Electric Bicycle News, Test Rides & Launch Offers

Hello again, Spring is not quite upon us yet, but we’ve never seen such demand for our Kalkhoff electric bicycles and accessories.

Test ride a KalkhoffFebruary is usually our quietest month, but not this year.

In fact we’ve been selling 2015 models as if it was the height of Summer some days. Kalkhoff’s Premium bikes featuring the Gates Carbon belt drive have been particularly popular but we think it’s also down to the new season’s bikes appearing in our showrooms several months earlier than in 2014 or 2013.

What else is new? Some of you may recall the Yakkay helmets that were a hit several years ago – cycle helmets that didn’t look like cycle helmets with swappable fabric covers. Well, we saw something at a trade show that reminded us of them but this time they’re better made, far more comfortable and about half the price, especially with the 25% discount we’re currently offering (see below).

First thing’s first though, news that we’ve added a new top-of-the-range model to our Launch Offers page…

 Launch Offers  is where we showcase new models at special introductory prices. There are now three 2015 models in our Launch Offers, each offered with a saving of up to £200.
The latest is the 2015 Kalkhoff Pro Connect Impulse 10. The Pro Connect first appeared in 2008 as one of the original two Kalkhoff models 50cycles imported. The sporty styling and keen handling are still there but since 2008 its battery capacity has more than doubled, it’s sprouted disk brakes and its Impulse 2.0 motor offers the best power, sophistication and reliability of any e-bike propulsion system on the market. The gearing is just right too.
It’s a beautiful machine, all the more so at its new introductory price of £2195. We have this model in stock and available to order online with free delivery, or to test ride at all of our showrooms.
2015 Kalkhoffs with Gates Carbon Belt Drive

Gates Carbon Belt Drive

Kalkhoff electric bikes have always given a quiet, reassuring ride. There’s no rattle from the mudguards or other fittings, everything feels dependable. There is, however, one part of any bicycle that’s prone to wear and tear, picks up dirt, can catch your clothes, break a link… its chain.

But there’s no such weak link with Kalkhoff’s new Premium electric bikes. Three new models now come fitted with Gates Carbon Belt Drive that offers a range of advantages.

  • Less maintenance
  • Performs rain or shine and won’t rust
  • No chain grease
  • If it gets dirty, just hose it off
  • Carbon fibre & polyurethane construction is more durable and lasts longer than a metal chain
  • Weighs less than a traditional chain
  • Most noticeably of all: gives a really smooth and quiet ride.

The Agattu Premium Impulse 11Agattu Premium Impulse 8 and Endeavour S11 Premium are all fitted with Gates Carbon belt drives, CDX centre track sprockets (for better performance in all environments and poor conditions) and Shimano hub gears. They also sport Impulse 2.0 Premium’s larger, multifunctional LCD console and are available to see and test ride in our showrooms now.

2015 models hit the showrooms

There is now a wide range of 2015 Kalkhoff models at each of our showroom locations in Loughborough, Hampton Wick, Shoreham-by-Sea and Bristol , plus our demonstrator Iain in Edinburgh now has an Agattu Premium Impulse 8 to test ride too.

25% off Lazer’s Cityzen Helmet range
As a rule we try to avoid the usual type of cycle helmet that sits high on the head, all plasticky in lurid colours and full of holes. Electric bike riders have the considerable luxury of being able to wear their everyday clothes so such technical-looking headwear isn’t necessary.
Yakkay helmets were a nice attempt to break the mould, as are our current Casqu’en Ville range, but we think these new Cityzen helmets from Lazer  are the best of the lot. Tasteful, comfortable, well-sized and really quite good value for money. We’re offering 25% off the £44.99 RRP if you check out with the promotional code cityzen25 from now until the end of March. Three styles and three sizes to choose from here.

50cycles Video Review Competition

FOCUS Thron VideoSend us your electric bike video for a chance to win a top-of-the-range Kalkhoff electric bike

What we’re looking for

So we’re asking all Kalkhoff owners, as well as those who can somehow borrow a Kalkhoff or FOCUS electric bike, to send us a video review of their electric bike.

It could be a simple but effective tour of the bike’s features. It could be an action-packed ride along your favourite trail or commuting route. It could be a multi-million pound professional production taking in a range of exotic locations and A-list talent. It could be… well, that’s really up to you. It just needs to be informative, entertaining and persuasive. If it’s a bona fide work of art or hilariously funny at the same time, great!

Closing date for entries

All we ask is that it features a Kalkhoff or FOCUS electric bike, shot by you or maybe someone else you know who’s handy with a camera and editing software, and submitted to us by midnight on 31st July 2015.  We’ll add your entry to the 50cycles Youtube channel as they come in and feature the best on our website, with prizes for the most popular videos (those with the most views and ‘likes’) and an overall winner chosen by 50cycles, who’ll become the owner of a 2015 Kalkhoff Agattu Premium 11 , our top-of-the-range Kalkhoff e-bike worth £2795.

Every video featured on our website before the closing date (most likely as an embedded video review on the relevant bike’s page) will win its creator a £50 credit to spend on any product our website. You can enter any number of times.

How to enter 
Please send all entries to video@50cycles.com using a file transfer service like WeTransfer or Hightail and we will upload it to our YouTube channel. Please send your entry in an acceptable format (e.g. .mov, .mp4, .avi, .flv). You can also upload your video entry directly to our YouTube channel by sending to its email address u6r93m1wd9eb@m.youtube.com but please notify us that you have done so by also sending an email to video@50cycles.com.

We’re really looking forward to seeing your videos because we know 50cycles customers are a talented bunch!

That’s all for now, thank you for reading.

The 50cycles Team