BH Evo Electric Bikes – Exceedingly Powerful E-bikes

Introducing BH Evo Electric Bikes

We know what most people want from an electric bike is plenty of power. It’s the power to flatten hills, cut through headwinds and make hauling heavy loads easy that appeals. And it’s the power that brings you back for more and longer rides.

Power is especially important in some areas. To feel confident when navigating through busy streets at rush hour, you need as much as possible. The ability to rapidly increase your speed when crossing a junction really sets electric bikes apart from pedal cycles. Once you’ve tried it, you wouldn’t want to ride in traffic without electric assistance. It makes that much difference to your ride.

Most people are looking for an electric bike that offers something quite different from an ordinary bicycle. That is why we’re excited by the new BH Evo range of electric bikes. Because they offer strong assistance, large battery capacities and keen pricing.

BH Evo Electric Bikes 48V Hub Motor High Torque

BH Evo – Let’s look at the numbers

First, the BH Evos are the only bikes we stock which run on 48 volts. Everything else is 36 volts and some of our oldest Kalkhoff, Honda and Panasonic models were 26 volt systems. These extra volts are the source of the power boost you’ll enjoy with BH Evo.

But how much power?

One measure of power is torque and another is peak power output. Again, the BH Evo system scores very well here. You get 140 Nm of torque, far more than on Kalkhoff Impulse (70 Nm), Bosch (50 Nm to 75 Nm depending on motor) Kalkhoff Impulse Evo (80 Nm), Brose (90 Nm) and even the new Flyon motor you’ll find in 2019 Haibikes which are rated at 120 Nm.

Then there’s peak output. That comes in at a whopping 860 Watts which puts most systems in the shade, even the amazing Brose Drive S Mag (560 Watts peak). This is peak power though and will only be available in short bursts, when you most need it. Otherwise, the nominal wattage is a nice, road-legal 250 Watts.

How did BH Evo come to offer so much power?

The American versions of these bikes come with throttle control. That is not permitted in the UK or across the EU at present. But it does mean these motors have the grunt to work in that way, which makes them work very well with the torque sensor control on the version we sell. Torque sensor makes for a more natural ride than a throttle anyway – we stopped selling throttle-activated bikes long before we had to do so.

What these numbers mean in practice is satisfaction. If you’re looking for an e-bike with STRONG assistance, a BH Evo is the one for you.  You won’t be disappointed. After all, the motor was developed for bikes designed and built in the stupendously hilly Basque Country of northern Spain.

50cycles sent a team to their headquarters recently and the power was obvious. British riders are going to love these bikes.

OK, so plenty of oomph. Anything else?

Yes, one thing all Evo bikes have in common is a clean, efficient look. That’s because they’ve hidden the battery in the downtube, so these are all bikes that wear their electric power lightly. Integrated batteries, like these, are fast becoming the norm. In fact, all our BH offering the AtomX, Atom and Evo bikes have integrated batteries.

And rightly so. Who, in 2019, wants an ebike with an unsightly lump hanging off it? There’s no need, the latest battery packs can fit snugly inside the frame.

We’re stocking up our stores with the latest BH Evo electric bike models, ready for free test rides or to buy and ride away. We’ve put up with weak electric bikes for far too long in the UK, at last, we can offer high-quality hub motor bikes that beat hills, banish headwinds and give you most satisfying e-bike riding experience.

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