. Ebikes are great on your  commute and will save you a fortune. We have bikes with Bosch, Impulse, Brose, Bafang, Tongshen electric bike motors. The longest-running electric bike store in the UK. We've been selling the best electric bicycles since 2003. 

50cycles is a family-owned and run company that specialises in selling and supporting advanced electric bikes. Since our story began in 2003, tens of thousands of people like you have taken to the roads and trails on our bikes. We have our headquarters in Loughborough, Leicestershire and electric bike shops in London, Bristol and Shoreham-by-Sea close to Brighton & Hove in Sussex. As well as local test rides we offer free delivery to all mainland UK addresses for orders over £50 and interest-free credit for up to 12 months on all new electric bikes (typical 0% APR).