2020 BH Electric Bikes: Focus on BH Atom Range

2020 BH Atom Diamond Wave Pro

For many years our best-selling bike was the Kalkhoff Agattu. It went through many versions but essentially remained a comfortable, capable, much-loved step-thru electric bike.

We sold around 20,000 of them over the years and many of the early examples are still being ridden every day.

So many we put out a call for trade-ins of old Agattu for new electric bikes. We service and then list them on our website with other old Kalkhoffs and they always sell out within a few days.

But they do have their limitations. Kalkhoff never succeeded in properly integrating the battery pack into the frame and battery capacity was limited. Kalkhoff also utterly lost the plot with after-sales support in recent years, so we had to let them go.

So, what are our customers trading-in their beloved Agattus for?

Riese & Müllers ebikes have proved popular replacements but the runaway winners are electric bikes from BH. They’ve been around for a long time. 2019 marks their 110th year in the bicycle business and they’ve offered a range of well-received electric models for at least a decade.

But in recent seasons they’ve made a powerful play to dominate the European and UK electric bike market in recent years. Their latest e-bikes are at least the equal of anything coming out of France, Germany or the Netherlands. They’ve made some excellent choices with their motors, batteries and frame designs.

Of special interest to Agattu owners are the BH Atom step-thru bikes. BH succeeded in both hiding the battery in the frame and offering extremely long-range thanks to a higher capacity. The displays are more informative and build quality is remarkable too. Perhaps best of all, pricing is very competitive for bikes of this quality.

Let’s take a closer look at how BH has done it

We’re going to give you a preview of BH 2020 Atom e-bikes in the rest of this post. What’s new, what they have in common, what the top-spec bikes offer.2020 BH Atom Diamond Wave Pro - 50cycles

2020 BH Atom Diamond Wave Pro

BH TS System Frame

Atom bikes are all characterised by their Turn & Slide “TS System”, patented by BH Bikes, which integrates the battery in the diagonal tube, preserving the shape of a traditional frame. Its optimised design allows the compact geometry characteristic of BH frames.

The 2020 range uses Gravity Die Casting technology, guaranteeing maximum stiffness on the down tube and in the motor area. This makes for a better, more confidence-inspiring ride.

Access to the battery through the top of the diagonal tube means improved ergonomics. All internal wiring is channelled along the diagonal tube through inner tubes specifically developed in the frame extrusion. This gives a very clean look to the bikes.

Keeping the battery and motor down and central gives a low centre of gravity. This guarantees a reactive and stable bike without compromising frame geometry.

BH Atom Battery Features

2020 BH Electric Bikes: Focus on BH Atom Range 1

The battery pack’s extruded Aluminium body allows better heat dissipation from the cells inside. A very compact cross-section allows close integration into the frame. The thoughtful exterior design further conceals it.

The charging port is located on one side of the diagonal tube. The battery can be charged without removal (though the battery can be removed for separate charging if you prefer).

There are 3 types of batteries, 720Wh and 600 Wh for the Pro range, 500 Wh for the Standard range.

Offering long ranges of up to 125 km in the Pro range, by incorporating 4.2 Ah high-density cells; 105 km in the Standard range. It has an energy density above 170 Wh/kg.

Battery Winter Cover

In cold environments, the optional winter cover kit for the battery, with its 5mm-thick layer of neoprene, conserves the battery’s heat, improving its performance and offering the user an increased range by up to 15% in extremely low temperatures (<10ºC).

Battery life expectancy

Maximum deterioration of 20% after 500 complete charge and discharge cycles (>30.000 km). So a battery will still have 80% capacity after 500 complete charge cycles.

Battery Care System

The integrated batteries use a high-performance BMS (Battery Management System) to precisely control consumption during use. This is highly effective at extending the useful life of the battery, even when it is left unused for long periods.

Deep sleep mode is automatically activated and allows for a battery with just 10% of its charge to be recharged up to 400 days later.

Battery Charging Time

The battery can be charged via the port built into the frame, or directly from the charger itself, once removed from the bike. Either allow a rapid charging to 80% capacity within 1.5 hours.

