BH Atom E-Bikes Price & Performance Combined

The BH Atom e-bikes range has options for all types of users. There are now models for all possible categories and to cater for the widest range of budgets.

The BH Atom E-Bike range is a perfect gateway to the world of electric bicycles

There are fifteen models in this collection and five are designed for mountain biking use, both full suspension and hardtail,  27.5” wheels and 29”.

All BH Atom models share a common feature, the use of the “TS System” patented by BH Bikes. It’s a unique way of integrating the battery into the down tube, allowing the bike to maintain the most compact geometry and practical design.

BH Atom E-Bikes: a system full of advantages

  • Easy-to-access battery from the top part of the down tube
  • Low centre of gravity
  • Aluminium battery housing for optimal heat dissipation
  • Charging port on the side, so that you do not need to remove the battery pack for recharging.

The BH Atom E-Bike range features 600 Wh batteries for the Pro models and 500 Wh batteries for the Standard models.

The Pro range can achieve a range of 125 km, with Standard models reaching 105 km. They are equipped with a motor produced by BH Bikes, the 1E-36V.

BH Bikes has over a decade’s experience in the world of electric bikes, with outstanding insight into everything an e-bike needs.

With a maximum torque of 80 Nm, this year’s motor has been made smaller and more lightweight than ever before. It has four customisable assistance levels and three sensors (torque, speed and cadence) to optimise assistance according to those parameters at all times.

It also comes with a full-colour LCD display that is simple and intuitive to use.

Additionally, each model in the BH Atom E-Bikes range has a remote control for operating its main functions. Ergonomics and ease of use are the hallmarks of these e-bikes.

BH Atom Electric Mountain Bike Range

The MTB range includes two full-suspension bikes with Split Pivot suspension system that has long given our traditional pedal cycle models the edge. It is now doing the same for our e-bikes.

Independence between the pedalling, braking and suspension forces makes them extremely efficient, perfect for harnessing and extending the range of an e-bike on challenging terrain.

The BH Atom Lynx 5.5 Pro and BH Atom Lynx 5.5 models are based on an aluminium frame with full suspension for 27.5+ wheels, with the former using a 600 Wh battery and the latter having a 500 Wh battery.

The BH Atom 29 Pro and BH Atom 29 have the same hardtail aluminium frame for 29”, with the former using a battery with a larger capacity.

The BH Atom 27.5 is the “small-wheel” model of the hardtail bikes in the BH Atom range.

Starting from £1,895, the prices for the complete range are as follows:

BH Atom Ebikes - 27.5"
BH Atom Ebikes – 27.5″ £1,895

BH Atom 27.5” – £1,895.90

BH Atom Lynx 5.5 – £2,895.90

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