Electric bikes in London – what are the benefits?

Over at 50cycles, Seven Reasons to ride an electric bike in London are listed, dealing with convenience, health and wellbeing, economic advantages and independence.
An interesting point is made about the relative safety of riding an electric bike in busy traffic: 
“The power to take on hills without getting up and out of your saddle and while keeping your eyes on the road is a big advantage over an unpowered cycle. At junctions crowded with cars and cyclists it’s easier both to get to the front of the pack, to accelerate enough to clear the junction quickly and to get out of harm’s way if ever necessary. You’re also less likely to suffer fatigue towards the end of your journey, so your mind will always be fresh and fully involved with cycling safely. Finally, electric cyclists can maintain a higher average speed than most pedal cyclists so your overall time out on the road will be reduced. “

I’m not aware of any studies that look into the safety of riding an ebike compared to riding a conventional pedal cycle. Sure, there are, in theory, increased risks from travelling at a higher speed, but that same higher speed is likely to make it less likely you’ll have a collision in the first place. 
A lot of cyclist casualties in London have been caused by lorries turning into junctions and missing bicycles in their blind spot. Perhaps if those cyclists had been able to escape a junction ahead of turning traffic an accident might have been avoided. 
At the moment, we’ll have to look to countries like Germany and the Netherlands where electric bikes are in much wider use. Statistics about the relative safety of power assisted bicycles versus pedal cycles will emerge eventually.

Ex-Display Electric Bikes in London

Here is a selection of display bikes on offer at our Richmond shop. They are all in very good or excellent condition, fully functional and ready to ride away. You can test ride and purchase in our shop, order over the phone or online with the special discount code specified for each. We can deliver within 30 miles of our Richmond shop if you are unable to collect from the shop. Call 0333 900 5050 or use the online chat facility to talk to us about these bikes. We also have a similar selection in our Loughborough showroom which will be listed at a later date.
Freego Ex-DemoFreego Folder 10Ah
Condition: Good, few scratches on frame, loose bell. Click image to see larger photo.
Location: 50cycles Richmond Shop
Price: £845 (£999 new)
To buy: use promotional code FREEGOEX after checking out via this model’s product page, visit us in store or call 0333 900 5050 to order.
Gocycle Ex-DemoGocycle
Condition: Excellent. Click image to see larger photo. 6-month warranty.
Location: 50cycles Richmond Shop
Price: £1095 (£1526 new)
To buy: use promotional code GOCYCLEX after checking out via this model’s product page, visit us in store or call 0333 900 5050 to order.
Oxygen Ex-DemoOxygen Emate City
Condition: Very good. White battery pack. Click image to see larger photo. 6-month warranty.
Location: 50cycles Richmond Shop
Price: £995 (£1395 new)
To buy: use promotional code OXYGENEX after checking out via this model’s product page, visit us in store or call 0333 900 5050 to order.
Pro Connect Ex-DemoKalkhoff Pro Connect Alfine
Condition: Excellent as new. Click image to see larger photo. 2-year warranty.
Location: 50cycles Richmond Shop
Price: £1595 (£1695 new)
To buy: use promotional code PROCALFEX after checking out via this model’s product page, visit us in store or call 0333 900 5050 to order.
Sahel Comfort Ex-DemoKalkhoff Sahel Comfort Alfine
Condition: Excellent as new. Click image to see larger photo. 2-year warranty.
Location: 50cycles Richmond Shop
Price: £1495 (£1595 new)
To buy: use promotional code SAHELCOMEX after checking out via this model’s product page, visit us in store or call 0333 900 5050 to order.
Sahel Pro Ex-DemoKalkhoff Sahel Pro Alfine
Condition: Excellent as new. Click image to see larger photo. 2-year warranty.
Location: 50cycles Richmond Shop
Price: SOLD
To buy: use promotional code SAHELPROEX after checking out via this model’s product page, visit us in store or call 0333 900 5050 to order.

50cycles Electric Bikes new website launched

Our new website was switched on just in time for Christmas. It’s a major overhaul and redesign and you’ll find it faster, cleaner and easier to navigate. As well as improving its looks we’ve also filled the virtual shelves with a range of new products, including long-awaited 2011 Kalkhoff bikes, new lights, helmets and other ingenious cycling and sporting accessories. Take a look at 50cycles electric bikes online

2011 Kalkhoff electric bikes

New 2011 Kalkhoff Pro Connect S DL electric bike – boosted assistance, carbon components and very high-end Shimano XTR groupset drivetrain. Surely the ultimate high-performance electric bike when combined with Kalkhoff’s new 18Ah Lithium battery pack, the highest capacity of any production ebike battery now standard across much of the 2011 range.

