An elegant step-thru electric bike from BESV, the new CF1

The very latest addition to our line-up is the BESV CF1 step-thru electric bike. BESV also make the formidable TRB1 Urban e-bike (Brose motor, huge battery capacity) and the PS1 (compact, Carbon frame city bike par excellence).

BESV CF1 Step-thru electric bike
BESV CF1 Step-thru electric bike


The CF1 is a modern, elegant step-thru bike with integrated battery pack, built-in lights and an ingenious hidden saddle post lock.

Earlier versions of this model picked up several design and innovation awards at cycle shows in recent years. It’s one of the cleanest and most elegant e-bike frames we’ve ever offered.

It rides beautifully, as you’ll find out if you visit any of our showrooms, in London, Loughborough or outside Brighton in Shoreham-by-Sea.

Take a look at the new BESV CF1 now

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