2017 Electric Bikes in Stock

We’re at that point in the season where all our 2017 electric bikes are coming into stock. We now have the following 2017 Kalkhoff electric bikes in stock in our warehouse and showrooms, along with 2017 models from Scott, Cube & Haibike.

Integrale i82017 Kalkhoffs in stock
A favourite at 50cycles since 2007, a decade later Kalkhoff are still producing market-leading ebikes. New motors, bigger batteries, fresh colours this season

Integrale i8 (47cm Sm & 55cm Lg in stock ) £3295
Coming soon: Durban Compact £1495


Scott E-Genius 720 Plus2017 Scott

Classy mountain bikes and Tourers with Bosch motors, including some step-thru models

Cube HPA2017 Cube 

Very high quality, good-looking German e-bikes at excellent prices. Check out their Carbon frame Elite Hybrid C:62

AllMTN 6.02017 Haibike

Arguably the number one name in electric mountain bikes, a mix of Yamaha PW and Bosch motors

Coming Soon: Kalkhoff Durban Compact

Kalkhoff Durban CompactKalkhoff’s Durban Compact is a new budget bike for 2017 with a plucky rear hub motor, small battery pack and built-in front carrier.
The concept is no-nonsense, highly functional urban mobility. Meaning it’s extremely easy to use (one button operation), it’s small, lightweight (only 19.6kg, even with that luggage carrier on the front), but powerful and well-equipped. It has a low and high power mode, built-in lights, a large front rack that can take a Eurobox 40 sized container or anything else you wish.
The wheels have Schwalbe puncture-resistant Big Apple tyres and Magura hydraulic rim brakes. They’re wrapped in extra-long mudguards for all-weather use.
The battery is mounted behind the seat tube, nice and low for a stable centre of gravity. It’s packed with Simplo Lithium ion cells, the same very high quality cells used in Apple products. The battery’s capacity won’t get you from Lands End to John O’Groats on a single charge, but it will carry you around the city for a whole day.
We test rode the Durban at Kalkhoff’s Mallorca event at the end of February and wrote about in our blog: Kalkhoff Mallorca 2017 E-Bike Showcase

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