New Kalkhoff Pro Connect C8 Disc electric bike – with boosted maximum assistance, the new 18Ah battery pack and a fresh design, the renowned Pro Connect is going to be one of our best sellers in 2011.

New Agattu C3

New Connect Lady C8 stylish electric bike

And Kalkhoff’s first Bionx powered regenerative electric bike, the Image B27

2011 Agattu Lite – not electric and it doesn’t even have a chain but its 11-speed Alfine hub and minimal looks make this a very interesting pedal cycle

Tunebug Shake – unless you happen to be riding through a festival or past the bandstand in your local park, listening to music while cycling usually involves blocking your ears with headphones. Not a good idea on busy city streets, or even quiet country lanes. So, as people who love music AND cycling, the Tunebug Shake is a very welcome new product. It attaches to your cycle helmet, turning the whole thing into a head-mounted surround sound speaker, wirelessly. It sounds brilliant. Turn on, tune in and ride away.

LED spoke light – we have one of these running in our Richmond electric bike shop window and it’s turned out to be a powerful eye-catcher. It relies on persistence of human vision to give an illusion of brightly lit words, numbers and geometrical patterns that appear inside the moving wheel. With 40 patterns and phrases, auto-off and low energy blue LEDs, it’s a novel and highly visible way to be seen out on the road.

Casqu’en Ville helmets – it’s been a cold Winter and there was a while yet to go. But that does not mean the prospect of chilly wind buffeting your ears should put you off cycling. Our Yakkay, Casco and Casqu’en Ville helmets all include styles that offer protection against the elements for your ears as well as the usual safety features.

Bern helmets – a great-looking, cool brand of cycle helmet from the US skate scene. Available to try on in our Richmond store.

New testimonials from customers – we’ve added a number of new reviews from recent Kalkhoff electric bicycles owners recently

Pro Connect S customer reviews

Pro Connect Alfine customer reviews

Agattu customer reviews

Finally, we’ve published some recent press reviews of the Kalkhoff electric bike range.

“Not the cheapest electric bike but DEFINITELY the best” 

Here’s a review of the 2010 Kalkhoff Pro Connect LX – the first we’ve had from a customer. Thanks Mike!

"Not the cheapest electric bike but DEFINITELY the best"  1
This was a replacement for my Ezee Torq bike which I’d purchased from 50 Cycles in 2008 and had great fun with. It converted me to electric biking!

The Kalkhoff Pro Connect LX electric bike is in a different class all together. For a start it is much lighter and I am able to cycle quite happily without any ‘power’ on if I so desire. I live in Norfolk which is fairly flat which makes cycling easy. It’s also great looking and superbly built, getting many an admiring look as I whiz round.

At first I wondered if I would miss the throttle that the Ezee Torq had but I quickly got used to the Pro Connect kicking in when needed and now much prefer this system. The motor is whisper quiet and, apart from the ease of cycling with the ‘power’ on, you really wouldn’t know you were riding an electric bike at all.

The most I managed on a battery charge with the Ezee Torq was about 25 miles but I’ve already done over 50 on my Pro Connect by using the lowest power setting apart from the odd hill or two! I’m 64 and sold my car a couple of years ago so my bike is used daily. It helps keep me fit and the motor assistance just means I go further. It certainly doesn’t make you lazy!

Not the cheapest electric bike but DEFINITELY the best!
Mike Button in Norwich

Oxygen Emate City electric bike in London now

The Oxygen Emate City electric bike is now available to test ride at our new London store in Richmond.

The big news with this bike is the enormous capacity of its 37V 13Ah Lithium polymer battery pack, which can power the bike for between 32 and 60 miles (depending on terrain, riding style, etc). It’s also light, at around 20kg including battery, and comes equipped with lights, rack, mudguards, sprung forks and seatpost.

For such a fast, comfortable, long-range bike to be available at less than £1400 is unprecedented, so our introductory £1249 is as thrilling as the ride. This is nothing less than the best value for money hub motor electric bike on the market.

