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Impulse 2.0 electric bike system

There are several centre motors like the Impulse 2.0 system on the market now. Bosch have recently offered their own pedal assist electric motor for bicycles, with manufacturers such as KTM, HaiBike, Moustache and others fitting it to their new electric models. Even Kalkhoff offer a version of the Pro Connect with the Bosch Performance system this season. But how do the Impulse 2.0 and Bosch systems compare?

Kalkhoff Impulse 2.0 vs Bosch comparison

2014 Bosch 2014 Impulse 2.0
Motor power (Watts) 250 W & 350 W 250 W & 350 W
Maximum torque 48 Nm - 60 Nm 70 Nm
Maximum battery capacity 400 Wh (36V 11Ah) 612 Wh (36V 17Ah)
Climb Assist No Yes
Charge cycles (battery lifetime) 500 1100
Gear shift detection / Shift Assist Derailleur only Both derailleur & hub
Multifunction LCD with remote Yes Yes
Rear safety light
(brightens when braking)
No Yes
Motor weight "less than 4kg" 3.8kg

The Impulse 2.0 comes out as the clear winner:

  • Far longer battery lifetime (your battery can be recharged more than twice as many times and degrades at half the rate of other batteries)
  • Far greater battery capacity (the 17Ah pack will assist you up to 125 miles in ideal conditions and up to about 85 miles in more realistic conditions, compared to about 50 miles for Bosch)
  • Greater motor power output for tackling steep hills and stiff headwinds
  • Integrated rear light that shows following traffic you're slowing
  • Gear shift optimisation for hub gears, not just derailleur. This is important as it's hub gears that actually benefit most from this technology!

When you consider that the bikes Impulse 2.0 motors power are some of the best-equipped, most comfortable and well-constructed e even without a motor, Kalkhoff bikes are way ahead of the competition in every respect, especially at our prices, which are consistently below those for comparable Bosch-powered electric bikes (though it's hard to compare like-for-like due to Bosch's modest battery capacity, lower torque and lesser assisted range).

So it's a clear win for the Impulse 2.0 system over even the top-of-the-range Bosch Performance motor.

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