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We've had our first large delivery of our new Carbon-frame, super lightweight compact electric bike, the BESV PS1.

We're now offering £2,500 off a pair in the run-up to Christmas, as well as £1,000 off for a single bike.

Now £1495 during our Christmas and New Year Sale

This is an exclusive offer for our email subscribers only. Please don't share on social media (family and friends are fine though!). If you're looking for the Christmas present of a lifetime or a New Year boost, we have you covered.

You can still claim £1,000 off a single PS1 with promotional code PS1LAUNCH, but if you're looking for a matching pair of e-bikes to serve as a car replacement or for holiday and motorhome adventures, this is the best offer going.

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It's a unique and very special e-bike for several reasons

1. It's super light, lighter than either the Sahel Compact (our best-selling small-wheeled bike) or Tern Vektron (a decent folding e-bike, but no featherweight).

2. It has proper dual suspension! Sprung forks up front and a shock absorber behind. Not just a springy seat post either - proper pneumatic suspension, like you'd find on a high-end mountain bike!

3. It's from BESV, the exciting premium brand we added to our line-up earlier this year. All BESV bikes are at the top end of the quality scale, but their PS1 hits the sweet spot in terms of weight, looks and equipment. They're part of a manufacturing giant and the scale of their design and technology resources are evident in this machine.

This review from a PS1 owner sums it up nicely

"I can honestly say the PS1 is the best e-bike I’ve owned so far. It rides well, it brakes well, it handles well, it looks lovely, it’s light, it has all the gears you need for town riding, the display is fantastic and it’s hugely energy efficient. It deserves to be a big success and I’m only surprised that there aren’t more reviews about it. 

"It is superior to the Gocycle in just about every other way and it’s no contest between them. If anyone is reading this and considering the two bikes, then go BESV!

"And it’s perfect for stormy conditions. Cycling headfirst into a gale is never fun, but the BESV has enough power assist to make it far less painful an experience than it would be without it.

Let's look once more at what the BESV PS1 offers

Lightweight Carbon frame 
Bike and battery weigh in at less than 18kg and will carry riders up to 100kg

Quiet but powerful 250W motor 
Responds to your pedalling via a torque sensor like all the best e-bikes

Dual Suspension 
Front forks and air suspension shock absorber at the rear take care of bumpy roads and mixed terrain

Easy-to-read display 
Keep an eye on your speed, distance and battery level

Sophisticated smartphone app 
BESV created a really nifty optional app that connects via Bluetooth

Brilliant design and colour options 
Sleek, unfussy design available in red and white

Optional Carbon fibre bag 
Clips neatly onto the luggage rack

Compact frame geometry
Easy to get on and off, even for shorter riders

Well-equipped for the real world
Each comes fitted with lights, mudguards and a luggage rack to keep you safe, dry and able to carry your stuff.

Who's it for?
Great for commuterse-bike fleetsmotorhome and caravan ownerspilotsyacht ownersanyone with limited storage space at home.

This bike is listed publicly on our website at £,2995 but we're offering the BESV at £1,995 each with code PS1LAUNCH but also a pair for £3,500 or £1747.50 each.

An offer that is only available to recipients of this email.

To claim yours and get a PS1 or 2 in your life, please call Mark on our sales hotline, 01509 278393
schedule a free callback via our website