Carbon Neutral or Carbon Negative?

Why are we personally or why are companies content at the best to be Carbon Neutral?
If we all aimed to be Carbon Negative the world climate problem could be solved very quickly. Some people maybe unsure what is meant by this.

Not only does one try and save enough Carbon to offset ones own Carbon footprint but to take it a step further one can proactively save Carbon well beyond what one uses. Whether it be an individual or company. How can this be achieved? Well first of all you must look at your own footprint and make a conscious effort of neutralising your own by switching power suppliers, using renewable fuels for transport and recycling everything possible. Once this is achieved, by actively promoting a Green way of life and by taking a lead will make others aware of switching over power suppliers and using alternative methods of transport. If somebody then follows your lead and switches all there power supply to a green method or travels to work by bicycle or by using renewables you can calmly sleep at night knowing you are actually Carbon Negative.

It gives me great satisfaction that the people on this blog are most certainly Carbon Negative simply by helping to reduce the number of car journeys made per year in this country and therefore reducing Carbon Emmisions by thousands of tonnes. At 50cycles all our homes and Business premises are now switching to a Green Supplier and we will be making it easier for our customers to do the same in the future. If all other companies promoted and led the way in being Carbon Negative by whatever means whether planting trees or helping customers to be aware of Carbon saving ways we could all make a difference very quickly.

So please Lead the way and influence others to change there ways by showing them that a sacrafice in lifestyle is not needed to make a difference in the world. You do not have to be swampy and live in a tree to save Carbon if you do not want to. But simply leading by example should be enough if both individuals and corporations can do the same. Like throwing a pebble or a boulder in a lake the ripples will for ever be creating more no matter how big or small the cause.