50cycles are delighted to announce that they now have a shop in Shoreham-by-Sea!

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Electric bikes set to make cycling make sense for everyone in Brighton & Hove

We all start cycling with the best intentions. It's a great way to get around with only a low impact on the environment. It's an easy way to keep fit and stay healthy while leaving the car on the driveway. Most of all it’s a great way to get out in the open air and enjoy the sights, sounds and perhaps a country pub or two with family and friends.

But even the best intentions may fall by the wayside when faced with some of Brighton & Hove’s more formidable hills and brisk headwinds blowing in from the Channel. It's part of the reason why Brighton & Hove ranked only 37th in a recent list of the 60 most cycle-friendly towns in the UK. Local cyclists need a bit of help and that's where 50cycles in Shoreham-by-Sea come in.

50cycles started up in North London back in 2003 selling a range of futuristic folding electric bikes imported from Japan. The business quickly gathered pace, finding customers all over the UK and there are now more than 10,000 of our electric bikes making cycling easier for their owners. Their first electric bike showroom opened in Richmond-upon-Thames in 2010 and the Shoreham-by-Sea store is their first high street presence outside London.

“We chose Shoreham-by-Sea because it’s a lovely setting with the River Adur, the beaches, the new bridge and the town’s popularity with cyclists. My son and I were also attracted by the quality of the fish and chips available there. That clinched it really”, says Tim Snaith who founded 50cycles with his brother Scott.

“Lots of companies say they have a vision and ours is simple - we want to see millions more people cycling in the UK. It’ll help clear the road of cars, improving air quality, health, mental wellbeing, leaving our towns and cities much better places to live, work and bring up children. But not everyone finds cycling easy. Even fit people can find cycling up the same long hill on the way to work a tiring prospect. We make cycling easy for everybody, whatever your age, physical condition or the local terrain.

“And we want to see more electric bikes out on the road in this crowded, hilly, windy country than in anywhere else in Europe. Electric cyclists feel safer, can ride further, faster and are more likely to choose their bike over the car day after day.

“Brighton & Hove is the one of the top cities we have identified set to benefit from power-assisted cycling - so that’s why we’ve opened up in the area.”

But surely riding a pedal cycle is greener than riding an electric bike? Electric bikes are cheating, aren’t they? Arguably, fitting a bike with gears is also a kind of cheating, as are pneumatic tyres and suspension. Wearing Lycra rather than your everyday clothes could be seen as cheating too. But cycling is not only a competitive sport, it’s a green and practical way of getting from A to B and anything that helps that become the norm should be not only supported but thoroughly enjoyed.