1. GTech e-bike TV ad

    Well that's a first, just watched a G-tech electric bike advert on Sky News. I am pretty sure that's the first TV spot for an e-bike in the UK. Continue reading

  2. What is an electric bicycle?

    What is an electric bicycle? What is an electric bicycle?

    The New Wheel in San Francisco have produced this super little video that shows how an e-bike can have a powerful effect - improving your quality of life, your mood, your health and give you freedom you just do not get using public transport, schlepping around on foot or stuck in another traffic jam. Continue reading

  3. Electric Bike Video Reviews

    Electric Bike Review videos Electric Bike Review have been busy looking at Kalkhoff and FOCUS electric bikes

    Kalkhoff and Focus electric bikes have made their way over to the States in recent years and they're being noticed by reviewers over there. Here is a collection of recent electric bike video reviews of 2015 Kalkhoff and FOCUS electric bikes from Electric Bike Reviews in the USA. Continue reading

  4. The Eight Winning Habits of the Electric Bike Rider

    There's a lot of talk about cyclists behaving badly these days - jumping red lights, not paying non-existent road tax, that sort of thing. It's true, some people do ride like idiots but many others are just taking understandable steps to stay safe in a hostile environment that, in the UK, favours cars and lorries.

    But what if there was a way to be a cyclist and behave responsibly, stay safe and have fun all at the same time? It turns out there is, you just need to become an electric bike rider, the happiest of all bicycling breeds. The sort of cyclists it's good to have around. Here's how and why. Continue reading

  5. Four Types of Cyclists: How to Look the Part

    There are billions of unwritten rules in the book of cycling etiquette. From looking the part to the rules of the road, as a cyclist following these rules is vital if you want to belong to the community. Which is why we thought it might be fun to take a tongue-in-cheek look at how to look good when riding your bike, no matter what kind of cyclist you are.

    The Professional

    If you’re a pro, you’ve probably already nailed these key rules on the head, but it can’t hurt for a little refresher course in looking cool:

    the-professional-cyclist Continue reading

  6. Must-Have Bike Gadgets

    As cyclists, once we've kitted ourselves out with the essentials (the helmet, the repair kit, the clobber, and of course the bike itself) there is often the question lingering at the back of our minds; “What else is there to spend my hard earned money on?” Well you could always invest it, save up for a holiday or buy a new TV, but where's the fun in that? Instead, why not indulge your passion and consider any one of the innovative and exciting bike gadgets listed below? Here we've collated some of our favourite accessories, tools and quirky accruements, any of which should have the modern, gadget loving cyclist frothing at the gills. Continue reading

  7. Keeping your Bike Safe when you are Out and About

    As cycling enthusiasts, our bikes mean as much to us as most motorists cars do to them. However, a bike is far easier to steal than a car (well, the vast majority of cars anyway), and there is less of a stigma attached to bike theft than there is to car theft (they don't call it 'Grand Theft Pedal'). As such, it's important that when we leave our bikes, we keep them as secure as possible, and in many cases a conventional bike lock just might not be enough to dissuade potential thieves. Continue reading

  8. 50cycles Electric Bikes supports Brighton's Big Screen

    Brighton's Big Screen
    Brighton's Big Screen Launch Evening, 12th June 2014

    Brighton is not short of attractions but each Summer sees one of the best spring up on the beach, a huge screen playing classic movies, new releases, hosting film festivals live events and, of course in 2014, World Cup matches. 50cycles were invited to sponsor Brighton's Big Screen and we jumped at the chance.
    Continue reading

  9. 7 Reasons to Get Your Bum in The Saddle

    7 Reasons to Get Your Bum in The Saddle

    As a hobby, cycling is one of the most cost-effective, healthy and social you could possibly choose. Not only that, but it can also be worked into your day-to-day life, as an alternative mode of transport for the daily commute for example, or as an activity you can share with your friends and family. There are no really convincing reasons not to get involved in cycling, especially with modern advances in technology meaning it's now just as, if not more safe than driving. But there are plenty of reasons to convince even the most stubborn of us to saddle up. Continue reading

  10. Five Gorgeous Bike Trails and Routes for the Bank Holiday Weekends

    Five Gorgeous Bike Trails and Routes for the Bank Holiday Weekends

    With Summer merely months away, the Easter holiday already upon us, and the cost of holidays abroad skyrocketing to heights that few young families can logistically afford, the idea of getting away for a long weekend (or even a whole week) for a relaxing break in the great British countryside might very well be on many minds. Continue reading

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