These BH AtomX Cross E-Bike All-Rounders are Seriously Impressive

2020 BH AtomX Cross electric bikes are impressive all-rounders that will dominate next season with 720Wh and 500Wh battery capacities and Brose Drive S Mag across the range.

Three BH AtomX Cross models have been listed on our site for a while but this week we received the first high-res images of these key models.

Now we know that is coming, it’s clear this range will be must-have models for many in 2020. They hit the sweet spot of where great design, superb rideability and extraordinary performance meet with a reasonable price tag.

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Goes like the clappers: BH Atom Street Electric Bike first ride report

I had the opportunity to enjoy a test ride on one of the first BH Atom Street at 50cycles headquarters last week.

2020 BH Atom Street at 50cycles Headquarters, September 2019
2020 BH Atom Street at 50cycles Headquarters, September 2019

BH Atom Street is a fresh model for the 2020 season

It’s new for 2020 and uses the BH-1E centre motor and a 500Wh battery to do its stuff. The battery is fully integrated into the frame (though easy to remove) giving it a very clean look with white powder-coating, front and rear lights, a good luggage rack, disk brakes and multifunctional display.

BH Atom Street motor, chainguard and gears detail
BH Atom Street motor, chainguard and gears detail

It’s a step-thru bike with 26-inch wheels, suitable for riders from 5’2″ up to about 6′. You spung forks, slightly bowed handlebars, a comfy saddle and rear luggage rack.

This is the class of bike that has proven most popular with tens of thousands of our customers over the years. This is why I was so keen to see how it performs in comparison with old favourites like the Kalkhoff Agattu and Cube Town Hybrids.

If we consider price alone, it already compares well at only £1895 for this version.

There’s also the Atom Street Pro with a couple of nice refinements like a colour display and 720Wh battery capacity, priced at £2495.

But it’s not all about price, of course. How does it feel to ride?

First Ride Report

Well, it feels like electric bikes should feel. You’re in no doubt that the motor is working for you, providing useful assistance from a standing start and plenty of power to help you glide up hills with minimal effort.

It gets up to speed very quickly, especially in the top assistance mode. One of the swifter electric bikes I’ve experienced, up there with the Winora Yakun and Yamaha PW-X motor. But  much quieter. In fact it powers your ride least amount of fuss and noise we’ve seen.

It’s definitely more powerful than the Panasonic and Impulse motors that powered the Agattu, without the sludgy resistance many customers complained about on the lacklustre Bosch Active and Bosch Cruise motor on Cube Town and Elly bikes.

They tended to fade badly on steeper hills and then resist your efforts when cycling faster than the assisted speed limit. Fine for unchallenging riding in gently mixed terrain and over short distances but limited beyond that.

The BH Atom Street has more oomph and verve and works with you all the time, never against you.

BH-1E 36V E-Bike Motor - quiet yet very strong assistance
BH-1E 36V E-Bike Motor – quiet yet very strong assistance

The BH-1E motor is the real deal. It picks up quickly and provides strong assistance right up to the assisted speed limit.

BH Atom Street Handlebar LCD
BH Atom Street Handlebar LCD with speed, battery, assistance mode and more

It’s particularly impressive on hills, always the acid test for electric bike riding. After all, that’s why most people buy them, to get the better of the local hills.

The new Kalkhoff Agattu?

So, what we have here, at long last, is a worthy replacement for the Kalkhoff Agattu that dominated the step-thru electric bike market for the best part of a decade, both here and across Europe.

The Agattu was so popular because it offered comfort, power and respectable range at a reasonable price. We have  several examples in our Refurbished Trade-In Bike range.

It’s the least expensive example of the BH Atom BH-1E powered e-bikes. There are other versions – like the impressive BH Atom Diamond Wave Pro with its hub gears, the sporty Gents BH Atom Cross Pro, both with super high-capacity 720Wh batteries.

But this entry-level model is exceedingly capable in its own right.

Read more about the 2020 BH Atom Street which is on sale now for £1895 including VAT and UK delivery, or see the entire 2020 BH Atom range on our website and take your pick!

Embargo! The E-Bikes we’re forbidden to talk about (for now!)

A strict embargo means there are some E-Bikes we’re forbidden from talking about (for now!). Sign up to be first to hear when the embargo is lifted.

Embargo! The E-Bikes we're forbidden to talk about (for now!) 1
Sorry, this is all we can show you for now – but we can tell you it’s fast, quiet and comes with Shimano’s 11-speed Alfine hub gears and Gates belt drive.

New electric bike embargo

We’ll shortly be revealing a new class of ebikes, but we can’t tell much about them yet because of a strict embargo.

They’ll compare very well to similar models from other brands and they’ll cause a stir in the e-bike market. But we can’t tell you why.

They’ll use an all-new motor and battery combination. But we can’t tell you any more about that, not until the embargo is lifted later this month.

We can’t even tell you how fast they’ll go, how quiet the motor is or how friction-free it will be to ride (surprisingly so). There are some clues in this image.

We can however leak a couple of details –  the energy density of the battery is an incredible 234Wh/kg.

(That’s quite  a bit better than any other battery we’ve offered. For example, the new Bosch Powertube 650 has an energy density of only around 180Wh/kg)

The battery pack is also specially designed to dissipate heat more efficiently through the frame, which will extend its lifetime.

One of the models, shown pixellated above, will come with an 11-speed Alfine hub and Gates belt drive. History has shown that this is a winning combination, so we expect this to be one of our bestsellers from now on.

We can also say when they’ll become available, which is from the end of September 2019.

If you’re curious about these new bikes, please send us your email address below. 

That ensures you’ll be one of the first to know more as soon as the embargo is finally lifted.