BH Central Motor System

BH 1E Motor Performance profile
BH 1E-36 Motor Performance profile

The motor is integrated into the frame with minimal visual impact and a low centre of gravity. This also allows the use of a conventional groupset –double chainring or internal gear hub– and offers no resistance in «no assistance» mode.

As a new feature, the motor is protected by two side housings with an insulated and hermetic seal.

The Atom range uses the new triple-sensor BH Drive-1E 36 V motor.

This is now more compact and lightweight for high performance and maximum power for sports use, with great responsive behaviour.

It has an efficiency of between 70% and 83% depending on the speed, and it develops a maximum torque of 80 Nm.

Levels of Assistance

Eco: 1 : 0.9

Eco+: 1 : 1.8

Sport: 1 : 2.7

Boost: 1 : 3.5

Triple Sensor Technology: Torque, Speed and Cadence

Torque and cadence sensors are fully integrated into the motor unit, thus offering maximum precision and jerk-free, powerful, reactive assistance.

The external speed sensor measures the rotation of the wheels, providing the system with even more information to optimize the assistance you feel.

BH Atom Display Features

BH Atom Pro Display Colour LCD
BH Atom Pro Display Colour LCD

Selected BH Atom bikes come with the new 2.8” centrally-mounted colour display with a large number of built-in features.


One very nice feature is the use of a colour code to distinguish between assistance modes for at-a-glance information.

It also has a handy 5V USB charging port.

The following information is available via the colour display:

  • Range
  • Remaining battery capacity percentage
  • Time
  • Speed
  • Total or trip distance
  • Selection and identification of the assistance mode using a colour code
  • Switch lights on and off
  • Walk assist up to 6 km/h
  • Wheel size settings and kilometres or miles units
  • System and battery diagnostics
  • USB charging port
  • Setting of parameters for the different assistance modes.

2020 BH Atom Models

Atom Diamond Wave Pro £2595

2020 BH Atom Diamond Wave Pro
2020 BH Atom Diamond Wave Pro

BH’s top-of-the-range step thru with 720Wh integrated battery pack, 8-speed Shimano Nexus hub gears, 28″ wheels and two frame sizes – Medium 48cm and Large 54cm.

This bike will convey you in comfort for 60 to 80 miles, depending upon terrain and assistance level. Well-equipped too, with lights, luggage rack and straps, disk brakes, full chainguard, Schwalbe Big Apple tyres and built-in Axa lock. Plus the new colour LCD.

A worthy replacement for any Agattu Premium, Include or similar step-thru electric bike.

BH Atom City Wave Pro
BH Atom City Wave Pro

Atom City Wave Pro £2495

Similar to the Diamond Wave Pro, the biggest difference being the use of 10-speed derailleur gears rather than the 8-speed hub.

BH Atom City Pro Electric Bike
BH Atom City Pro Electric Bike

Atom City Pro Gents £2495

Crossbar version of the City Wave Pro – also with 720Wh battery for phenomenal range between charges.

BH Atom City Wave
BH Atom City Wave

Atom City Wave £1895

Significant savings here – the City Wave uses the same TS System with disk brakes and a clean look, but with a medium-range 500Wh battery pack and 8-speed Shimano derailleur gears.

BH Atom Street Pro
BH Atom Street Pro

Atom Street Pro £2595

BH’s Atom Street series are ideal for shorter riders or those with less storage space. Very compact 41cm frames are couple with 26″ wheels, but with the same 720Wh battery pack and equipment as the City Wave and Diamond models.

BH Atom Street
BH Atom Street

Atom Street £1695

Our best-selling Agattu was the 26-inch 45cm frame version, but it wasn’t suitable for the shortest rides. BH’s new Street with integrale battery should cater for riders in the 5′ range.

This version is made more affordable by its 500Wh battery pack and 8-speed gears.

So there we have it, brilliant replacements for the much-loved but not defunct Kalkhoff Agattu.

Check out our BH Atom 2020 page for full specifications and prices, with deliveries following in Autumn.

Call Mark on 01509 278 393 for more information or to pre-order now.

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