“A winner”: A to B’s Cooper Electric Bike Review
A to B recently reviewed the Cooper E Disc Electric Bike

“A winner”: A to B’s Cooper Electric Bike Review

David Henshaw at A to B magazine reviewed the new Cooper E Disc electric bike recently. He admits to being reluctant to do so, at first, as he’d tested a folding bike with a similar motor and battery before. He wasn’t prepared for how much he liked this steel-framed model wearing the famous Cooper badge.

But “the principal of a user-friendly single-speed, belt-driven bike with an ‘automatic’ motor seemed right up our street,” he admitted, continuing:

“The Cooper is power-assisted, but with the batteries and controls systems in the motor, it’s eliminated the cables, knobs and whistles that can make
electric bikes a bit cumbersome.

“The single cog makes it even simpler; the belt eliminates the grubby stuff; and hydraulic discs and limited regen eliminate most of the braking issues. Apart from punctures, what is there to go wrong, really? Not much. We like the concept.”

He then goes on to recount the Cooper brand’s past association with movies, motorsport and the Swinging Sixties of British manufacturing and The Italian Job.

He also liked the Cooper E’s stiff steel tube frame and single-speed transmission. So, though initially sceptical, David Henshaw, declared it “a winner” early in the review, adding “how can it not be?”. 

Out on the road, he was won over by its responsiveness, lightness and ready assistance that “send a cyclist home with a smile on their face”!

The Cooper’s motor manages to squeeze in a Kinetic Energy Recovery System that helps keep your battery topped by harnessing braking power to recharge it. Its effect out on the road is modest, but it is nice to have it backing you up.

He concludes that like the old Mini Cooper, “it has that indefinable ‘it’ factor that marks it out as one of the best machines. The E-Disc is pleasant to ride in so many ways, and for once the tagline that this is the ultimate electric city commuter really does make sense.”

David Henshaw was also pleasantly surprised by the price, at £1995 for a version with a traditional chain and £2095 for the Gates Carbon belt drive version.

The review closes with its declaration as “undoubtedly” a winner because it’s such an “interesting and practical electric bike… it’s even got a shade of British heritage about it”. He looks forward to the day when the steel frame itself is forged in the UK, but for now, it’s heading in the right direction!

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A final word about A to B Magazine

it’s a unique British institution with an international reputation that has had an influence on alternative transport, sustainability, folding bicycles and the world of electric bikes.

We strongly recommend that you subscribe to the print or digital magazine as it’s written with irreverent humour and never lacks useful information. The letters page can be lively too. One of the best magazines out there if you find yourself wondering about better, more efficient and creative ways to get around and enjoy. We know of thousands of people who have had their lives improved by the information in A to B!

Buy the Cooper E Electric Bike

The bike is available from 50cycles as the Cooper E with a traditional chain drive for £1995 and Cooper E Disc with Carbon belt drive and disk brakes for £2095

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