BH Atom E-Bikes Amaze with their new 720Wh Battery Pack

BH has stunned the e-bike world with their latest range of Atom city e-bikes. Range between charges has always been of prime concern for electric bike buyers. Over the past ten years, 50cycles has led the way by offering bikes with the largest battery capacities.

Recent years saw Kalkhoff batteries with 540Wh then 612Wh battery packs on selected Impulse 2.0 models.

Bosch has caught up by adding 625Wh batteries to their 2020 range.

Now Kalkhoff has nudged up battery capacity to 660Wh in 2020 on some of their latest models.

But BH has gone further. Many of their 2020 e-bikes come with 720Wh fully-integrated batteries (fully integrated means the battery is completely hidden inside the frame).

This means greater range and fewer charges, extending battery lifetime.

Latest Lithium-ion technology as standard

Each battery is packed with the latest 21700 cells, the same format used in Tesla’s electric cars. That’s how they’ve squeezed so much battery power into a pack that fits snugly inside each bike’s frame.

BH have decided to carry the cost of this battery upgrade so prices of the new BH Atom Pro range are extremely competitive. The top-of-the-range Diamond Wave Pro with 8-speed hub gears, colour LCD, built-in lock, lights and 720Wh battery is only £2595.

The equivalent Kalkhoff is well over £3000.

BH is the bike brand we’ve been looking for to replace Kalkhoff in our line-up. They select the best components, they have a long and sporty pedigree and they don’t compromise on capability or quality.

“That’s why we are convinced that the city models will find many friends,” says Steffen Krill, BH’s brand manager in Germany.

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The 2020 BH Atom City Bikes

Step-thru electric bikes


2020 BH Atom Diamond Wave Pro
2020 BH Atom Diamond Wave Pro

Atom Diamond Wave Pro

BH’s Top-of-the-range Atom, the Diamond Pro offers the maximum range and comes fully equipped.

Great for longer tours or exploring cities without worrying about finding somewhere to charge!

  • 720Wh integrated battery –  100 miles range is possible
  • 8-speed Shimano hub gears – great for stop-start riding in towns
  • Front & rear disk brakes – awesome stopping power
  • Front & rear lights – good ones too
  • Luggage rack & kickstand – complete convenience
  • Built-in lock – added security
  • Full chainguard – keeps you clean and dry
  • Suspension – for ironing out the bumps
  • Colour LCD – to keep you informed
  • The perfect replacment for a Kalkhoff Agattu.

Atom City Wave Pro

Similar to the Diamond Wave Pro but with sporty 10-speed derailleur gears. Same big battery and equipment levels.

Atom City Wave

This model comes with 8-speed derailleur gears and a 500Wh integrated battery. This makes it a very affordable £1895.

Atom Street Pro

BH Atom Street Pro
BH Atom Street Pro

BH’s Atom Streets come with extra-small frames and 26-inch wheels, for riders around 5’0″ – 5’6″.

It has the largest 720Wh battery, colour LCD, lock and 10-speed gears.

Atom Street

BH Atom City Wave
BH Atom City Wave

The smaller Atom Street step-thru also comes in a 500Wh version.

The 41cm frame and 26-inch wheels it shares with the Pro model make it ideal for shorter riders. Both make a great Agattu or Beat Bike replacement.

Gents electric bike

Atom City Pro

BH Atom City Pro Electric Bike
BH Atom City Pro

This the bike I have my eye on for 2020. The clean look, powerful motor and integrated 720Wh battery pack will make this a best-seller.

We see it as an excellent replacement for a Cube Kathmandu, Kalkhoff Integrale or an old favourite, the Kalkhoff Pro Connect.

Every decade or so a group of electric bikes emerges that sets the pace. Back in 2008, that was clearly the Kalkhoff Agattu, Pro Connect and Tasman. But they never had integrated batteries or batteries of this capacity.

All those models have had their day, but they have each found worthy replacements that offer greater range, equipment, reliability and design in the shape of the 2020 BH Atom range.

How to choose the right 2020 BH Atom for you

Click here to enquire about the best 2020 BH Atom for your needs – our experts will help you find the right bike in the right size

And if you’re looking for something with more specialist appeal, check out the BH AtomX range with Brose and Shimano motors.

We’re also thrilled to see that BH is using the Yamaha motor in their  2020 Rebel range, including a folding electric bike, the BH Rebel Volt.


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