P.S. If you sign up for our email alert below, as well as a special preview of the range you’ll be eligible for introductory special offers on these bikes and accessories

P.P.S. If we happen to leak more images and information in the meantime, you’ll be the first to know!

Two New Sporty 2020 E-Bikes Revealed: BH Atom Cross Pro & Atom Jet Pro

BH Atom Cross Pro and Atom Jet pro are two new BH Electric Bike Models to hit the streets in 2020.

2020’s Sporty Stars: BH Atom Cross Pro and Atom Jet Pro

Two  very impressive new bikes to show you this week: the 2020 Atom Cross Pro and Atom Jet Pro from BH. Continue reading “Two New Sporty 2020 E-Bikes Revealed: BH Atom Cross Pro & Atom Jet Pro”

BH Rebel Volt Folding Electric Bike with Yamaha PW-TE motor

Introducing the new 2020 BH Rebel Volt Folding Electric Bike with Yamaha PW-TE motor and Automatic Support Mode.

We’ve sold many folding electric bikes. In the early days, we sold nothing else. But we’ve never sold a folding electric bike with Yamaha motor before.

And we’ve certainly never sold one with Automatic Support Mode.

For those reasons and others (like the price) the 2020 BH Rebel Volt is a folding ebike we’re excited to offer to UK customers for the first time.

BH Rebel Volt Folding Electric Bike
The new 2020 BH Rebel Volt Folding Electric Bike with Yamaha PW-TE motor and Automatic Support Mode

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BH Atom E-Bikes Amaze with their new 720Wh Battery Pack

BH has stunned the e-bike world with their latest range of Atom city e-bikes. Range between charges has always been of prime concern for electric bike buyers. Over the past ten years, 50cycles has led the way by offering bikes with the largest battery capacities.

Recent years saw Kalkhoff batteries with 540Wh then 612Wh battery packs on selected Impulse 2.0 models.

Bosch has caught up by adding 625Wh batteries to their 2020 range.

Now Kalkhoff has nudged up battery capacity to 660Wh in 2020 on some of their latest models.

But BH has gone further. Many of their 2020 e-bikes come with 720Wh fully-integrated batteries (fully integrated means the battery is completely hidden inside the frame). Continue reading “BH Atom E-Bikes Amaze with their new 720Wh Battery Pack”

2020 BH Electric Bikes: Focus on BH Atom Range

For many years our best-selling bike was the Kalkhoff Agattu. It went through many versions but essentially remained a comfortable, capable, much-loved step-thru electric bike.

We sold around 20,000 of them over the years and many of the early examples are still being ridden every day.

So many we put out a call for trade-ins of old Agattu for new electric bikes. We service and then list them on our website with other old Kalkhoffs and they always sell out within a few days.

But they do have their limitations. Kalkhoff never succeeded in properly integrating the battery pack into the frame and battery capacity was limited. Kalkhoff also utterly lost the plot with after-sales support in recent years, so we had to let them go.

So, what are our customers trading-in their beloved Agattus for? Continue reading “2020 BH Electric Bikes: Focus on BH Atom Range”

The Surprising Truth About Electric Bike Costs

Electric bike cost per entertainment hour is among the best of anything you can buy.

This morning I read an article by Rory Sutherland in the Spectator about how we justify the expense of buying expensive items. One of the best ways to avoid buyer’s regret (after spending three or four figures on something) is to weigh the expense against how often you get to enjoy the item you’ve bought.

The idea of cost per entertainment hour comes from computer gaming.  A game can cost around £50 but this is usually weighed against the hours of playing time the buyer expects to enjoy.

Other examples of expensive items that give back many hours of enjoyment are golf clubs, television sets and beds (on which you spend around a third of your life, one way or another).

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BH ready to conquer in France with the Arkéa-Samsic

2019 is the year BH bicycles will conquer all in the professional road cycling calendar. Its union with Arkéa-Samsic guarantees the team’s BH Ultralight EVO and BH G7 Pro will rank well this season.

They’re building on 2018’s showing in the high mountains with Warren Barguil, who’s back with the team this season. Now they will also do so in the fastest starts, most furious sprints and tightest stage finishes.

The signing of the German Andre Greipel represents a huge leap in quality for the team Arkéa-Samsic. They’ll soon see how he joins the fight for the many victories that are decided in big sprints. Continue reading “BH ready to conquer in France with the Arkéa-Samsic”

BH X-TEP Lynx 5.5 Pro S Review – Demands you to take it to the nearest trail

Review of 2019 BH X-Tep Lynx 5.5 Electric Mountain Bike available in the UK exclusively via 50cycles. Shimano E8000 motor, integrated 720Wh battery pack and innovative geometry make for plenty of outstanding riding.

Review of the 2019 BH X-Tep Lynx 5.5 Pro S

More and more e-bike manufacturers are installing powerful batteries. And Spanish brand BH is no exception. Their new the X-TEP comes with a class-leading 720 Wh battery pack.

This All-Mountain charger, based on Shimano’s E-MTB engine Steps E8000 motor, breaks new ground, especially in terms of battery life. The battery pack, as with many current E-MTBs, is integrated inside the down tube.

However, it is not taken to the side or down, but pulled upwards. The long design and a new, more compact cell structure allow you to store enormous 720 Wh in the X-TEP. The standard for most e-bikes – notably Bosch-powered ones – is currently at 500 Wh.

The fact that BH has almost 50 per cent more battery power available reflects a current trend – as Specialized recently showed on the new Levo with 700 Wh battery. But, compared to the American brand, BH offers the largest battery in all models, not just the £8000+ models like Specialized.

The bike is very smart in other ways: using a wristband, you can open the electronic battery door (a key is also included).

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