We're often asked "so what's your lightest electric bike?" and "sounds great - how heavy is it?"

Seems weight is a big factor for people buying an electric bike, up there with price and range.

Most of our e-bikes weigh in well over 20kg. A couple of this year's dual-battery models tipped the scales nearer 30kg. Even that's light compared to some of the Lead-acid 50kg monsters of a decade ago.

But to go really light, you need to go Carbon.

We've been scouring the globe for a credible, affordable and comfortable super-lightweight e-bike for years.

BESV PS1 Compact Electric Bike - Carbon FrameWell, we've found it and it's better than we hoped for. It's not only light (really light), it's attractive and comfortable too.

It's lighter than either the Sahel Compact (our best-selling small-wheeled bike) or Tern Vektron (a really good folding e-bike, but no featherweight) and about the same weight as the new Brompton Electric.

But unlike any of them, it has proper dual suspension, with sprung forks up front and a shock absorber behind. Not just a springy seatpost either - proper pneumatic suspension, like you'd find on a high-end mountain bike!

It's from, BESV, a premium brand we added to our line-up earlier this year. All BESV bikes are at the higher end of the quality scale, but their PS1 hits the sweet spot in terms of weight, looks and equipment.

We're keen to see as many on the roads as quickly as possible and to collect reviews from early adopters.

Here are some excerpts from an owner review we found this week

"The BESV seemed to tick all the boxes I wanted: light weight, pedal assist, full suspension, small frame (I’m only 5’3″). And it’s mostly been an absolute joy to use. For a start, the suspension really does work for 95% of road conditions and only bottoms out on deeper potholes. The light weight means you can ride it without any assist at all and it feels just like a regular bike. The small frame makes it easier to carry up stairs and around corners. And the pedal assist is very quiet and efficient –  this thing really does just sip battery power and the range is far greater than both the Gocycle and the BH E-Motion.

"No bike is absolutely perfect but I can honestly say the PS1 is the best e-bike I’ve owned so far. "It rides well, it brakes well, it handles well, it looks lovely, it’s light, it has all the gears you need for town riding, the display is fantastic and it’s hugely energy efficient. It deserves to be a big success and I’m only surprised that there aren’t more reviews about it. [we hope there will be soon]

"It is superior to the Gocycle in just about every other way and it’s no contest between them. If anyone is reading this and considering the two bikes, then go BESV!"

He updated his review a year later...

"Have used the BESV consistently now for over a year and it just gets better and better. It is pretty much the perfect urban or commuting machine. It has a balance of strengths and very few weaknesses. 

"And it’s perfect for stormy conditions. Cycling headfirst into a gale is never fun, but the BESV has enough power assist to make it far less painful an experience than it would be without it.

"Highly recommended if your country sells them!"

Well now 50cycles sells them in the UK!

Let's look  once more at what the BESV PS1 offers:

Lightweight Carbon frame Bike and battery weigh in around 18kg and will carry riders up to 100kg

Quiet but powerful 250W motor Responds to your pedalling via a torque sensor like all the best e-bikes

Dual Suspension Front forks and air suspension shock absorber at the rear

Easy-to-read display Keep an eye on your speed, distance and battery level

Sophisticated smartphone app BESV created a really nifty optional app that connects via Bluetooth

Brilliant design and colour options Available in red, yellow and white

Optional bag Clips neatly onto the luggage rack

Compact frame geometry Easy to get on and off, even for shorter riders

Who's it for? Great for commuters, e-bike fleets, motorhome and caravan owners, pilots (we've sold quite a few compact and folding e-bikes to pilots over the years), yacht owners, people with limited space at home.

Take a closer look at the BESV PS1 Compact Carbon Frame E-Bike now