These BH AtomX Cross E-Bike All-Rounders are Seriously Impressive

These BH AtomX Cross E-Bike All-Rounders are Seriously Impressive

Three BH AtomX Cross models have been listed on our site for a while but this week we received the first high-res images of these key models.

Now we know that is coming, it’s clear this range will be must-have models for many in 2020. They hit the sweet spot of where great design, superb rideability and extraordinary performance meet with a reasonable price tag.

They all share the same distinctive looks, but it’s the hidden presence of the superb Brose Drive S Mag motor and battery packs which set them apart.

Let’s look at the top-of-the-range full-suspension incarnation first.

2020 BH AtomX Cross Pro-S

Available from end of October 2019 (medium size) and April 2020 (large)

BH AtomX Cross Pro-S full suspension electric bike
BH AtomX Cross Pro-S full suspension electric bike 720Wh battery with Brose Drive S Mag mid-motor

Here’s the BH AtomX Cross Pro-S. Let’s break down that complicated name to see what each part means.

BH is the manufacturer. We were appointed as their UK distributor earlier this year. They’ve been making high-class bikes for 110 years and electric bikes for over a decade. They’re based in the Basque region of Spain and we’re thrilled to be working them.

AtomX is the designation BH give to all their bikes equipped with the new Brose Drive S Mag motor.

Cross means the bike is a true all-rounder, with off-road capability but on-road equipment like lights, mudguards, a luggage rack and dual-purpose tyres.

Pro means it comes with the largest capacity battery (720Wh) and a colour display.

The final S stands for suspension, because this version has front and rear suspension. It also has knobbly tyres for true off-road riding, so this is an e-bike you can throw around in all sorts of conditions without coming off worse.

As this is the top model you also get Shimano’s SLX 12-speed drivetrain, Rock Shox Deluxe Debonair rear shock-absorber and Schwalbe Smart Sam 27.5 x 2.6″ tyres.

There’s also an AtomX Cross Pro without rear suspension, we’ll cover that one next.

Brose Drive S Mag motor

Brose Drive S Mag best ebike motorWe really should say some more about the Brose Drive S Mag  because this motor is really something.

It supplies up to 410 % support (one way to think of this is it’s like having 4.1 other people pedalling along with you).

It develops 90 Nm torque and it uses an internal belt drive rather than gears so it’s almost completely silent.

It’s 500 g lighter than the Brose Drive S Alu thanks to its Magnesium alloy motor casing. Brose are also offering lighter Magnesium casings on their other motors next season. No-one else is doing this… yet.

But BH have deployed Magnesium across the AtomX range for 2020.

It’s not just the casing that’s been improved though. The Drive S Mag has also been equipped with new boards and chips, making it easier to combine the sensors inside. The result is a new riding mode at the highest support level.

In Flex Power Mode, power delivery is controlled according to cadence and pedal force. This a significantly faster response from a standing start and makes your bike significantly quicker when pulling away. This mode is only available in the new Drive S Mag.

Read our blog post on how the Drive S Mag compares to other motors in this class

2020 BH Atom X Cross Pro

Available from April 2020 – pre-order now!

This model is just like the Pro-S, but in hardtail format.

BH AtomX Cross Pro - Hardtail Electric Bike - ER580 - 50cycles Electric Bikes
BH AtomX Cross Pro hardtail electric bike with 720Wh battery and Brose Drive S Mag mid-motor

The BH AtomX Cross Pro has one of the cleanest looks of any 2020 BH but its quality is much more than skin deep. It’s also powered by the Brose Drive S Mag which is fantastic news in all-rounder bikes like this.

The AtomX Cross models are perfect for someone who rides daily – perhaps to commute across a busy city during the week, but with more recreational riding in mixed terrain at the weekends.

An all-rounder with abundant power, excellent rideability and practical roadgoing equipment like lights, mudguards and a luggage rack. The Schwalbe Super Moto–X 27.5″ x 2.4 tyres are also slicker, equally at home on tarmac or trail with effective puncture protection.

Winora Yakun Tour Electric bike with Yamaha PW-X
2017 Winora Yakun

The nearest bike to this one we’ve seen over the years is the Winora Yakun Tour (left), but that was both more expensive and less capable than the AtomX Cross Pro. And far less good-looking. And noisier!

Don’t get me wrong… I love the Winora Yakun Tour. I ride one most days to cycle to the local shops or gym, and up into the South Downs at weekends. But it is ever-so-slightly brutal-looking (and sounding) compared to this beauty.

It’s also limited by a maximum 500Wh battery capacity, compared to 720Wh here. That’s fine for me, but some of us needed ranges well up towards the 40 and 50-mile range.

The Yakun’s Yamaha PW-X motor, though very satisfying, is less powerful, less sophisticated and a fair bit heavier than the Brose Drive S Mag.

We’re not aware of any other all-round models like this – suitable for both urban riding and touring off the beaten track – that makes such us of this new, award-winning motor.

2020 Brose AtomX Cross

BH have a very limited number in stock now! Order online or call

BH AtomX Cross - ER569 - 50cycles Electric Bikes
BH AtomX Cross electric bike with 500Wh battery and Brose Drive S Mag mid-motor

Finally we have the entry-level BH AtomX Cross, still powered by the magnificent Brose Drive S Mag motor but with a shorter range 500Wh hidden away in the frame.

Otherwise, very similar to the hardtails AtomX Cross Pro – slight differences in gear, brake and tyre spec but very much the same beast.

It has the same battery capacity as my much-loved and much-ridden Winora Yakun Tour, but the motor is at least a generation ahead, it’s lighter and easier on the eye.

This variation comes fitted with Schwalbe G–One 27,5″X2,35 TR multipurpose gravel tyres – a true all-round tyre we’ve only seen before on certain Riese & Müller high-speed models and a welcome sight here.

It’s also five hundred pounds less than the Yakun, which went on sale for £3495.

With this design, that motor and these prices, BH are really onto someting and will breakthrough in a big way in 2020.

See the full 2020 BH AtomX E-Mountain and All-Round Cross range now

BH ATOMX LYNX 6 PRO-SE - ER949 - 50cycles Electric Bikes

And don’t miss the incredible high-end 2020 BH AtomX Carbon line-up including the BH AtomX Lynx 27.5 Plus Pro Eagle SE  which is now available to ship!

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