BH X-TEP Lynx 5.5 Pro S Review – Demands you to take it to the nearest trail

Review of the 2019 BH X-Tep Lynx 5.5 Pro S

More and more e-bike manufacturers are installing powerful batteries. And Spanish brand BH is no exception. Their new the X-TEP comes with a class-leading 720 Wh battery pack.

This All-Mountain charger, based on Shimano’s E-MTB engine Steps E8000 motor, breaks new ground, especially in terms of battery life. The battery pack, as with many current E-MTBs, is integrated inside the down tube.

However, it is not taken to the side or down, but pulled upwards. The long design and a new, more compact cell structure allow you to store enormous 720 Wh in the X-TEP. The standard for most e-bikes – notably Bosch-powered ones – is currently at 500 Wh.

The fact that BH has almost 50 per cent more battery power available reflects a current trend – as Specialized recently showed on the new Levo with 700 Wh battery. But, compared to the American brand, BH offers the largest battery in all models, not just the £8000+ models like Specialized.

The bike is very smart in other ways: using a wristband, you can open the electronic battery door (a key is also included).


BH X-TEP Lynx 5.5 Pro S Picture 1

BH relies on the strong and popular Shimano engine on the X-TEP. This is not only lightweight but also allows a compact geometry.
The laterally offset seat tube is striking with the damper visually standing out. So, the X-TEP battery and engine is well prepared for the future. But what about geometry, add-on parts and frame?

In the other attachments such as brakes or circuit is largely installed Shimano’s mid-range SLX.

Good: BH does not compromise on the tyres, relying on the very snappy Magic Mary by Schwalbe in a generously wide 27.5 x 2.8 “version.

The first glance at the geometry chart is astounding. The 67° steering angle is relatively steep, the short reach and the tight wheelbase are also a bit unusual at 150 mm stroke front and 140 mm rear travel. But only because most of us are used to longer dimensions.

BH X-TEP Lynx 5.5 Pro S battery compartment

The flap on the top tube is opened by means of an electronic bracelet mentioned earlier. This gives access to the 720 Wh battery, which is pulled up and out to remove. The battery can also be charged in the bike – no need to remove it every time.

What’s the BH X-Tep like to ride?

You feel amazingly comfortable on this bike. The front end is also pleasantly high thanks to the successful design of the cockpit, the central seating position, the steep seat angle of 75° brings a lot of pressure from above the pedal.

Immediately one feels the desire to take on the nearest trail. The chassis works fine and always feels interactive through all bumps. The short geometry encourages you to play and throw it around a little.

Nevertheless, ride safety is also surprisingly high. The mighty 27.5-plus tyres play a crucial role in this, and their grip gives great confidence. Even the SLX brake, which is actually a bit undersized with just two pistons, brakes very decent front and rear thanks to the 203 discs.

And the Shimano engine? It hums happily to itself and is as thrilling as ever in the dynamic trail mode, giving a full-blooded performance in boost mode. Thanks to the large battery you can carry on like this for many miles.

BH’s X-Tep range is available exclusively from 50cycles in the UK, including the top-of-the-range BH X-Tep Lynx 5.5 Pro SE version.

We also offer the BH AtomX range which make full use of the 2019 Brose Drive, including the phenomenal Best-in-Test winning Brose Drive S Mag e-bike motor

BH also offer a range of highly-desirable AtomX Carbon frame eMTB models which are priced very competitively against the likes of Scott and Specialized Levos.

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