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  1. Focus Thron All Terrain Electric Bike Video

    This is the Focus Thron electric mountain bike. What better way to demonstrate what their new electric mountain bike, the Thron, can do than letting this chap thrash it around and kick up pine needles in the local woods? Continue reading

  2. Kalkhoff "Our best electric bike of all time" video

    Kalkhoff have just released another English language video highlighting the benefits of the new Impulse 2.0 electric bike system that powers most of our range this year. It reveals how the nifty new Shift Assist system works, offers a glimpse inside Kalkhoff's testing labs and shows a pair of 2014 e-bikes cruising through stunning scenery. Continue reading

  3. Bosch vs Impulse 2.0 Electric Bike System

    23/10/2015 Updated article - see the new version here

    Impulse 2.0 electric bike system

    There are several centre motors like the Impulse 2.0 system on the market now. Bosch have recently offered their own pedal assist electric motor for bicycles, with manufacturers such as KTM, HaiBike, Moustache and others fitting it to their new electric models. Even Kalkhoff offer a version of the Pro Connect with the Bosch Performance system this season. But how do the Impulse 2.0 and Bosch systems compare?

    Continue reading

  4. New video: Kalkhoff Impulse 2.0 Electric Bike System

    Kalkhoff are rightly proud of their new Impulse 2.0 electric bike system. Karl-Heinz Lange of Kalkhoff explains the development process and benefits the new system brings in this new video. Continue reading

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