1. Kalkhoff Integrale E-Bike Reviews & Winter Clearance Offers


    It's Kalkhoff's flagship model for 2016 and it's making new owners very happy.

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  2. Kalkhoff Impulse and Bosch electric bike comparison

    The Impulse and Bosch motor systems debuted around the same time several years ago and both have gone on to dominate the high quality electric bike market. They're both highly versatile e-bike systems, powering commuter e-bikes, power-assisted mountain bikes and comfortable town bikes.

    Both systems are into the second and third generations now, with increases in power as well as functional and ergonomic improvements. The latest versions even offer on-board navigation systems.

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  3. Study finds electric bikes faster than cars for most journeys

    kh_e-comfort_bild02-lprOver 400,000 e-bikes were sold across Germany last year so the Federal Environment Agency studied their merits compared to other ways to travel. It turns out that cycling is faster than driving in your car for door-to-door journeys of up to 6 km in towns and cities. Electric bikes extend this lead - they're faster than cars for journeys up to 10 km with the difference being marginal all the way to 20 km. When you consider 75% of journeys are under 10 km, it's clear electric bikes have a major role to play. Continue reading

  4. Redbridge Try an Electric Bike Day: 24th August 2014

    Electric bike test riders at last year's Redbridge Event Electric bike test riders at last year's Redbridge Event

    Come and see 50cycles and a selection of Kalkhoff and Focus electric bikes at Redbridge Cycling Centre on Sunday 24th August between 12:30pm and 5:30pm. The event is free to enter, there's free parking and free test rides. 

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  5. Greatest Cycle Race in the World Sees Pedal Powered Word Premiere of New Film "Bicycle"

    Greatest Cycle Race in the World Sees Pedal Powered Word Premiere of New Film "Bicycle"

    "Bicycle" is a 90 minute documentary which has it's Public World Premiere at the Yorkshire Festival of Cycling on Friday 4th July ahead of the ceremonial start of the Tour de France with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry in attendance. Continue reading

  6. Electric bikes in London - what are the benefits? Over at 50cycles, Seven Reasons to ride an electric bike in London are listed, dealing with convenience, health and wellbeing, economic advantages and independence. An interesting point is made about the relative safety of riding an electric bike in busy traffic:  "The power to take on hills without getting up and...
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  7. New Blog launched

    The new 50cycles blog is now available on our upgraded website
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  8. Ex-Display Electric Bikes in London

    Here is a selection of display bikes on offer at our Richmond shop. They are all in very good or excellent condition, fully functional and ready to ride away. You can test ride and purchase in our shop, order over the phone or online with the special discount code specified for each. We can deliver within 30 miles of our...
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  9. 50cycles Electric Bikes new website launched

    Our new website was switched on just in time for Christmas. It's a major overhaul and redesign and you'll find it faster, cleaner and easier to navigate. As well as improving its looks we've also filled the virtual shelves with a range of new products, including long-awaited 2011 Kalkhoff bikes, new lights, helmets and other ingenious cycling and sporting accessories...
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  10. Kalkhoff Sahel Comfort Electric Bike Reviews

    With the most striking looks of any Kalkhoff electric bicycle, the Sahel Comfort has a level of style and equipment that is unique. It shares the latest 250W high assistance motor, Panasonic Lithium battery pack and Busch & Muller LED lights with several other models, but the Brooks aged leather saddle and handgrips, couple with excellent Magura hydraulic rim brakes...
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