Introduction to BH Electric Bikes at 50cycles

It's the biggest news for 50cycles and our customers in many years.

We have signed an exclusive deal with renowned manufacturer BH to bring their electric bike range to the UK.

BH has been a significant player in the electric bike market for many years. Their EasyMotion brand is already a huge success across Europe and, unusually, even in the United States.

But BH has never quite broken through in the UK in the same way that brands like Kalkhoff, Haibike and Specialized have.

That's about to change

We've been looking for our next brand for a while. An invitation to meet BH and test their range at their base in Vittoria, in northern Spain last month sealed the deal.

BH electric bikes bring what we and our customers always look for

  • Plentiful power delivered by Brose, Shimano & BH's powerful motors
  • Long range batteries built into the frame
  • Matchless design, reliability and rideability

BH offer the magic combination of experience (they've been making bikes since 1909) and innovation (the latest and greatest motor, battery and frame technology).

BH's 2019 electric bikes are split into several families, distinguished by the motor system and the role they play - touring and city bikes, even a folding e-bike, as well as world-beating mountain bikes.

On to the bikes!

BH AtomX Carbon

BH ATOMX CARBON Lynx 6 Plus Pro Eagle BH AtomX Carbon Lynx 6 Plus Pro Eagle
  • Brose Drive S Mag centre motor
  • Integrated 720Wh battery
  • Full suspension

Let's start with the top of the range. AtomX covers BH's high-end mountain bikes. They have hardtail and full-suspension models, some with Carbon frames. The group test winning Brose Drive S Mag powers their top bikes, with Brose Drive S on the others.

Models: BH AtomX Carbon Lynx 6 Pro Eagle

Replacements for: Specialized Levo, Scott E-Genius, Cube Stereo Hybrid

BH AtomX

  • Brose Drive S centre motor
  • Integrated 700Wh battery
  • High-End Full Suspension, Hardtail and Cross bikes

The need to develop a high-performance e-MTB bike provoked the launch of the ATOM X project over three years ago. A team of experts was put together from the fields of MTB geometry, suspension and performance, advanced motor, battery and IT technologies. That is how the innovative and patented “X System” came about, which represented an integration that was both ergonomic and different. It was developed until it became the best electric MTB bike with the best of both worlds: sporting performance and the most advanced electric technology

Models: BH ATOMX Lynx 6 Pro-SE | BH ATOMX Pro | BH ATOMX Cross PRO

 Replacements for: Cube Stereo Hybrid, Cube Reaction Hybrid, Cube Cross Hybrid, Scott E-Genius, Specialized Levo, Giant Full-E


BH Atom

  • Brose Drive S, Brose Drive T and BH 1E-36V centre motors
  • Integrated 500Wh and 600Wh (on Pro models) battery packs
  • Mid-Budget Full Suspension, Hardtail and Cross bikes

Models: BH ATOM 29 | BH ATOM Cross PRO | BH ATOM Lynx 5.5 | BH ATOM Diamond Wave | BH ATOM Diamond Wave PRO | BH ATOM Street-M

  Replacements for: Cube Stereo Hybrid, Cube Reaction Hybrid, Cube Cross Hybrid, Scott E-Genius, Specialized Levo, Giant Full-E

BH X-Tep

  • Shimano E8000 STEPS centre motor
  • Integrated 720Wh battery
  • High-End Full Suspension and Hardtail e-MTBs

The E8000 motor is Shimano's top of the range electric mountain bike unit. It's powered here by the largest 720Wh battery which is fully integrated into the frame.

Models: BH ATOMX Cross PRO | BH X-TEP Cross PRO | BH X-TEP Lynx 5.5 PRO | BH X-TEP Lynx 5.5 PRO-SE

Replacements for: Scott E-Genius, Cube Stereo Hybrid, Specialized Levo, Haibike

BH Evo

  • BH Evo 48V rear hub motor with very strong assistance: 140Nm torque & 860W peak power!
  • Integrated 500Wh and 600Wh (on Pro models) battery packs
  • Great value Cross, Touring and City bikes

Some of us need really powerful electric bikes that deliver power immediately. It could be to make up for lost fitness, to beat a formidable hill or just for kicks.

The BH Evo range is the bike to go for if you're looking for extra oomph with a dash of style.

The electronic components in the Evo motor have been oversized to increase the torque by 20%, obtaining peak powers of 860 W and a maximum torque of 140 Nm.

What's really impressive is the 1:4 assistance you'll enjoy in Boost power mode

Models: BH EVO Cross PROBH EVO Street| BH EVO Street PRO | BH EVO City PRO | BH EVO City Wave PRO | BH EVO Jet | BH EVO Cross

Ideal replacements for Kalkhoff Agattu, Kalkhoff Pro Connect, Kalkhoff Tasman, Cube Town Hybrid, Cube Touring Hybrid, eZee Sprint, eZee Forte

BH EasyGo Folding Electric Bike

  • 250W rear hub motor
  • 250Wh battery pack
  • Double-action folding mechanism

One model: BH Easygo Volt

Replacement for: Westhill Link, Green Zebra, Tern Vektron, Hercules Rob Fold, eZee Quando


We've already taken a number of orders for these bikes and demonstrator models will be making their way to our showrooms soon.

You can see our current BH electric bike range here - use our online chat system, email or call 0333 900 5050 to learn more. BH's own website also has a wealth of information on their new e-bike range.