1. BESV PS1 Compact Carbon Electric Bike Now in Stock

    BESV PS1 Compact Carbon Electric Bike Now in Stock
                      We've had our first large delivery of our new Carbon-frame, super lightweight compact electric bike, the BESV PS1. We're now offering £2,500 off a pair in the run-up to Christmas, as well as £1,000 off for a single bike. Now £1495 during our Christmas and New Year Sale This is an exclusive offer...
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  2. Electric Bike Autumn Sale

    Electric Bike Autumn Sale

    There's 20% off 2018 Electric Bikes and our entire Clearance Range in the 50cycles Autumn Sale

    Our Electric Bike Autumn Sale has begun. There's 20% off many e-bikes including our entire Clearance range with electric bikes from Cube, Haibike, Giant, Orbea, Winora and more. Continue reading

  3. Electric Bike Price Match

    A customer asked me today if we can price match with another electric bike shop.

    The answer is almost always yes. We do offer electric bike price matching, but with a couple of exceptions.

    If another retailer is offering an unreasonably low price, we cannot reasonably match that. The retailer is most likely losing money on the deal and we're not interested in competing in that market.

    Or, it could be that the bike on offer is not new. Perhaps they're trying to clear a bike returned by a customer? Maybe it's shop-soiled or an ex-demonstrator?

    We are upfront about this and list all our ex-display electric bikes separately often with generous discounts on ultra low mileage, good-as-new bikes. We have electric bikes from Cube, Giant, Riese & Müller, Beatbike and electric mountain bikes from  Haibike. Continue reading

  4. Which electric bikes are best if you're trapped in a UK housing estate?

    Soulless estate, somewhere in England Young couples feel trapped in car dependency on unliveable estates - they want to escape and we know how they can do it.

    News today of something I've long suspected."Young couples trapped in car dependency" says the BBC headline. "You spend hours in traffic ferrying yourself and your children around because your estate has no shops; no pub; no doctor; no school; no jobs" the report adds.

    Ditch the car, get an e-bike

    Of course, at 50cycles Electric Bikes we offer a viable alternative. Rather than accepting a lifetime spent fuming in traffic, young couples should explore which electric bikes are best if they find themselves trapped on a UK housing estate.

    Developers are surrounding Britain's towns with housing estates that are simply not liveable. They lack basic amenities or sense of community. Town centres are miles away at the end of busy roads. Residents sometimes feel obliged to climb over fences to get to where they want to go. They're literally scaling the walls to escape! Continue reading

  5. An electric bike Christmas

    christmas electric bike wrapped Only problem is getting it down the chimney

    Melanie Reid writes in today's Times about how electric bikes are emerging as a favourite gift this Christmas.

    "When things come in clusters, you know you have a trend on your hands. Randomly, at least three girlfriends have announced they want an electric bike for Christmas."

    She continues with a brisk summary of the benefits of electric bikes: how the rider feels younger, is transported back in time to the youthful joy of cycling, "the feeling of being nine years old again and everything works". Continue reading

  6. Full Stock of E-Bikes for Summer & New Video Reviews

    Fully stocked in time for Summer Several large shipments from Kalkhoff have arrived this month, with enough bikes to meet demand for our most popular models through the height of the season. Best-selling models like the 2016 Agattu Premium 8G with Belt Drive and new Pro Connect 9G (with larger 14.5Ah battery) are available in all frame styles and sizes...
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  7. Ex-Display Electric Bikes

    Ex-Display Electric Bikes

    London Electric Bike Showroom Electric bike showroom in East Sheen, London

    We're clearing last season's Kalkhoff and Focus ex-display electric bikes from our showrooms, so it's a great time to pick up a bargain for yourself, a relative or friend.

    Some of these bikes have no miles at all, some have a few dozen and a small number have clocked up hundreds of miles in short test rides. They've all been regularly cleaned, checked and serviced. Continue reading

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