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20160922_093923The Cycle Show 2016 is now in full swing at the Birmingham NEC. We attended our first Cycle Show in London back in 2004 with a somewhat home-made stand. It was actually a great success for us at a time when electric bikes weren’t even really a niche product. Today they’re an established and growing segment of the bicycle market and our early start means we’re still leading the way.

Kalkhoff electric bikes still form the core of our range. Here’s a Gent’s 2016 Kalkhoff Agattu Premium 8 on our stand (Stand J141, by the way) with a Bikezac shopping bag fitted to the rear luggage rack.

These are a cost-effective and elegant way to kit out your bike for shopping trips. The bag clips on but can be removed by lifting off and taken away to fill up with whatever you pick up, before clipping back on and riding away. They come in a range of colours and are only £6.95 each.
This is one of the Haibikes on our stand. I picked it out because my son now rides one of these to school and back every day. There’s a big hill between our house and his school and a flinty track is the shortest route, so an electric off-roader seemed like the way to go. He loves his new bike, by the way, and he can now join me on longer, adventurous rides out on the Downs that would otherwise have been too much of a challenge at his age.

Here’s another bike from the Winora/Haibike stable. The Winora Radius is similar to the Kalkhoff Sahel Compact you’ll see below. It has 20-inch wheels, a compact one-size-fits-all frame and centre-mounted Yamaha motor and 3-speed SRAM gears. It has picked up loads of design awards and it was the bike of choice for delegates at the Haibike’s huge dealer event this year. Really nippy and practical. We’ve only a few left in stock at £1795 though.

Another bike that caught and held my attention at the Winora event was the Yakun. It’s conceived as a bike that’s equally at home in town and country. Urban geometry but with a robust, all-terrain stance.

Its secret weapon is the deployment of Yamaha’s PW-X centre motor which chucks out a whopping 320% assistance in the top mode and packs various improvements and advances into a smaller package than it’s PW predecessor. Yamaha PW-X is new for the 2017 season and I believe this is the only ebike that isn’t a mountain bike to use it. The Yakun will come in three variants – Plain (above, at the Cycle Show), Urban and Tour. I’m going to bag myself a Yakun when they arrive…

d Here’s the top view – note the detailing on the top tube and tough new Yamaha display.20160922_153832
A little more detail about the spec and a close-up of the motor.
An old favourite here, the latest version of the Kalkhoff Sahel Compact, back in white for 2017.20160922_153908
The 2016 Kalkhoff Include Premium with Impulse Evo, 8-speed hub gears, belt drive and 17Ah motor.

We’ve tried to select the most distinctive and interesting bikes on our main stand and the Giant Road E+2 qualifies. An electric road bike, with drop handlebars? Why yes. It tucks the battery away out of site and powers the rear wheel using Giant’s motor collaboration with Yamaha. It’s stopping people in their tracks along our aisle and looking good for the cameras.

That’s all for now. Come and see us on Stand J141 (50cycles – featuring e-bikes from Scott, Haibike, Winora, Kalkhoff & Giant) and K151 (Beatbike Toba, more of which in a future post). I managed to catch Anthony and Harry (pictured below) at the stand before I left and we also have a staffed test track gazebo with lots of bikes to try.

If you’re coming to the Cycle Show and you’re interested in electric bikes, we’ve the best of everything.


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