10% off all Giant & Winora E-Bikes this Weekend
(no code needed, we've knocked 10% off, saving you up to £339.50 inc. UK delivery)Choose your Giant E-Bike or a formidable Winora Yakun (exclusive to 50cycles)


This is the bike I've been riding all Summer. Why is it my favourite? Because Winora made the genius move of putting the almighty Yamaha PW-X motor in a touring e-bike. And then adding excellent lights, plenty of gears (20 of them), fat-but-not-too-fat tyres and loads more great features.

You'd usually only find Yamaha's PW-X motor in high-end electric mountain bikes built to storm up mountains and tear around trails.

Well, I've discovered that PW-X is even more at home powering your way through busy towns and cities at rush hour. Nothing phases this motor and it kindly steps out of the way when you're pedalling under your own power.

This is an e-bike where pedalling along at 20mph, legally, is perfectly possible. The 20-speed Shimano XT gears help too. This is our most powerful road-legal touring and urban e-bike.

It's the e-bike with attitude. Just look at it. Fast, robust yet easy to handle, it's what you need to take on any busy commute or challenging trail and it's exclusive to 50cycles, with only 6 left in stock.

Choose your Winora Yakun Urban or Winora Yakun Tour frame size now.

Remember, there's 10% off until midnight tomorrow and we'll deliver yours or make ready for collection next week.


Winora don't have these phenomemal Yamaha motors all to themselves.

Giant have taken the same power plant and tuned it up for their road and hardtail e-bikes. They've renamed it SyncDrive Pro and it puts out a massive 360% assistance in POWER mode. That's more than anything else in our line-up, Bosch, Impulse and the rest included.

We have very small numbers of these bikes in stock now, and they all benefit from 10% off this weekend. You can save up to £329.50 (on the Giant Dirt E+1 Pro 4 in stock, usually £3295) with hundreds of pounds off the other 2018 Giant models we have ready to go.

Giant have a great history in electric bikes. Their Lafree was a breakthrough model nearly 20 years ago, but they haven't sat on their laurels since - their latest  e-bikes are still up there with the best.


Road bikes are a strong trend this year and Orbea have come up with a brilliant one. Yes, the bike shown above is electric.

The Orbea Gain D40's battery has been hidden in the frame, there's a powerful motor in the rear wheel and it weighs in at only 13.8kg. We have these available to see, ride and buy in each of our showrooms. But hurry, we only have 5 in stock at time of writing.

Orbea Gain F10 electric bikeAnd here is the Orbea Gain F10. It is easily our lightest fully-equipped city e-bike to date. That alone should grab your attention. is another super-lightweight with flat handlebars, lights and mudguards.

Only two of these beauties in stock.

New in: Cube Elly Ride & Cruise

We have been looking forward to the Cube Ellys, they'll add a dash of colour and style to our showrooms. 

The Cube Elly Cruise Hybrid is now available in Pistachio and Blue with 400Wh or 500Wh battery options in a range of frame sizes, including 42cm XXL. Its hub gears, fully-enclosed chain and comfort bring to mind sun-dappled rides around the streets of Cambridge or Copenhagen.

Meanwhile, the sportier Cube Elly Ride would be at home in larger, hillier cities like London or Paris, with its sporty disk brakes, 9-speed derailleur, Bosch Active plus motor and 400Wh battery pack. We have a small number available in Green and Black in medium 50cm frame size.

These new arrivals are available in limited numbers, only single figures for each for now and sure to be snapped up quickly.

Cube Town Hybrid SportI should also mention Cube's Town Hybrid Sport which is similar to these bikes, but a bit... sportier. And black as your hat.

We have seven 2018 Cube Town Hybrid Sport in stock in the 46cm step through size.

Restocked: Kathmandu & Cross

This season's best selling Cube duo are back in stock. Powered by Bosch's high performance CX motor and 500Wh battery pack, they're serious touring bikes. Also eligible for our CUBE50 weekend promotion


The Cube Kathmandu Hybrid Pro 500 is a powerful, practical tourer. Load it up with luggage and enjoy a day out exploring quiet country lanes and bridleways. We also stock the super-premium Kathmandu SL 500 with Di2 electronic gears.
Cube's Cross Hybrid Race Allroad is similar but with an extra gear & knobbly Smart Sam tyres. It's a true all-rounder, sure-footed on gravel as well as tarmac. Bosch Performance CX of course along with a 500Wh battery, mudguard, kickstand & lights. Only 21.5kg!
Also check out Cube's sleek Touring Hybrid range with integrated battery packs.

Bargain basement

Tern Vektron folding electric bicycleIf you're looking for a bargain there are plenty of interesting bikes in our Clearance Sale and a new price for the wonderful Tern Vektron folding electric bike, down from £3000 to £2795 for the 300Wh option and £2995 for the 400Wh battery version.

Thank you for reading, that's all for now!
Tim & the 50cycles Team