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  1. Why Winter is a Good Time to Find Electric Bikes for Sale

    Why Winter is a Good Time to Find Electric Bikes for Sale
    Winter is one of the best times to find electric bikes for sale. You can find electric bikes for sale all year around but in Winter it can be easier to find the best ebike for you.
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  2. Electric bikes for Deliveroo riders

    Electric bikes for Deliveroo riders
    Electric bikes have the power to make a real difference for the nation's delivery riders. We caught up with a very busy Deliveroo rider recently to see how it's helped. He's now making more money than ever because he's able to deliver more orders, more quickly without wearing himself out on his shift. Pick the right e-bike for deliveries Not...
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  3. Orbea Electric Bikes Arrival

    Orbea Electric Bikes Arrival

    A surprise delivery of our first 2019 Orbea bikes this morning! One was for a customer's pre-order the others are in stock and ready to buy.

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  4. BESV PS1 | Lightest electric bike with Carbon Frame

    BESV PS1 | Lightest electric bike with Carbon Frame
    We're often asked "so what's your lightest electric bike?" and "sounds great - how heavy is it?" Seems weight is a big factor for people buying an electric bike, up there with price and range. Most of our e-bikes weigh in well over 20kg. A couple of this year's dual-battery models tipped the scales nearer 30kg. Even that's light compared...
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  5. Which electric bikes are best if you're trapped in a UK housing estate?

    Soulless estate, somewhere in England Young couples feel trapped in car dependency on unliveable estates - they want to escape and we know how they can do it.

    News today of something I've long suspected."Young couples trapped in car dependency" says the BBC headline. "You spend hours in traffic ferrying yourself and your children around because your estate has no shops; no pub; no doctor; no school; no jobs" the report adds.

    Ditch the car, get an e-bike

    Of course, at 50cycles Electric Bikes we offer a viable alternative. Rather than accepting a lifetime spent fuming in traffic, young couples should explore which electric bikes are best if they find themselves trapped on a UK housing estate.

    Developers are surrounding Britain's towns with housing estates that are simply not liveable. They lack basic amenities or sense of community. Town centres are miles away at the end of busy roads. Residents sometimes feel obliged to climb over fences to get to where they want to go. They're literally scaling the walls to escape! Continue reading

  6. Common misconceptions about electric bikes

    The poor, misunderstood e-bike They've been around for years but several misconceptions about what electric bikes are and how they differ from pedal cycles persist. These are questions and comments we often hear when people encounter electric bikes for the first time, in our store or out on the road and trails. We're going to try to settle some of...
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  7. Welcome to the new 50cycles Electric Bikes website

    Our vastly-improved new website is now live

    50cycles New Website

    We've completed the biggest ever overhaul of our website. It's now smarter, faster, clearer and more secure.
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  8. New Store Openings, New Bikes, Some Award Winners

    50cycles Altrincham openingOwners Scott & Tim outside our new Altrincham e-bike showroom on opening day

    It's been a busy time since our last email: two new stores, lots of new bikes coming into stock, some new award winners and a couple of bargains in our Clearance category. Continue reading

  9. UK Debut: Winora Yakun Tour electric bike with Yamaha PW-X

    2017 Winora Yakun Tour electric bike 2017 Winora Yakun Tour electric bike with Yamaha PW-X motor and 500Wh battery pack

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  10. Bosch Performance CX E-MTB Power Mode Update 2017

    Bosch have announced a software update for the Performance CX motor system. The software will be available as of 01/07/2017.

    The new mode, called eMTB, replaces the sport mode. The torque is still rated at a maximum of 75nm, and delivers power of between 120% and 300% of the riders effort.

    Bosch Nyon

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