We've got a new test ride location in bonny Scotland...

Electric Bike Edinburgh Kalkhoff electric bike at Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Electric Bikes

We've delivered electric bikes to all parts of Scotland over the past ten years - Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and the Highlands & Islands are now home to many Kalkhoff Agattu, Pro Connects and Endeavours. But until now it's been difficult to test ride the latest models north of the border.

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However, we now have a demonstration agent based in the Edinburgh area. Iain is based in Edinburgh (close to the Ocean Terminal area in Leith) and he can be contacted by email or by calling 07894 260535 for test ride bookings. At present, Iain has a 2014 Kalkhoff Agattu HS 8-speed with Impulse 2.0 and a Kalkhoff Endeavour BS10 with Bosch Speed motor.

If you enjoy your test ride, you can order by calling us on Freephone 0333 900 5050 or leave your contact details with Iain and we'll call you to discuss the options if you need more help.

I was able to explore Edinburgh on an electric bike last week and found it was the perfect way to get around Edinburgh, with it's hills, wide streets, routes along waterways and cycle-friendly culture. And being in Edinburgh puts our bikes within easier reach of anyone who wants to test ride a Kalkhoff in Scotland. Hundreds of people in Scotland have chosen a Kalkhoff bike over the years, very often without ever having seen one, let alone take one for a test ride.

Iain's an old friend of one of the 50cycles owners and we're really pleased to have him representing 50cycles and Kalkhoff bikes north of the border.

Contact: Iain
Bikes available May 2014: Kalkhoff Endeavour BS10 / Kalkhoff Agattu 8G HS Impulse 2.0
Direct contact: iain@50cycles.com or 07894 260535