2019 BH Evo Jet E-Bike Hill Climb in Richmond Park, London

The first thing we do when a new e-bike arrives is take it for a test ride up a nice big hill. There’s no better way to get a sense of an electric bike’s potential than cycling straight for places other cyclists fear to pedal.

One such place is Broomfield Hill in Richmond Park, London. We’ve been testing bikes on this climb for years. Kalkhoff, Oxygen, Haibike, Focus e-bikes have all had their first UK outings there.

It’s a good spot because it’s popular with other cyclists (especially at weekends), it’s relatively free of motor traffic and it’s easy to film. About 50 yards further East there’s an off-road track that’s handy for test rides too.

We took the new BH Evo Jet on both of them last Sunday and were thrilled by the results. The BH Evo E-Bikes are the first we’ve had that pack a 48 volt motor and battery as standard.

They offer 140 Nm of hill-crushing torque and the motor peaks at 860 Watts of power. Those are the sort of figures you need to cut climbs like Broomfield Hill down to size.

We have several BH Evo e-bikes using this system. The bike in the video is the BH Evo Jet with 500Wh battery pack. There are also BH Evo Pros with 600Wh battery packs.

BH Evo Jet Electric Bike
BH Evo Jet Electric Bike

They all have three things in common – stacks of power, excellent build quality and enticing prices. Take your pick from sporty models like the Jet or fully-equipped tourers and city electric bikes.

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