Bosch Performance CX E-MTB Power Mode Update 2017

Bosch have announced a software update for the Performance CX motor system. The software will be available as of 01/07/2017.

The new mode, called eMTB, replaces the sport mode. The torque is still rated at a maximum of 75nm, and delivers power of between 120% and 300% of the riders effort.

Bosch Nyon

However, eMTB mode now swaps between the power modes automatically by sensing when your cadence slows down and pressure on the pedals increases. This means that gears are needed to be changed less, and that your left hand isn’t going to be occupied with flicking through power modes. This also leads to a natural riding sensation which is the smoothest on the market.

In addition to the obvious features of the new E-MTB mode, the Bosch engineers have also worked on the sensitivity of the system. While you had to switch down manually on steep slopes with little traction, the new mode is now independent (Optimized Direct Control). At the same time, a bug of the previous versions has now been eradicated: While the engine earlier sometimes starts up at half a crank rotation during start-up, now reacts spontaneously and without delay.

We are offering free upgrades to all of our customers in our Bosch-trained Loughborough, Bristol, London, Shoreham-by-sea and Altrincham stores. For owners who have not bought a bike from us, please contact us to book in for a workshop appointment.

Bosch Performance CX E-MTB Power Mode Update 2017 1

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