Interested to know what's on offer in 50cycles new 2014 range of Electric bikes? Read on, or check out our latest Kalkhoff Ebike Catalogue.

Starting from the top! We are delighted to bring you the most advanced range of electric bikes available today,accompanied by a committed R&D who are ready to take the electric bike market by storm!

Here is a quick summary of the range with more in depth reviews of the model throughout the year:

Focus Thron - These bikes make the action all downhill from now on. These are the latest in off road technology with the new inverted Impulse 2.0 motor that can climb you up a San Jose mountain range in a matter of minutes are down death valley in a heart beat. Check the spec of the Thron Speed. Not long now and one will be here - I think they are saving the best until last because we are still awaiting our shipment.

Endeavour Speed - All three bikes are fast we have the Bosch Powered Sport bike with a short range but quick point to point. Then the long awaiting Impulse 2.0 Sport motor electric bikes with two fine model only really differentiated by the S10 being a top of the range 10 gear cassette and the the super S11 with the Shimano Alfine 11 speed models.

Pro Connect Commuter - These range of bikes are the best in their class built to either tour long distance or get from atob quickly. The model are around 20kg and are very well equipped with the latest lights, Luggage racks and full fender to ensure you stay dry. We feel all Electric Bikes should come with Hydraulic Brakes and ours do. Ensuring better stopping power when you going faster than most bikes travel on average.

Agattu All Rounder - Always the peoples favorite the Agattu was the first model we ever bought over with a 10amp 26V Panasonic Motor fresh from Japan a motor our business was founded on 10 years ago in Tokyo. This bike is the greatest step thru model of all time and I would argue that there are more Agattu step thru on the streets of the UK than any other model in the history of Electric Bikes. Each year this flagship model leads the way with a great price point to spec ratio guaranteeing the best value product on the market and superb in all sizes from 5'0 to 6'9 weighing 8 stone to 28 stone nothing is too much or little for this robust, solid, modest looking machine where looks are really deceiving.

Tasman Classic - This is the Agattu younger sibling that come in at excellent value with some stunning looks and features. The perfect town bike or country village hopper.

Ergo Impulse - This model is loaded with the latest technology and is so Robust you could bunny hop down mount Everest with the XXL frame this bike can take a ride from 8 stone to 28 stone. Not only that you get an Impulse 2.0 Motor to mop up the extra weight for mountaineering and at the same time set your gears to Automatic and simply turn your legs and let the systems take over. If that is not impressive enough if the doctor says to you please do not take your heart over 120BPM you can link up the bike to your heart and program it to never allow your heart to reach this level. Alternatively you may be required in training to ensure during a cardio vascular workout that your BPM remain at 160BPM the gears and motor will make sure that you stay at this level for your whole journey if required for 100 miles.

Sahel Compact - This is a clever little bike with a massive range, short wheel base which makes it ever so fast up any hill and a great bike if out in the wilderness or off to the skate park. Designed to take a rider between the height of 5'5" to 6'6" so is an excellent if you have to share it or need to keep it in small spaced under the stairs .

All of our 2014 range bikes come with Magura Hydraulic Brakes, most have 36V 17 amp batteries, 250-350W Motors, Great Lights, Luggage racks, mudguards, chainguards, fast dual chargers, digital console, suspension lockouts and many more fine details that leave you a gasp when you take it out of its huge 2.0M box.

Please view all these models and if you need any help choosing the right bikes for you feel free to contact us and we will help you find the right bikes for your needs. Between these models we pretty much feel these cover every eventuality for using a bicycle as a utility vehicle to perform the practical role of getting us from AtoB as efficiently as possible.

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