Atrocious air quality threatens cyclists and everybody else

Air pollution forecast for 10 April 2015. Green is fragrant and fresh, purple is murky and mucky.

A mass of highly-polluted air is forecast to sit over the south eastern corner of the UK tomorrow and everyone in the affected area has been warned to avoid strenuous exercise until it has cleared. Continue reading “Atrocious air quality threatens cyclists and everybody else”

How to Become a Cycling Pro [Infographic]

Whether you’ve just removed your stabilizers or you’ve been hitting the open road for more years than you care to count, if you’re reading this then chances are you’re looking to improve your cycling ability. Fortunately for you, we’ve collated a wide range of tips that will have you riding the Tour de France (okay, maybe just one stage of it) in no time. Continue reading “How to Become a Cycling Pro [Infographic]”

Cycling Safety in the UK [Infographic]

We’ve always advocated electric bikes as a safer alternative to pedal cycles; they’re faster, which means getting away from the melee at the traffic lights and out on to the open road (or Cycle Superhighway) as it may be. The extra power from assisted acceleration can get you out of tight spots in a matter of seconds, and for weaker cyclists they mean spending less time in dangerous locations like uphill bends and junctions. In fact, we were so confident that electric bikes make people feel safer on the roads that we took it to the roads and asked you, the public, what you thought. Here’s what we found:

Continue reading “Cycling Safety in the UK [Infographic]”

Electric Bike Sales in the EU and Asia [Infographic]

Here at 50cycles, we know that the popularity of electric bikes in the UK is increasing. Every day, more and more people are coming round to the electric way of life. But what about the rest of the world? This infographic showcases the growth of electric bike sales from 2008 – 2012, and highlight some interesting statistics that you might not have guessed. Continue reading “Electric Bike Sales in the EU and Asia [Infographic]”