Top Grades for Kalkhoff Electric Bikes

Kalkhoff Pro Connect electric bikeNews of more awards for the Kalkhoff range of electric bikes reached us this afternoon.ExtraEnergy – the non-profit organisation which supports the development of personal electric transport and runs annual reviews of electric bicycles – have just awarded the prizes for the best Pedelecs at the Tai Pei cycling show. The Kalkhoff Pro Connect picked up the award for best bike in the ‘Easy Pedelec’ category, while the Agattu XXL picked up the trophy in the ‘Touring Pedelec’ category.The Pro Connect was named as ‘the best daily companion’ by the judges, who underlined the balanced handling, high-end specification and finely-adjusted motor performance, which they concluded would guarantee mobility in everyday life.ExtraEnergy also named the Kalkhoff Agattu XXL as the best ‘Tour-Pedelec’ because of its comfortable handling, the ergonomically optimised seating position and the fact that long distances wouldn’t be a problem. Its robust construction, suitable for even heavier riders, was also recognised as a sign of the promise of this high quality bike.Matthias Seidler, CEO of Derby Cycle, the manufactuer of the Kalkhoff bikes, said after the ceremony “For us, the award is a confirmation of our good work. We are especially happy to be awarded for our road capability as well as for our qualities in touring. That’s backing for our concept of creating the perfect bike for everyone.”Kalkhoff Agattu XXL electric bikeThe Kalkhoff Agattu XXL has also received the highest marks from ADAC, the German automobile association, in their latest edition of ADAC Motorwelt magazine. The renowned institution, with over 16 million members, called it a “powerful comfort bike”. In the field of ten bikes tested, Agattu XXL reached the top grade (1,3) for easy handling as well as upright seating position an comfortable driving. The reviewers also praised its “medium weight, comfortable city and tours Pedelec with sturdy frame and excellent running properties, suitable for high load capacity, easy-to-use, relatively spontaneously engaging drive, good facilities, good acting hydraulic brakes, good ride comfort thanks to fork and seat post suspension. Simple battery handling, good manual with valuable tips. On the whole, good value for money.”

Taga Combined Baby Stroller and Trike comes to 50cycles

Taga Combined Baby Stroller and Trike comes to 50cycles 2
We can now offer test rides on the new Taga 2-in-1 baby stroller and tricycle urban mobility solution. It’s a head-turning, life-changing, multimodal, super-smart 21st Century vehicle like no other that transforms from a nifty 3-speed tricycle baby-carrier into a futuristic-looking baby stroller in less than a minute.

Taga is uniquely designed to suit the needs of today’s parents and children. Taga combines the benefits of a premium stroller and a carrier bicycle to create a new form of transport.

It lets you both move around easily, turning a typical day into an exciting adventure. There’s no need to lock Taga outside and nothing is left behind. Taga can also be taken on the tube, train, bus or any other means of public transportation, offering continuous riding to and from any destination.

Taga is available to order now at 50cycles bikes, either in DIY kit form or pre-assembled and checked by our workshop team and delivered ready to ride.

Electric Bicycle Rental in Phuket, Thailand

Phuket Electric Bike Hire
Electric bikes have the power to make cycling a breeze for everybody, boosting your pedal power to take on steep hills and cover huge distances. So there’s no better way to see the beautiful island of Phuket, exploring routes well away from the hustle and bustle of traffic with ease.

The newly-opened Phuket Electric Bicycle rental centre is on the beach road in front of the Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort & Spa on Karon Beach. We can also deliver electric bikes to you at your hotel. Please call for a quote or contact us through the new Phuket Electric Bike Hire website. Cycle hire for everybody.

Gadget Show electric bike test

Gadget Show Electric Bike Urban Challenge - Suzy Perry on a 50cycle Kalkhoff Pro Connect electric bike

Gadget Show Electric Bike Test

Most of the major players in the electric bike industry were invited to gather at Herne Hill Velodrome in June to put their machines forward for the Gadget Show’s Urban Challenge, to be broadcast on Channel 5 at 8pm on 24 August, 2009.
Presenters Suzi Perry and Jason Bradbury selected one electric bike each from the field of around two dozen contenders to compete in a section of the show’s Urban Challenge. Power-assisted bicycles from Kalkhoff, Wisper, Cytronex, Urban Mover, eZee, Ultramotor, Powacycle and Powabyke were among those represented.
We took along a Kalkhoff Pro Connect electric bike (pictured with Suzi Perry riding, above) and a Pro Connect S, which was deemed a little too fast to enter the main test!
After a fair bit of deliberation, the presenters settled on the A2B Metro and, curiously, an eZee Forza. This was a model bike we launched back in 2007 but have since replaced. What these two bikes had in common was their undoubted TV-friendly performance – they whizz along under their own power without pedalling and have good suspension. They’re both interesting machines in their own ways, it’ll be interesting to see which of the two fares best in the test.
Casco E.Motion Black and Gold electric cycle helmetAt the end of the selection day, Jason Bradbury offered fulsome praise of the other models and conceded that he might have chosen a different bike.
We’re sure the Pro Connect would have raced away to victory had it been selected, but here’s a side-by-side comparison , just for fun.
One thing we’re very pleased about is that Suzi Perry will be wearing the Casco E.Motion electric cycling helmet we donated on the day of the challenge itself. “This is the best cycling helmet I have ever worn and I’ll wear it from now on. Can I keep it please?”, Suzi said after the shoot!
Check back for more information once the show has aired, 8pm Channel 5 this evening…