We've found the ideal setting for riding electric bikes.

Actually, we found it years ago when we opened our first shop in London on Hill Rise in Richmond upon Thames. We sent hundreds of people on their first electric bike ride up the hill to Richmond Park, four square miles of beautiful heath and woodland criss-crossed by cycling tracks and well-surface roads. It's a cycling nirvana only a few miles from the centre of London and it's one of the best places to cycle in the whole country. Free of traffic, in healthy surroundings, you'll enjoy a ride to remember.

We moved from Richmond out to a shop near the Thames at Kingston but the draw of Richmond Park was strong and this week we opened our third shop in London, at 50cycles Electric Bikes, 345 Upper Richmond Road West, East Sheen, London SW14 8QN.

It's more than twice the size of our previous shop, better-situated and only a few minute's ride to Richmond Park's Sheen Gate, which leads directly to White Lodge and the best view in the South West London.

If you're interested in riding an electric bike, and one of the best ones at that, there's only one place to visit to experience the thrill of assisted cycling in all of Greater London. 50cycles Electric Bikes has a wide range of machines from Kalkhoff, Germany's market leader and the most innovative manufacturer in the business.

Come and try an all-rounder like the Agattu, a sporty Pro Connect, compact Sahel or comfortable Tasman. We also have all-terrain electric mountain bikes from sister brand FOCUS. There's no need to book, test rides are absolutely free of charge and we have experts on hand to explain the technology and all the benefits.

Electric bikes are the smartest form of transport in a city - fast, powerful, economical and good for your health. Come and visit our new electric bike showroom and get a feel for what one could do for you.