2019 BH Evo City Pro: Powerful replacement for the Kalkhoff Pro Connect

BH Evo City Pro Electric Bike from 50cycles
BH Evo City Pro

We followed up our BH Evo Jet hill climb video with this tour of the excellent new BH Evo City Pro.

It’s similar to the Jet but with a larger battery capacity (meaning longer range) and it’s fully equipped for a touring and commuting role.

BH Evo City Pro – the new Kalkhoff Pro Connect?

This BH model caught our attention immediately. It’s very similar to our best-selling Kalkhoff Pro Connect model, which we offered 2008-2018, selling several thousand in the UK.

If anything though, the City Pro has even greater potential. It’s definitely more powerful and more elegant because (unlike the Kalkhoff Pro Connect) it tucks the 600Wh battery into the frame.

You also get front and rear lights, a kickstand, luggage rack, easy-to-read display and Bluetooth connectivity and smartphone app.

The Source of BH Evo’s Unbeatable Power

The most important technical difference though is how it assists the rider. Rather than using a 26 volt Panasonic or 36 volt Impulse centre motor (depending on the Pro Connect model year), the BH Evo bikes use a 48 volt rear hub motor that delivers double the torque and greater peak power than the Kalkhoff.

This means assistance you can feel, that unquestionably has the edge on hill climbs and pulling away from a standing start.

It is a 350 W compact geared motor that ensures optimal integration without a visual impact and coupling with no loss in performance: Standard Q factor and a conventional groupset (double or triple chain ring).

The electronic components in the Evo motor have been oversized to increase the torque by 20%, obtaining peak powers of 860 W and a maximum torque of 140 Nm on the bottom bracket axle.

Four Levels of Assistance

Eco: 1:0.7

Standard: 1:1.5

Sport: 1:2.5

Boost: 1:4!

The high-efficiency 48 V voltage, reduces energy losses in the circuit by 25%, compared with an equivalent 36 V system, and it reduces electrical noise and increases efficiency performance by 91%, thus increasing its range. It enables the use of a conventional groupset – double chain ring – and offers no resistance in «no assistance» mode..

It has a 6 km/h throttle. The rear motor has a quick-release thru axle that makes it easier to change the inner tube in the event of a puncture. And the motor connector’s attachment makes it easier to connect or disconnect. Assistance up to 25 km/h and throttle up to 6 km/h.

Integrated Battery Pack

The integration of the battery in the down tube, via its upper part, in the “PowerTube” System, enables the traditional shapes of the frames. Fully integrated in the down tube, gives this powerful model a conventional bike aesthetic.

Access to the battery through the upper part of the down tube provides the right ergonomics for the user when it comes to handling it.

The internal wiring is fitted along the down tube through inner tubes specifically developed in the extrusion. The relative position of the less lightweight parts of the system, motor and battery, enables a low centre of gravity, guaranteeing a reactive and stable bicycle.

The charging port is located on the side of the down tube and allows charging without having to remove the battery.

The extruded aluminium body of the battery provides optimal heat dissipation from the cells, extending its service life.

BH Evo Display

The Pro models like the City Pro include a compact and removable central LCD display, and a new ergonomic and highly functional remote control.

The Standard models like the Evo Jet and Cross include a non-removable side LCD display. These are multifunction displays that include the following functions:

• Autonomy information, battery capacity in %, time, speed, total or journey distance.

• Assistance mode.

• Switch lights on/off.

• Accelerator for up to 6 km/h.

• Wheel size adjustments.

• Km/Miles selector.

Learn more about the City Pro

There’s more on this exciting new model on our website: BH Evo City Pro Electric Bike

BH Evo Cross Pro Electric Bike from 50cycles
BH Evo Cross Pro Electric Bike

There’s also the BH Evo Cross Pro to consider if your budget stretches a little further!


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